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April 7, 2009

Sunda Curry - Pazhang Curry - Leftover Recipes

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Leftover recipes
Pazhang curry @ Sunda Curry – This name may be new to some of you.It is nothing but a thick gravy made using left over sambar + kootu/avial + poriyal.People in Tirunelveli knows this recipe very well.
My mom used to make this on festival days like Diwali,Pongal and on No/Full Moon Days.On these days,we all prepare full meals with sambar,poriyal,kootu/avial,pachadi,Vadai and Payasam .Not only on these days, we do all these items whenever we have guest at home.Sometimes theese recipes may left over excessively.During those times,my mom do this pazhang curry on that night or the next day morning  by refrigerating it.My MIL also makes it and call this as Sunda curry.It serves as an excellent accompaniment for Rice,Idli/dosa.I love this mixed curry more than sambar & kootuTongue.We usually have it by mixing with plain rice adding few drops of gingely oil.My aachi used to make this rice in a big plate(thaambalam) make balls and feed us with papad as side dish.I crave for those days nowNot talking.Its very easy to make & at the same time we can utilize left over recipes effectively without wasting them Love Struck.So friends,try this sunda curry recipe if you have left over Dal+sambar+poriyal/kootu.It tastes great !!
Sunda curry recipe

Sunda curry recipe / Pazhang curry

Sunda curry recipe / Pazhang curry How to use leftover sambar,kootu,avial & poriyal
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Side dish
Serves: Serves 3
Prep time: 5 Minutes
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 15 Minutes

  • Left over sambar, kootu/avial , poriyal – 2 cups
  • Sesame oil – 1 tbsp
  • Water & salt – if required. (optional)

  • Mix the leftover sambar,kootu,poriyal and dal.Do not mix thayir pachadi.You can even add rasam but without sediments.Add clear rasam.Mix everything well and check for taste.Add salt & little water if needed.

  • Heat a tbsp of gingely oil and pour this mixture. Let it boil for few minutes till the gravy thickens slightly and becomes a semi sold mixture.You will get a nice smell all over your house.Switch off the flame and let it cool down.It will thicken once it cools down.Mix with plain rice or serve as a side dish for idli,dosa.Store in a box and refrigerate.Stays good for a week if handled with a clean spoon eveytime.If needed,you can reheat whenever you need.
    Enjoy !

  • You can do the tempering before you boil the mixture.But it may not be needed as sambar,kootu & poriyal are already tempered.
  • You can also add sambar powder or red chilli powder to add more spiciness to the dish.
Enjoy this yummy sunda curry with Idli,dosa or mix with plain rice +sesame oil !!
Sunda curry

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  1. You are right!This tastes divine:))
    I like it with pazhaya sadham the best:))

  2. This kootu is made only on devasom/shraddam day in my home. Probably becoz all the elders has to take tiffin for night. I love that curry so much.

  3. WOW!! New dish for me, never heard of that before. Yes, you can reuse the leftover Sambhar to make Kootu, I can imagine the yummy taste. Good one Chitra, great post. I could use it, making sambhar today! :)

  4. Thanks raji,jayasree and asha:)

  5. Wow something yummy with leftover....Gr8!

  6. I have heard about this though I have never tasted pazang curry, sounds and looks intresting! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe and all the tips :)

  7. Hi Chitra,
    Hope ur trip to native was fun :)
    Wowie! u've given a great idea which'll be handy to many of us...I hadn't know this one....God will bless me more coz I'll not have to waste any leftovers from today onwards ;) I'll pass some blessing to u too for sharing the tip in ur blog :)


  8. I think Nalla-ennai has been named so for a reason ;)

    And this is a good way to take care of leftovers :) I think we call it erinja-kuzhambu or something similar :)

  9. I have never heard of the name but you have done a great job making thing simple and a nice description under Kitchen clinic... Lovely space...

  10. New to me chitra...yummy dish from leftovers..

  11. I'm always learning of new dishes when I come here! Delicious recipes but also excellent info about ingredients, too. Thanks!

  12. Curry looks yum Mom would make this too during festive time with leftovers...just love the taste.

  13. Left overs always give lots of flavour..This is something new..Nice recipe..

  14. We call this pazhang kootan and I love it. I remember my mom and me licking the bowl clean:). This is usually made in the weekends when we have a little of different curries left over from the weekend.

  15. Hai chitra i never heard the sunda curry.what is kootu and poriyal.i never heard abt this dear.anyway its great for leftovers.

  16. Wow... very new dish. Never heard of this! Good idea of using the left overs :)

  17. nice idea to use leftovers. looks so delicious.

  18. is new to me Chitra..usually I love mishmashing all these with rice n gulp in..n I love that taste..So Im sure this tastes great too..:)

  19. New dish to me. Like the kitchen clinic concept. very informative

  20. something different...sounds good..

  21. this is something new to me and sounds interesting :)

  22. what a great way to use up left overs!

  23. Ys, i have tasted this Chittu and it is divine..As Jayashree said, it is made at our home only on shraddam days where we have leftovers..I would like to have this with curd rice...My grandma used to make all the children sit and give curd rice, of course with this kootu as the side dish. I miss that now...You made me to remember...

  24. Wow.. thats a nice idea of using the lo's... Looks lovely!

  25. mom used to make it sometimes and it was always a hit! thanks for bringing back those memories :)

  26. Hi Chitra,
    Made this 3rd time today. My suggestion is when you cook sambar like this it will become salty, so you can remove the salt addition though you have mentioned it optional. Your recipes are easy to make and spot on in stepwise methods. The dish is a good combo with pazhaya(thanni) saatham. Please post more simple recipes. if possible without ggpaste. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback and suggestion :) Will post more of this kind :)


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