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January 5, 2009


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 My Mom makes this dosa once in a month.It has a nice flavour and a different taste.I love this dosa very much.. It looks black but its taste and health benefits are amazing !! We use Broken Black Gram with skin to make the batter.If u don’t get the broken ones , just run the whole black gram in the mixie once or twice to break it.
It tastes very good with Onion-Garlic Chutney & Coconut Chutney..

Kurunai dosa

Ingredients required for batter

  1. Idly rice/Boiled rice/Puzhungal Arisi – 4 cups
  2. Broken Black gram (with skin) – 1 cup
  3. Fenugreek seeds- 1 tsp
  4. Crystal Salt /Kallu Uppu – As needed

Method of grinding

  • Wash & Soak rice for 2 hrs and black gram(with skin) for an hour .
  • Take fenugreek seeds in a separate bowl and soak it for 2 hrs.
  • Grind black gram(with skin) & fenugreek seeds first by adding enough water (We use the soaked water itself so that the batter will be soft).
  • Grind till it comes out like a ball(should be a paste) (It takes nearly 20 mins in table-top wet grinder).
  • Take the batter.Keep it in a vessel.
  • Add the rice & Salt with required water.
  • Add water in between If necessary.It should become a smooth paste (May take 25-30 mins in table-top)
  • Now take the rice batter and keep it in the same vessel.
  • Mix it  thoroughly with your hand.(This helps for fermentation)
  • Let the batter ferments overnight or at least for 12 hrs.
  • Batter would be slightly black in color. Here is the picture of batter ..
  • DSC00524

  • Take a ladleful of batter and spread out a thin dosa on hot tawa.Sprinkle some oil.Flip it .
  • DSC00523

  • Flavourful , Soft  Kurunai dosa is ready to be served hot with Onion-Garlic chutney & coconut chutney mixed with sesame oil !!

  • Kurunai dosa chutney

    Ingredients required
    1. Sambar onion /Shallot– 10 – 12 nos
    2. Red chilly – 4 nos
    3. Tamarind –Small gooseberry size
    4. Garlic – 4 pods
    5. Salt – To taste
      1. Soak shallot (Sambar onions) in water for 5 mins so that skin comes out easily.
      2. Peel the skin and grind it with all the items given above with required water to make it a paste. Check for salt.
    This chutney tastes excellent with idly & all type of dosa !!!

    Ingredients Required
    1. Coconut – 1/2 cup (grated)
    2. Red chilly – 3 - 5 nos
    3. Garlic pods – 3 nos
    4. Tamarind – Small berry size.
    5. Salt & Water – As needed.
    1. Grind all the ingredients given above to a smooth paste.
    2. Check for salt.
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    TestingSalesforce said...

    oh..this is new. We can use black ural dal for dosai?Cool..How about making idly? Will it come nicely like Whole urad dal?

    Chitra said...

    Thank u anu.We make idlies using this but we soak the black gram for 2 hrs and remove the skin completely and grind.But we dont do idlies with black gram as such:)

    Unknown said...

    Hi Chitra thanks for uploading the recipe my doubt is for both chutnies do we have to boil both after grinding it ??

    Chitra said...

    Hi no need to boil the chutneys.just grind n use.U can season mustard seeds if you wish.Thanks 😊