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January 3, 2009

Idli Recipe Using Idli Rice - Idli Dosa Batter Recipe In Grinder

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 Idli recipe
Making a super soft idli batter at home using idli rice in Indian wet grinder is a tedious task for beginners. But its not a big deal if you follow the right proportion  for making idili batter. Idli is the staple breakfast recipe of our family. Before marriage , I have seen my mom grinding batter in alternate days and that too using a big  wet grinder.Thank god we have got table top wet grinder nowadays. We used to eat idli twice a day for breakfast as well as dinner. Most of the times I carry idli and milagai podi for my lunch in school and college. My friends used to call me "idli " ;)). I love idli like anything. I am crazy about soft idli and spongy uthappam .I don’t like crispy dosa, strange is it??. Soft idli is a must for my dad . My mom doesn’t add methi seeds/vendhayam. She uses only idli rice and white urad dal in the ratio of 6:1.
After marriage , its the same case in my husband's family too. So I enjoy idli thrice in a week. Usually my in-laws buy 10kgs of urad dal and 25 kgs of idli rice (salem rice/ parboiled rice/ puzhungal arisi) for the whole year's use in the month of february from Lee Bazaar , Salem. Usually fresh, new, good quality of groceries will be available in the month of february - march.We buy in lots , store in an air tight box and use it for the whole year.The quality of dal will be too good , price is also very less.We use 8:1 ratio of rice and urad dal for making idli batter for few months.Idli comes out really soft. After 4-5 months as the dal gets old ,we use 6:1 ratio. Based on the quality of dal , we adjust the ratio.In addition to rice and dal , we also buy mustard seeds, methi seeds, jeera, pepper, red chillies and stock it for the whole year. So, if u want to buy fresh groceries , buy it in the month of february - march from a whole sale market in ur place, sun dry them and stock it for an year. It stays good for more than 6 months.Ok,enough of my stories.Lets see how to make soft idli & crispy dosa at home with tips & tricks!!

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Idli recipe 

Idli Recipe - Soft Idli,Crispy dosa recipe

Idli Recipe - Soft Idli,Crispy dosa recipe How to make Soft idli and crispy dosa recipe at home
Cuisine: South Indian
Category: Breakfast recipes
Serves: -
Prep time: 10 Hours
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 10H10Min
1 cup = 240ml
  • Idli rice/ Parboiled rice /Puzhunghal arisi – 3 cups ( the ratio of rice & dal is 6:1)
  • Urad dal – 1/2 cup 
  • Fenugreek seeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Crystal Salt/Kallu uppu – 1 handful (to taste)
  • Water – As needed

  • Wash and soak the rice.Wash and soak urad dal & methi seeds together. Soak  for 4 hrs .
  • Grind urad dal with fenugreek seeds first by adding enough water in between.Make sure u add water every now & then so that the urad dal rises well and u'll get a light , fluffy batter. Please do not add all the water in the beginning.For grinding urad dal , u need 1.5 - 2 cups of water in total .
  • Grind till it comes out like a ball(should be a paste) (It takes nearly 15-20 mins in table-top wet grinder).Now remove it .Keep it in a big vessel such that it can hold double the quantity of batter. 
idli-dosa batter tile 1
  • Now add the rice & crystal salt with 1/2 cup of water while the grinder is running.
  • Add water in the middle (Whenever necessary).It should become a smooth paste (May take 20-25 mins in table-top). The water it consumes will be around 2- 2.5 cups.Adjust the water quantity. Now remove the rice and put it in the same vessel.
Idli-dosa batter tile 3
  • Mix it thoroughly with your hand.(This helps for fermentation) .Let the batter ferments overnight or at least for 12 hrs.
Idli-dosa batter tile 2
  • The next morning , don’t mix the batter again. You can mix till half way through the batter if its too light. Suppose if the batter is over flown, take the extra batter in a separate vessel. Use a ladle, mix the batter till half the way. Quantity of batter reduces. Now add the overflown batter, mix well and keep it aside. Start taking the batter from one corner and pour it into the idli mould. Even the next day,take the batter from the same side.IDLI remains very soft up to 3 days.
  • Steam it in the idli pot for 10-15mins and serve hot with sambar!!
Idli-dosa batter tile 4
If u want to make dosa with the same batter , take the required quantity of batter separately in a bowl and add little water( 1/4 cup) to make it thin and make dosas. U'll get a crispy dosa for sure !!

