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June 18, 2012


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This is my second post on cookies. After trying multi grain nankhatai , i got the confidence of making varieties of cookies.I got this recipe from here..Thanks a lot anu , it tasted very well Smile. We loved it so much. I have done this thrice so far. When i tried this recipe for the first time i dint have butter in hand. So i just replaced the butter with cooking oil doubtfully. But to my surprise ,it tasted great.I started making it with cooking oil every time. I halved the original recipe and tried for the first time , but then i perfected the recipe for smaller quantity.Here i’ve given the recipe for small quantity which yields around 10 biscuits. It gets finish off in no time , try this ..U’ll come to know Winking smile . Two readers from Sweet n Spicy mobile app tried this biscuit with wheat flour and liked it very much.Here is what they quoted:

"amazing.. yummy n awesome... evryone loved it... made two batches on first day itself... 4 stars" -  Ayfoona311

"Tis s my 1st cookies.. luckly i dnt ve maida @home.. i substitue wit wheat flour i added raisins too.. came out crispy n tasty.. i cant believe myself.. really wonder tat my hand done a cookies... :-):-) 5 stars" -  Krithiga2232 

1 cup - 200ml
  1. All purpose flour /Maida – 1/2 cup
  2. Almond / Badam – 1/3 cup
  3. Sugar – 1/2 cup
  4. Cooking oil – 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp
  5. Honey – 1 tsp (optional)
  6. Vanilla essence – 1/4 tsp
  7. Salt -  a pinch
  8. Cooking soda – a pinch

  • Take the all purpose flour in a wide bowl and mix the salt , cooking soda & vanilla extract.
  • Microwave almonds for 1- 2 mins to roast it. Almonds start to crackle and nice aroma wafts around.
  • Remove the almonds and allow it to cool. Powder it nicely. U can powder the sugar along with almonds. (ie. run the almonds and make it to a coarse powder, then add the sugar and grind it well ..)
  • Mix this mixture to the all purpose flour and add the cooking oil.
  • Make it into a soft , non sticky dough. This dough would be crumbly in texture.
  • Roll it tightly. Pinch a small ball sized dough and flatten it with ur palm. Cracks may appear. Just seal the cracks with ur fingers by patting it in the sides.
  • In the meantime preheat the oven for 10 mins in 180c convection mode.
  • Take the baking tray or cookie pan and arrange the cookies with an inch gap. Cookies will raise and spread a little.
  • Bake it in convection mode at 180c for about 20 – 22 mins. Time depends upon ur MW setting. Please have an eye after 10 mins. Remove once the top starts browning.
  • It will be very soft to touch immediately after baking. Take out the tray.Don’t try to remove the cookies. Let it cool down completely in the tray itself. Then remove it.It would become  crispy and hard..
  • Keep the remaining dough covered.Do the same procedure from steps 7-9.
  • Store it in an air tight container after it cools down.
Enjoy the cookies with tea/ coffee !!

My first attempt picture :)
almond cookies

  1. Honey is optional to use.I used honey for the first time but then i completely forgot it the next time. There is no difference in taste or texture.
  2. U can replace honey with golden syrup as mentioned in the original recipe.
  3. If u want to use butter in place of cooking oil , add 4 tbsp ( 60 gms) of melted butter.
  4. U can reduce the oil and add little water if necessary.
  5. Please do not add milk because the cookies turns soggy the next day.
  6. Mild cracks will be there in the cookies. Its unavoidable. so don’t panic.
  7. Here i’ve ,mentioned the almonds to grind nicely. U can also coarse grind the almonds as given in the original recipe. U’ll get small pieces of almonds while eating which also tastes good. I had tried in that way too.U can c the cookies in the second picture in which i coarse ground the almonds.
  8. I added equal amount of roasted walnuts and almonds and tried once. Try if u wish. Smile

almond cookies

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  1. I like your cup. :)
    and of course cookies are too inviting. :)

  2. Lovely cookies and wonderful presentation!


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  3. The cookies look so crunchy and delicious. Will try soon

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  7. Crispy & guilt free treats!!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  8. Sounds delicious and healthy.

  9. almonds cookies looks very delicious. awesome

  10. guilt free healthy cookies,Chitra..perfectly done!!

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  11. Sounds inviting and looks delicious and healthy....

  12. delicious cookies, inviting pictures too...
    Spicy Treats

  13. Super tempting,delicious and incredible cookies..

  14. I have been trying to replace butter while baking and have been fairly succesful with brownies and cakes but cookies and bars have always resulted in failure. I see some hope with this recipe. Will bookmark and try it out for sure.

  15. Perfect cookies for teatime!

  16. Super yummy cookies, looks so inviting.

  17. Perfect and yummy delicious bake Chitra, eggless n butterless makes them even better. Lovely pics too :)
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  18. Yummiest cookie dear. Looks very perfect.

  19. Loved the blog…

  20. Hi Chitra,

    Feels happy to know that you have tried the cookies and like it too :) Lovely clicks! The tea cup is very delicate and beautiful ;)

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  23. Hi Chitra
    Is cooking soda and baking soda same or different?

    1. They have slight differences in usage and composition. Please chk the below link :

  24. I really enjoy this cookie for its benefits list! To make it even better you can try to substitute sugar on stevia or just honey itself (that will make a difference) and will work for people with diabetes and a goiter too. I would also like to request you to give a recipe of some nice rice cookie if you know, then I would add it to my rice cooker guide, Therefore we will exchange our viewers) Cheers!

  25. Doesn't the almonds needs to be blanched?

  26. Doesn't the almonds needs to be blanched?


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