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January 1, 2018

11 Kesari Varieties – Different Types Of Rava Kesari Recipes - Indian Halwa Recipes

Kesari varieties
Collection of 11 Rava Kesari varieties / different types of rava kesari / Sheera Recipes.In this new year 2018, I wanted to start with a sweet post. So here I made a collection of different types of rava kesari recipes from my website. Kesari is basically an Indian sweet dish prepared with semolina, sugar and ghee. People in South India and North India call this yummy dessert recipe in different names like rava kesari, Kesaribath, Sheera, Halwa etc. We love to make Rava Kesari / Ksheera at home for all the festivals and occasions. Even today I made kesari bath for new year celebration. Kesari is basically a beginners sweet. Its so easy to make and takes less time to prepare. Even though its considered as a beginners sweet, many of us doesn’t get it right in texture. Sometimes it becomes hard, chewy, dry or with lumps. To prepare hotel style, soft and ghee dripping kesari must be the dream of many. Me too not an exception. When I was a beginner, I struggled a lot to make perfect kesari.  So my MIL taught me some useful tips about the ratio of water and rava, perfect cooking of rava/semolina without lumps and much more. From then, I started to make good kesari every time and I got the confidence to explore different types of rava kesari recipes like milk kesari/ Paal kesari, pineapple kesari, mango kesari, Karnataka style kesaribath, microwave rava kesari, other kesari recipes like Vermicelli kesari, Aval kesari/Poha kesari and some North Indian Sheera recipes like suji ka halwa/ suji sheera, Atta ka sheera and Moong dal dal sheera. I am yet to try banana sheera and fruit kesari recipes. I will add them in this list once I do that. Now lets see the collection of 10 Kesari recipes from Chitra’s Food Book in this New Year 2018 as my first post Happy.
I thank all my readers and followers of my website for your unconditional love and support. I am really blessed to have you all Love Struck. Hoping to get more and more support, encouragement and love from you in this new year as well. Ok, lets move on to the post !

Kesari Varieties - South Indian, North Indian Sheera Recipes

Kesari varieties 11 Kesari Varieties – Different types of South Indian & North Indian Sheera Recipes
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Kesari Recipes
Serves: Serves 3-4
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 15 Minutes
Total time: 25 Minutes
Rava kesari recipe
Karnataka Kesaribath recipe
Microwave Rava Kesari
Paal Kesari
Pineapple sheera
Mango sheera recipe
Semiya kesari
Aval kesari
Sooji sheera
Moong dal halwa

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    November 5, 2017

    20 Side Dish For Poori – Indian Vegetarian Side Dish For Puri Recipes

    Side dish for poori recipes / Indian vegetarian side dish for puri.This post is a collection of 20 South Indian and North Indian Side dish recipes for poori with potato, without potato, tomato based side dish recipes and few more with Besan,  peas, chana, mixed vegetables, paneer gravies and curry. Most of them are easy to make as its done in pressure cooker and many gravies can be prepared without any grinding job.So bachelors can also try them. I have also shared some hotel style/restaurant style potato curry recipes too. Poori / Puri is one of the most popular Indian breakfast recipes.  It is loved by all irrespective of the age. The most common side dish for poori is potato masala. Kids love to have it with sugar, ketchup, jam, potato and paneer gravy. Apart from potato curry, many other gravies can also be prepared. Recently I made a list of 10 different types of poori recipes from my website. So I thought of making this list of side dish recipes that my readers would find it helpful.

    Side dish for poori

    In this list, you can find Tamil nadu hotel style potato masala, Onion masala without potato, Chana kurma, Potato kurma, Veg kurma, Green Peas kurma, Karnataka style Veg sagu and avarekalu sagu, North Indian restaurant style potato bhaji/ aloo subzi, Chole masala, onion tomato sabzi, dahi aloo, easy chana masala using pressure cooker, Bombay chutney, Paneer butter masala, Paneer korma, Kadai paneer and aamras recipes. You can also find video recipes for some of the kurma recipes. I am yet to try Andhra and Kerala style potato curry recipes. I will update this list as soon as I post them. Ok, now lets see 20 different types of side dish for poori with links. Please click on the image or the title to view the particular recipe.

    Do check out my 10 types of poori recipes !

    Side dish For Poori/ Puri Recipes - South Indian, North Indian Vegetarian Side dish For puri

    Side dish for Poori recipes Side dish for Poori / Puri - North Indian & South Indian Side Dish Recipes !
    Cuisine: Indian
    Category: Side dish for poori
    Serves: Serves 3-4
    Prep time: 20 Minutes
    Cook time: 15 Minutes
    Total time: 35 Minutes

    Potato masala for poori
    Poori masala without potato
    Hotel Vegetable kurma

    Chole recipe for bhatura
    Chana masala
    Tomato sabzi
    Potato kurma
    Vegetable sagu
    Avarekalu sagu

    Peas kurma
    Cauliflower kurma
    Bombay chutney
    Dahi aloo
    Tomato onion thokku
    Paneer kurma
    Paneer butter masala
    Kadai paneer

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    October 9, 2017

    15 Murukku Recipes – Murukku Varieties - South Indian Murukku Recipe

    Diwali is fast approaching. Murukku recipes is a must & should snack for South Indians during diwali. So I have made a collection of 15 Indian murukku varieties for easy reference. Murukku / Chakli  is a crunchy, deep fried Indian snack made with rice flour and urad dal flour. Most of the Tamil people used to grind murukku maavu during Diwali to make thenkuzhal and mullu murukku as these two are the most common types. In this list, I have shared different types of murukku recipes that includes our traditional thenkuzhal murukku, mullu mururkku @ magizhampoo with coconut milk, Instant chakli / Instant murukku recipe with besan flour (Karnataka style), Some flavored murkku recipes like Butter murukku, Garlic murukku, Potato murukku, Lemon murukku , Ragi chakli , Karnataka style kodubale etc. Tirunelveli Manoharam and Achu murrukku / Kerala achappam known as rose cookies that is commonly made during Christmas are some of the sweet murukku varieties. Apart from them, I have shared an interesting sweet murukku podi recipe especially for kids and toothless elders which my mom used to make with leftover mullu murukku or thenkuzhal when I was young.
    I am yet to try some more murukku recipes like pottukadalai murukku, wheat flour murukku and thengai paal murukku. I will try to share some of them before Diwali and include them in this list.
    Lets see the list of 15 different types of South Indian murukku recipes. Please click on the pictures to see the respective recipes. All these recipes are with step by step pictures and some recipes have video as well. Do try any of these murukku varieties based on your liking and share your feedback with me.

    Corn flour murukku

    Curd Kodubale

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