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November 2, 2009

Sponge Dosa Recipe Without Urad dal - Fermentation Method

I learnt this  sponge dosa recipe from my neighbor.Whenever I run short of idli rice / Puzhungal arisi or urad dal , I make this sponge dosa without urad dal. The ingredients and the method are a bit different from the usual poha dosa  aval dosai. Usually sponge dosa batter is made using buttermilk and no fermentation is needed. You may also use cooked rice and prepare. But I ferment the batter at least for 8 hours.So you can prepare this dosa only by the next day. Try this soft sponge dosa recipe , Iam sure u will like it.

sponge dosa

Ingredients :
1 cup - 200ml
  • Raw rice – 1 cup (Sona masoori or dosa rice)
  • Poha / Aval – 1/2 cup(heaped)
  • Fenugreek seeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Salt & water – As needed.
  • Cooking soda/ baking soda - 2 pinch (optional)
Method :
  • Wash and soak the rice , poha and methi seeds together for 2 hrs.
  • Grind it to make a smooth batter by adding salt & water.
  • U can grind it using mixie too.Use ice cold water if using mixie
  • Keep the batter for 8 – 10 hrs to ferment.
  • The next day ,  add baking soda if you are using and mix the batter well. Rest for 10 minutes and make dosas.
  • U all know , this dosa is small in size .So do not spread the batter on the tawa. Make it a small circle.
  • Apply oil around the dosa if desired.
  • Then cover cook in medium flame and don’t flip the dosa.
Serve hot with Coconut or Tomato chutney !!
I served with tomato–mint chutney ..

NOTE : Addition of cooking soda is optional.But it helps to make the dosa more porous and soft. If you add cookings soda, rest the batter for 10 minutes before making the dosa. Do not forget.
For variations, you can soak 2 tbsp urad dal along with poha and grind the batter.

Sponge dosa without urad dal

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  1. I think this is what I want now,coz I ran out of Idly rice and sure going to try this out tomorrow :) TOmato coriander chutny looks mouthwatering as well :)

  2. hey chitra,
    I've soaked for masala dosa today had I seen this earlier I'd have tried it nevertheless...I'll make it sometime very soon, am Bookmaring it!

  3. looks yummy...we make this atukula dosa dear..I just love it with bombai chutney..chk my version in my blog when u get time..they will come out super spongy...

  4. Thanku all dearies .@ prathiba,thanks.will surely check urs and try :)

  5. This is similar to the mushti dosa omly that there we use a bit of urad dhal.I loved the colour of the chutney. Is the recipe already up?

  6. Lovely dosa, Chitra!Bookmarked

  7. dosa looks to me...must try this..thx for posting!

  8. Never heard of poha dosa before, but definitely looks spongy :-)

  9. Wonderful dosa...they indeed looks so spongy. Really tempting.

  10. Hey Chitra,

    I was really flattered by that gesture of yours....Really touched... Thank You so much...

    I always pray God... that he pairs someone like my hubby, with all genuine ladies... Looks like you are the one...May God shower all his blessings on u & your hubby... I love to c & hear of somebody other than love.... It feels gr8.... Makes me believe that love still exists, around me too...

    And this poha dosa, I did prepare it earlier... but then I was not so serious about I've no pics...I will when I prepare it next...I simply love it as it is very spongy & tasty.... Love all those holes in looks beautiful... Repent that I have no pics... No worries..I will prepare soon...


  11. Looks soft, spongy and very tempting Chitra

  12. Hi Chitra.In the place where I live,I don't get idli rice so this seems to be the best idea for dosa!!! The dosa and chutney combo is so tempting!

  13. Very spongy and soft dosa Chitra..yumm!

  14. looks soft and fluffy, i should give it a try

  15. The porous white dosa is tempting!

  16. Dosa is looking lovely, now I too want to make dosas, that with your tomato chutney is GORGEOUS looking, actually mouth watering...

  17. poha dosa without buttermilk!!, great one.., let me try making them..

  18. Thanks a lot frnds for ur sweet comments.
    @ lataraja , thanks.Will post the chutney in my next post.

    @Ash kuku , Thanks a ton.i was very happy by seeing ur comments.I am waiting 4 ur poha dosa recipe :)

  19. Nice spongy dosa....a change from the usual ones.

  20. Hi Chitra, I did not know that sponge dosa can be made without urad dal. I am bookmarking this and trying it very soon!

  21. Soft & spongy,never tried,will try soon

  22. Yes, poha dosas are super soft, looks pretty...

  23. Looks very soft and yumm...tempting me to try it once..:-)

  24. looks delicate and spongy.yummy chutney

  25. spongy dosa
    Looks like kal dosa.
    I love the chutney as well.
    Will try dal palak too

  26. Looks very spongy and tempting .Do visit

  27. Never heared of this kind of dosa and sure your recipe will help me in trying out this and lead to a geat challenge.These sound fabulous and will save the recipe. Thanks for the post.

  28. looks nice and soft, (reminds me the aappam); and so appetizing with the chutney you've served :)

  29. Looks to do.we in bengaluru say,set dosa.soft,as u said sponge dosa.

    1. Yes its more like set dosa but tastes different.Thanks for dropping by 😀

  30. is this dosa and davangiri dosa are same?


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