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March 14, 2013


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Karadaiyan nombu adai recipe
Karadaiyan nombu adai recipe - Learn how to make karadaiyan nombu sweet adai and salt adai recipes with step by step pictures. This adai can be prepared with homemade rice flour or store bought rice flour/ idiyappam flour. Only difference lies in the quantity of water used to make adai. Here I have discussed vella adai and uppu adai recipe using homemade rice flour. Usually for making this adai , we make processed rice flour at home. U can also use good quality store bought idiyappam flour. I have tried using both and they came out equally well in softness & texture. Usually people make a hole in adai like urad dal vada for even cooking. As my mil don't do that, I too don't put a hole in my adai ;) Its our choice finally! Below you can find a picture of adai with hole in the center.

Karamani /black eyed peas is the main ingredient for this adai. But my MIL adds other grains like ragi , mochakottai ,chana , green gram , black gram , unpolished rice (nel) , wheat germs , toor dal to make it a mix of nine grains in very little quantity.The color of sweet adai depends on the color of jaggery you use .
Karadaiyan nombu adai recipe

Karadaiyan Nonbu or Savitri Vratham is a traditional Tamil nadu festival of fasting wherein married women will pray for the wellness and long life of their husbands. This nombu should be done exactly in the time when tamil month 'Masi' ends and the next month 'Panguni' starts. The reason why this fasting is carried out is that “ Savithri fought with yema (the God of Death) to save her husband's (Satyavan) life", the same way the married women should fast on this auspicious day for long life of their husbands. Unmarried woman also observe Karadayan Nombu and pray to Goddess Shakti to get good men as their husband.

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Before marriage , I have not celebrated this festival as my mom don’t have this practice. I heard about this celebration from my MIL.Initially I used to watch my MIL making nombu adai.She makes Sweet adai/Vella adai and Salt adai/Uppu adai for neivedyam. But now I can confidently make it on my own.It comes out very well. I love tying the yellow rope.More than me, my daughter is more curious about tying the yellow rope in her hand ;) Also we chant a few lines/sloka in front of the lamp while tying the “ "Urugadha Vennaiyum oru adayum vaithu nonbu notren oru naalum en kanavar enai piriyamal iruka vendum". And I am posting this recipe after finishing the celebration in my home :)

Please click THIS LINK for Karadaiyan Nombu Pooja Procedure !

Karadaiyan nombu adai video ↓↓

Karadaiyan nombu sweet adai & salt adai recipe


  • Raw rice / Maavu arisi – 1 cup
Wash & soak raw rice for 1.5 hours and drain all the water completely.Spread the rice in a news paper or white cloth to absorb all the excess water . Grind in mixie to make a fine powder. Sieve & dry roast the flour in low flame till u get light fumes from the flour.After roasting, try to draw a small kolam with it. If you able to draw it without cutting, flour is roasted well ( Kolam maavu padham).Sieve or grind once in a mixie if there are lumps after roasting. This is called processed rice flour. We use this flour for making adai.

How to make rice flour at home   How to make rice flour at home

Usually I make the flour ready in the previous day and make adai the next day .

For 1 cup of raw rice , we get approx 1.75 - 2 cups of flour. You can also use store bought idiyappam flour instead of homemade processed rice flour.

** For store bought rice flour/idiyapam flour,  you don't have to roast the flour. 

Karadaiyan nombu adai-Sweet&Salt


  • Homemade Rice flour – 1 cup ( you can also use store bought Idiyappam flour)
  • Grated jaggery – 1 cup
  • Karamani + **other grains – 1/4 cup + 2 tsp (optional to use other grains)
  • Water –  1.5  to 2 cups ( Storebought rice flour may take 2 cups)
  • Cardamom seeds – few
  • Coconut bits – 2 tbsp
  • Ghee - 1 tsp ( to prevent drying)
  • Oil - to grease the palm
**We use a mix of white or brown chana,ragi,green gram,urad dal,toor dal along with black eyed peas(karamani). But it is completely optional. You can use only karamani or more quantity of karamani which gives nice flavor to this adai.
** For store bought rice flour/idiyapam flour, you don't have to roast the flour. 

  • Roast karamani and other grains in little oil till nice aroma emanates.. Roast in medium flame for 6-8 mins. Pressure cook the grains adding 1 cup of water. Drain the water and keep the grains aside.
Karadaiyan nombu adai
  • Take water & grated jaggery in a wide bowl. Heat it and melt the jaggery completely. Strain the jaggery syrup usind a metal strainer to remove the impurities if any. Wash the bowl and again transfer the syrup to same bowl.
  • Allow the syrup to boil for 3 minutes till the jaggery smell leaves. Now add the cooked karamani, coconut bits, cardamom powder, ghee and  boil for sometime. Keep the flame low & add the rice flour in one hand while mixing with a ladle in other hand. Make sure to mix well without lumps. The mixture will thicken and will become a dough.

Karadaiyan nombu adai
  • After the dough is warm , grease your palm with oil and take a small ball lime sized ball of dough. Flatten it like masal vada. Make a hole in the center if you like. We don't do it generally. Arrange the adai in a greased idli plate.
Karadaiyan nombu adai
  • Boil water in an idli pot. After the water comes to roll boil, place the  idli plate with adai. Steam it in for 10 - 12 minutes.
    Switch off the flame and let it rest for 5 minutes. Remove it carefully to avoid breaking.
  • Offer to God and Enjoy !


  • Homemade Rice flour – 1 cup ( you can also use store bought Idiyappam flour)
  • Karamani + **other grains – 1/4 cup + 2 tsp (other grains are optional to add)
  • Water – 2 cups
  • Coconut bits – 2 tbsp
  • Salt – As needed
To grind(optional)
  • Green chilli – 2 - 3 nos
  • Ginger – 1 inch piece
To temper
  • Cooking oil – 1 tbsp
  • Mustard seeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Urad dal – 1 tsp
  • Hing - 2 generous pinches
  • Curry leaves – few
**Use a mix of white or brown chana,ragi,green gram,urad dal,toor dal along with black eyed peas(karamani). But it is completely optional. You can use only karamani or use more quantity of karamani which gives nice flavor to this adai.
** For store bought rice flour/idiyapam flour, you don't have to roast the flour. 

  • Grind chilli , ginger along with salt to a coarse paste. For variations, you can skip grinding and just saute them in oil while tempering as shown in the video.
Karadaiyan nombu adai
  • Heat oil in a kadai and temper the above ingredients one by one in the same order. Then add water and add the ground green chilli , ginger paste or chopped green chilli and ginger. Mix well and add the cooked karamani, coconut bits . Mix well and allow to boil for sometime.
Karadaiyan nombu adai

  • Then add the rice flour and mix well in low flame to make a dough.
  • After the dough cools down , make small balls. Pat it like vada and arrange them in a greased idli plate. 
  • Roll boil water in an idli pot and place the idli plate with adai. Steam it for 10-12 minutes. Switch off the flame and let it rest for 5 minutes. Remove it carefully to avoid breaking.
Karadaiyan nombu adai

I usually make processed rice flour with 1 cup of rice and divide the flour for both adais.
Also roast and pressure cook karamani + other grains together and divide the portions into two.
To get white colored salt adai, do not grind chillies and ginger. Instead,chop them finely and temper it.

Enjoy this festival day offering sweet n salt nombu adai. Ladies,don't forget to tie the rope ;)

Please click THIS LINK for Karadaiyan Nombu Pooja Procedure !

How to make Karadaiyan nombu adai

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