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March 19, 2010


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(pics updated)
Hello everybody ,
How r u all ? Sorry for absconding these days .I had an unexpected trip to my native and i was there for the past one week.Some of my readers have asked me why i am not regular in my posts .Actually  i felt happy that there are some friends who visit my blog regularly and care for me..plz be around and encourage me.Hope I’ll try to be in par & will come out with nice recipes..
Now coming to this post , every friday i do vilakku pooja at home and i usually make AVAL or  RICE payasam .Today for a change, i tried javvarisi payasam with jaggery.I learnt this from my MIL.. It came out very well and tasted yum.. But i forgot to add cashews &  cloves..   ;)

  • SAGO / JAVVARISI ( I used white big ones ie..maavu javvarisi ) – 1/4 cup
  • Powdered jaggery – 1/3 cup 
  • Cardamom – 2 nos (powdered)
  • Cashew – 2 nos (fried in ghee)
  • Cloves – 1 - 2 no ( fried in ghee)
  • Ghee – 2 tsp
  • Coconut milk – 1/4 cup
  • Milk & water – As needed
  • Take a kadai and add a tsp of ghee..Fry the cashews and cloves.set aside.
  • In the remaining ghee , fry the sabudana for 5-7 minutes in low flame till it puffs up slightly ..(  the size of the sabudana gets bigger and becomes crispy) .Do it in medium flame.Please make sure u don’t burn it..
  • Now cook the roasted sabudana with water till it turns transparent..Make sure the sabudana is not over cooked and turns mushy instead it should be visible & separate. When the sago cooks, the middle portion looks white. Take one and press it with finger. No need to wait for sabudana to become transparent. When its soft, switch off the flame. It will cook completely in the heat of water and becomes transparent.  
  • Then in a wide mouthed bowl take the powdered jaggery and add water to cover it.Melt the jaggery to make a syrup and allow it to boil till the raw smell disappears.
  • Add this syrup to the cooked sabudana and mix well.Let it boil for sometime..If you feel this mixture is very thick , add some water and boil it.Don’t add milk at this point becoz it will curdle.Always Milk should be added after removing from the flame.Then add the roasted cashews, cloves and cardamom powder.
  • Remove from fire and add the coconut milk.Add some boiled milk to make it watery / thin.
Enjoy !!

  • If u think, u have added more jaggery and if it is very sweetish , add milk to reduce the sweetness.. Coconut milk gives  a nice  flavor & texture to this payasam , so dont forget to add it at the end.
  • Please add milk or coconut milk only after switching off the flame otherwise payasam gives  a curdled look.

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  1. payasam looks simply delicious..yummy yumm

  2. One of my favourite payasam too. I simply love the slippery pearls of saabu dhana.

  3. welcomke back dear..yummy kheer..i too posted kheer today...we love this

  4. I usually make the white sabhudhana payasam..Adding Jaggery is new to me...I will give it a try!

  5. Thank u all dearies..
    @ priya , do try this and lemme know :)

  6. a unique dish w/sabudana...beautiful!

  7. Very tasty dish with sabudana...

  8. Slurppp!!!my favourite payasam..

  9. Looks yummy dear..btw the way I tried ur Kashmi Pulao for my son's b' was great..

  10. I always suck making sago payasam,but love it very much,will try again,looks very tempting!

  11. I was looking for this payasam recipe and I see your post.WOW!

  12. I love saagu payasa..... I have relished the payasa my dodamma made at Puttur, all my childhood.... I always called it as kannu payasa...because those saagus in the payasa, looked like the eyes were all staring at me , while I savored a spoonful of it..... ;-)


  13. looks delicious , i usually make this one during spl occasions...

  14. delicious...
    never tried my hands on chitra...
    coming here after a long time!! hope all is well..

  15. Very delicious-looking payasam Chitra...I usually add sugar to this payasam, will try your version next time :)

  16. I usually make this kheer with sugar which has been posted on my blog. This is another method i've learnt today. Need to try. Thanks!

  17. Thanks friends.
    @ Saraswathy , thanks for trying out kashmiri pulao.. Iam very happy :)
    @ Ash , LOL ..Yes , it looked like a staring eye only :)

  18. Hope you enjoyed your trip :)
    Payasam looks very festive and rich!

  19. Payasam looks so delicious:) Hope you had a nice trip:)

  20. Nice . My son's favourite. We make it with sugar.

  21. Yummy payasam, looks lovely and delicious.

  22. very yummy payasam.... This very new to us...
    we would like to pass on the Sunshine award, please stop by to collect it.

  23. The jaggery gives it such a nice color and makes the kheer look more yummier.
    I always soak and cook the sago and add sugar.
    Will try your way next time and probably blog about it too. :)

  24. I have eaten only the sugar and milk one. This is a nice variation almost like the one I know with Moong dhal and coconut milk.

  25. yummmy!!!Ive never tried this...
    Plz collect ur gift from Panchamrutham


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