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November 9, 2012


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Kaju lotus/ Kaju flower recipe with step by step. Whenever I go to restaurants, I never forget to look at the sweets section. Some sweets would be really eye-catchy. One such sweet which caught my attention is kaju lotus.I wanted to try this for long time but I dint have any clue about it. Last year, during diwali we bought aval vikatan magazine and i got Menu rani chellam’s diwali sweet recipes as supplementary..She had given the recipes of most popular sweets which had the recipe of kaju lotus too.If u are able to make kaju katli ,u can easily try this sweet. Its the same procedure with slight variations in the end.Do watch my video (A small attempt Smile) for making this shape .U can try making kaju mango,kaju apple,kaju strawberry like in sweet stalls using the same dough.Hope mine looks like kaju lotus.Try to make 6 petals as given in the original recipe. I had cut around 8..I guess I’ll get the perfect shape in future.I am happy with the result as this is my second attempt. I’ve given the tips to overcome the problems u get while making this sweet. Hope this post would be useful.. Do try and let me know friends..Surprise ur family with this  colorful sweet for diwali Smile

Kaju lotus/Kaju flower recipe

Kaju lotus/Kaju flower recipe Colorful Kaju lotus/Kaju flower recipe - A welcome change from usual kaju katli !
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Sweet
Serves: 7 nos
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 20 Minutes


  • Cashewnuts - 1/2 cup
  • Food color - Red & Green ( a pinch)
  • Ghee - 1 tsp ( to grease the plate)
  • Milk - 1 tsp ( optional,to troubleshoot)
For syrup
  • Sugar - 1/4 cup
  • Water – 2.5 tbsp

  • Powder the cashews at room temperature by stopping the mixie at regular intervals.Wipe the sides & bottom of jar every time while grinding.Use pulse option if needed. ( I felt this as easy.One more way is,run the mixie continuously till u get a fine powder,follow any based on your wish.But do not grind it for long time.Cashews will become a sticky paste)
  • Keep the food color and the ghee greased plate ready. ( I dint have liquid food color , so i added a pinch of food color in 1/2 tsp water and used a few drops)
  • In a vessel,add sugar and cover with water. Heat till it reaches ONE STRING Take a drop of syrup from the back of ladle.Keep it between your thumb & forefinger.When u release you finger,it will form a thin string of 1 inch.This is called one string consistency.

  • Now add the cashew powder immediately,keep the flame low and stir continuously till it leaves the sides and becomes a thick,non-sticky dough.After adding the powder,it takes just 3-4 mins in low flame to reach this stage.Be alert.( This is the procedure for kaju katli. U can knead the dough, roll it to make shape )Stop here if u r making kaju katli .Proceed for kaju lotus..

  • Now put the cashew dough in the greased plate and divide the dough into two parts using a spoon. Add few drops of red & green food color in each dough , mix it with spoon for uniform distribution.No problem even if it dint mix properly.We are going to knead it .. Leave it for 5 mins. Let it become warm.If u remove the mixture( a few secs before) when it is like slightly sticky chapathi dough, u dont have to add milk. The dough will harden in few mins.If u miss this stage , no worries. If u feel the mixture is dry & crumbly , add 1/2 tsp milk in each half of the dough along with food color(I added 1/2 tsp milk in each dough before kneading.)
    • After it is warm , apply ghee in ur hands & start kneading the dough to make it soft & non-sticky.Do the same for the other dough and start making the shape. Cover the dough while u make the shape to avoid drying.
kaju lotus tile4
  • Make a big gooseberry sized ball with green dough and make it flat by pressing with ur palm.Take a ball of red dough and keep it in the center of green dough. Bring all the corners together and close it to make a ball.( Use the procedure of stuffing kozhukattai & paratha) ( while doing this u may get cracks,  dont panic. If u roll tightly , it will become smooth OR Add little more milk and knead the dough. But 1/2 tsp would be enough )
kaju lotus tile5
  • Make all the balls , cover it and give a setting time of 30 minutes.Now,Using a sharp Knife cut the ball to make a flower shape. While u make the shape , the mixture may leave oil. No problem ( hope this video helps for better understanding) I have given two videos .. Use whichever is convenient.. Adjust the number of petals as u like..As per the original book, the number of petals is 6. I made 7- 8.Use silver warq while rolling the balls if necessary..kaju lotus tile6
Enjoy !


    • The consistency of sugar syrup is very important here. One string should be compulsory.
    • After adding cashew powder , keep on stirring till the cashew gets cooked and makes a dough .. To know the correct consistency , u can check by making a small ball which will be non-sticky.Dough will slide from the pan without sticking..
    • Try to knead the dough when it is warm.  If u feel the dough is dry and crumbly , add little milk.
    • If the dough is correct , u may not need milk. U can directly start kneading and rolling..Adding milk may reduce the shelf life of the sweet, flatten the balls &u may not get the exact shape too..
    • Setting time of 30 mins is necessary for the balls. If u have added more milk to knead the dough , the milk will settle in the bottom of the ball after the setting time. No problem , just wipe it with a tissue and start cutting the shape.
    • This sweet will come out well for sure if u have practice in making kaju katli. Beginners can also dare to give a try because if i make it,anyone can Winking smile
    • Try making the balls slighlty oval in shape to get the exact shape of kaju lotus as in sweet stalls..


Try this sweet and make this diwali a colorful one :)

Try this sweet stall style Kaju lotus and make this diwali a colorful one Smile
kaju lotus piece

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  22. @ Barbara , I used raw cashews only. If u want u can also roast them in low flame ( without changing the color) and then grind it. I have tried this method for kaju katli. It also works :)

  23. Thanks all for ur sweet comments. Do try this and leave ur comments. I'll be more happy :)

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    I doubt if they are from your kitchen or from some Haldiram's sweets box :P :D
    Oh, my God!!!! so Pppppperrrrfect they are girl! Your kaju flowers are really like giving us a warm smile! Romba azhaga iruku. Nalla iruku Chitra. :)


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    1. Thanks a lot harini. Iam so happy.. Glad u liked it :)

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  34. Awesome work,and it is easy to understand with the pictures.

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    I tried kaju flower recipe, it came out so well... posted in my blog too... pls chk
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    1. Thank u so much Tanya :) U made my day . Thanks for the link love :)

  36. Hi chitra
    How to keep d cashew dough soft n pliable to make de shape

    1. Hi roopa
      If you remove the cashew dough as soon as it starts to leave from kadai,it will become soft n right in texture as it cools down.u can play with it to make shapes.But if the dough becomes hard add milk as i suggested. It works. To retain the softness of dough wrap it in a cover n keep in a box.

    2. Hi roopa
      If you remove the cashew dough as soon as it starts to leave from kadai,it will become soft n right in texture as it cools down.u can play with it to make shapes.But if the dough becomes hard add milk as i suggested. It works. To retain the softness of dough wrap it in a cover n keep in a box.

  37. Thanks for d reply chitra.
    Tried making it came out well.
    The first few balls came our well.
    Then later d dough started to become hard.
    As per your advice added a little milk n completed it.

    1. Thanks for your prompt feedback.Glad to know it :)


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