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May 13, 2010


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My MIL prepared this chutney for me yesterday.When i was pregnant i felt like having something spicy & tangy like Elandhavadai ( in tamil).On those days she used to prepare this chutney just for me and i relished it. Again ,after a long time we had this chutney yesterday for idli.It tasted excellent.Spice lovers must try this .I am sure u would love it..I think people from Andhra know this very well

  • Green chilly (Long ones ) – 4 nos
  • Tamarind – Small gooseberry size (soak in very little warm water)
  • Salt – As needed.
  • Powdered Jaggery – Small berry size / Sundakkai size
  • Cooking oil – 1 tbsp
To temper :
  • Gingely oil / Sesame oil – 1 tbsp
  • Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
Method :
  • Heat a kadai with 1 tbsp of cooking oil and saute the green chillies.
  • Remove and allow it to cool.
  • Grind all the ingredients given above with green chillies to make a smooth paste.Add little water if necessary.
  • Heat a kadai with a tbsp of sesame oil and splutter mustard seeds.Pour this chutney into the kadai , saute for sometime till it turns thick and switch off the flame.

Note :
If u want to keep this chutney for months , u should saute well till it becomes a  whole mass ( no trace of water). Transfer it to an air tight container.My MIL’s mother prepare this chutney in large quantity whenever chilly price comes down and becomes cheap..But yesterday we made it very less .So i dint saute the chutney,.I just tempered , added the chutney and switched off the flame immediately.The secret of this chutney lies in the amount of tamarind we use.If u add more tamarind the chutney will be less spicy but more tangy and vice versa.So tamarind and green chillies used should match each other.Please adjust according to the measurements given above..
Do try and Enjoy this chutney with Idli , Dosa and curd rice !!.Smile Don’t forget to let me know Wink

Milagai chutney

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  1. even my mom makes it for my grandma and keeps it for a long time. Love the tangy and spicy taste. love the colur

  2. Hy chitra,

    I can feel the hot taste dear...pic is cute n lively.

  3. thnx jeyshri and jay for ur sweet comments:)

  4. am too crazy for spicy chutney...will try this for sure

  5. WOW.U too have a wonderful blog here. Love to follow u.
    Garlic bun can be made without egg too. I just mentioned because I used it.
    It is equally good without egg.

  6. Thanks for sharing sure going to try this very very soon and just love the pic...nice color combo

  7. lovely colour...really nice combo with idly!

  8. wooo.., nice and spicy!! looks yummy!!

  9. Spicy chutney makes me hungry, would love to have with some hot idlies...

  10. Wow,I am drooling. Would love to have with dosa and idlis:)Sure would let u know when I prepare.

  11. Hot and spicy, the way I like it. Looks great.

  12. My aunt makes it with ripe green chillies.......your version also good

  13. This chutney is new to me...looks so spicy and good :)

  14. looks super spicy and tempting Chitra :)

  15. Chitra,

    My mom makes with bananna pepper or thondan millagu. Green chilly chuteny looks really good. Thanks for visiitng my blog. I will follow you.

  16. மிகவும் வித்தியசமான அருமையான சட்னி...சூப்பர்ப்...

  17. Still I could not remember the taste of this chutney,have to try myself and taste ;)

  18. thanku all,@ suhaina , thnx ..will surely try ur bun..

  19. Spicy and hot chutney, like to have with idlis.

  20. Spicy chutney looks superb ...Lovely space here. Glad to follow you...

    Hamaree Rasoi

  21. Love spice and i am gonna try it soon!Elandhavadai is my favorite too!
    Wish i could pass on some to you especially at this stage!

  22. Chutney looks yummy, love the color..this would be perfect with idli or dosas:)


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