NOTE: Poha/Aval is optional.U can use based on the quality of rice & urad dal.Add 1/4 cup of poha for the above recipe if u wish to use it..
Follow this method and enjoy eating soft idlies:)
Enjoy !

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    TIPS FOR CRISPY DOSA (Like in restaurants)
    • For getting the golden crust for dosas, add little sugar or pinch of jaggery in the dosa batter. Add some poha/aval or cooked rice while grinding to get golden brown dosa.
    • To get crispy dosas with less oil : after pouring the dosa batter , spread it well, keep the flame medium high for 2 mins. The sides will lift. Now flip the dosa , cook in sim flame. Remove.
    • One more method is , just keep the flame high after spreading the batter, drizzle a tsp of oil. Close the dosa tawa with a lid and cook for sometime. No need to flip.Just remove n serve hot.By this way , u'll get a nice golden colored crispy dosa !!
Enjoy Soft idli & crispy dosa with your favorite chutney & sambar !Crispy dosa

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  1. Nice informative post and sambar with those idlies looks mouthwatering!

  2. Hi chitra,

    thank you for following my blog. i think I 'm here for the first time, I'm not sure.
    got a lovely site with uselful informations under each recipe. I find it very useful.
    By the way, the idlis are looking yummy with the tomato sambhar. Have to try this type of sambhar.

  3. Hi,am a new follower to a trying ur tomato gostu(tanjore style) its yummy my hubby like it very much.thanks.keep on rocking

  4. Hi,am a new follower to a trying ur tomato gostu(tanjore style) its yummy my hubby like it very much.thanks.keep on rocking

  5. Hi,am a new follower to a trying ur tomato gostu(tanjore style) its yummy my hubby like it very much.thanks.keep on rocking

    1. Thanks a lot sindhu for trying & the feedback :)

  6. Cup measure in litres pls.that is 1cup equals to _ml

  7. Hai, I am Bhuvaneswari from salem. Ur tips R very useful to me.
    which palce Ur MIL family live in salem?

  8. Hi mam, on the first day, I am getting very porous idlies which are thin and only on the 2nd day am able to get fine idlies. PL TEL ME HOW TO CORRECT THIS MAM.

    1. Hi Ramaa,i think ur urad dal is of very good quality.So u get very thin & soft idlis on first day.Before making idlis,mix the batter very well till the bottom.Then make idlis.It will come out well OR reduce the quantity of urad dal little and then grind.U may get it right.Hope this helps.

    2. :) :) K mam. Thank you for ur kind reply

  9. Hi mam,
    You are giving such a wonderful tips.. thanks mam.. i always had problem which was the idlis always stick to the steamer.. It didnt comeup well.. why..? Hope this help....

    1. Hi Kalai vani,
      If u add more urad dal , it happens. OR if water is more,it may happen.Always check whether idli is cooked well before removing.Idli may stick if its uncooked.

  10. Hi chitra mam,
    Whenever I prepare idlis,they come out sticky that too on the top..even if I cook for a more time..they are always a disaster for me..My family loves them,but am unable to get them perfect..please help me mam

  11. Hello chitra mam,
    Whenever I prepare idlis they come out sticky that too on the top..even if I cook for more time..right now they are a disaster for me, our family prefers idli rava than rice...we prepare them with please help me with this mam.

    1. Basically Idli comes out sticky if the quantity of urad dal or water is more in the batter. Add less urad dal and water next time. This problem won't happen i feel. Generally idli rice & dal ratio is 4:1. Its the same for idli rava too. I have also shared a recipe for idli rava idli. Please check it for more details. Thank you :)

  12. Hey mam. I loved your recipes. I want to know how can i make dosa to not stick on iron pan. It sticks every time i have tried using oil and onion still nothing helps I dont use cast iron tawa it's normal iron pan

    1. Hi Thanks. Heat the dosa tawa. Switch off the flame. Apply salt all over the pan carefully. Mow scrape it off gently. Then wipe the tawa with a cloth completely. Dosa will come out well. Hope you use 4:1 or 6:1 ratio of rice and urad dal.


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