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January 18, 2010

Adhirasam Recipe With Step By Step Pictures - How To Make Adhirasam

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Adhirasam recipe with step by step pictures and tips for troubleshooting if Adhirasam breaks or becomes hard. Adirasam (Ariselu in Telugu) is a deep fried Indian sweet made with rice flour and jaggery.

adhirasam- picture

My MIL is an expert in making Adhirasam.In my apartment , all my neighbours used to call her for guidance during Diwali. I learnt this recipe from her and posting for u all. For making soft adhirasam rice flour, jaggery syrup consistency is very important. My MIL always uses home made rice flour for making this sweet. Recently I found a recipe with store bought rice flour. I will try and post it soon. Do refer the”Notes”section for tips and tricks!

adhirasam recipe

Adhirasam recipe

Adhirasam recipe How to adhirasam sweet recipe with step by step pictures
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Sweet
Serves: 10 nos
Prep time: 20 Minutes
Cook time: 20 Minutes
Total time: 40 Minutes


  • Raw rice - 1 cup or Homemade rice flour – 2 cups
  • Grated jaggery - 3/4 cup
  • Water - 1/3 cup
  • Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Black/white sesame seeds - 1/2 tsp
  • Dry ginger powder - 1/4 tsp ( optional)
  • Cooking oil - to deep fry

  • For homemade rice flour,wash and soak the raw rice for 2 hours.Spread in a paper and let it dry for 10 minutes.Grind the rice little coarsely(It should look fine in texture but when u touch it,it should be slightly coarse.By making this way,adhirasam will get a good texture like in shops) in batches.Sieve and set aside.Rice flour is ready.
  • For syrup,Powder the jaggery and add little water just to cover it(Beginners add 1:2 ratio of water and jaggery). Keep it on the flame and melt it.Drain the impurities using a metal strainer. Keep the syrup on the medium flame.Let it boil for sometime.
adhirasam tile1
  • Take little water in a plate and pour a drop of syrup.The syrup should not dissolve.U’ll be able to gather the syrup and make a soft sliding ball out of the syrup. This is called rollover (uruttu padham in tamil )consistency.Add the cardamom powder.Switch off the flame .
jaggery syrup tile3
  • Take the rice flour in a wide mouthed bowl.Add sesame seeds(if using).Make a dent in the center and set aside.Pour the syrup into the rice flour.Add little by little and mix the flour to make a smooth dough,soft,pliable and goey.It will harden as time proceeds.Some syrup may remain unused.All the syrup may not be necessary.If you add more syrup, adhirasam breaks in oil. So be careful while adding the syrup. Dough should be slightly semi solid in consistency. Do not make it hard. Adhirasam will become chewy.
adhirasam tile2
  • Transfer the dough to an air tight container after it cools down. Let it ferment for one or two days. Do not refrigerate the dough. Keep in room temperature. The next day or third day take the dough and make small lemon sized balls.Take a thick polythene sheet /Banana leaf and grease with oil/ghee.Pat it with ur fingers to make a small poori. Thickness should be like poori. Some people make a hole in the middle just like medu vada. It helps for uniform cooking. But My MIL doesn't do it. So I too follow her. 
adhirasam tile3
adhirasam tile4
  • In the mean time heat oil in a kadai to deep fry. Put a pinch of dough and check it rises to the top immediately. Drop one adhirasam. As soon as u put the adhirasam in hot oil, it will bulge and becomes golden brown in the bottom. You should flip it over immediately. Let the other side cook for 1 or 2 seconds till the bubbles cease and then take it out by draining the excess oil. Its cooking is similar to deep frying poori. If you fry for long time, adhirasam will become crispy and break like murukku.  
  •  Keep the flame in medium high /Medium for even cooking. Do not deep fry more than one at a time.After taking out from the oil keep the adhirasam in between two round shaped ladles and press it well on all the sides. The excess oil gets drained out. Keep in a tissue paper. Remove once it becomes warm and stack it one over the other. This helps to keep the adhirasam soft the next day. 
adhirasam tile5
  • Stack the adhirasams and store in an air tight container.

  • Always use processed rice flour to make adhirasam. /store bought flour makes the adhirasam hard & chewy. The processed flour should be slightly wet. Should not be dry.
    • To make processed rice flour,soak raw rice in water for 2 hrs. Drain the water & spread the rice in a paper or cloth for 5 minutes.Now grind the rice to make a slightly coarse powder. Sieve & repeat the same process & use this rice flour to make adhirasam.
    • Based on the texture of rice flour,it absorbs jaggery syrup.The more fine,the less it takes.
    • To get the texture of adhirasam like we get in shops,make the rice flour slightly coarse. i.e It should look like a fine powder but when u touch it will be very slightly coarse.
  • The consistency of syrup is very important.It should be a loose,soft ball.It wont dissolve in water at the same time it should not be tight as a hard ball.U will able to gather the syrup and when u take the syrup in ur fingers,it will slide.The total time to reach the consistency will be within 5-7 minutes in high flame.
  • The color of adhirasam depends upon the color of jaggery you use. Some jaggery may be light yellow in color. So its better if you buy Paagu vellam which would be in golden yellow to get a nice color .
  • The quantity of syrup may vary based on the quality of rice flour.So add carefully.If u add excess syrup,adhirasam will break or disperse in oil. If you add less syrup,it may turn hard n chewy. 
  • If adhirasam breaks in oil, either the quantity of jaggery is more or the dough is too slimy. In that case, add little wheat flour, mix it well and try again OR if you have reserved homemade rice flour, you can add very little to it. Adding more makes the adhirasam hard. 
  • Adhirasam dough can be preserved for 10 days.No need to even refrigerate if you make it perfect.
  • If u feel u’ve added excess syrup to the dough and if its too sticky, u can add little Maida or wheat flour to bring non sticky consistency. Maximum 1 tbsp can be added and not more than that.
  • Suppose if the dough is very hard, you can sprinkle little milk and if necessary add little jaggery syrup to make a soft pliable dough .
  • If you wish to serve it hot, keep the adhirasam in an idli plate and steam for few seconds to make it soft and hot.Please do not fry again.
  • Last but not the least , don’t deep fry the adhirasams for longer time because it may become a murukku ;)
          Once again I thank all my blogger friends & readers for taking my blog all this way.I need all your encouragement and support for all my future endeavours :) .I thank you all with this virtual treat of adhirasam. 

adhirasam recipe

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