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April 8, 2013


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Mulam pazham juice

Cantaloupe Or Musk melon in English , Mulam pazham or Kirni pazham in Tamil , Kharbooja in Hindi , kannada – It comes in various colors. But tastes similar..
This is my father’s most favourite summer drinks.When i was a kid , my dad used to buy this juice and compels to me to try once. But me a stubborn girl , never touched itHot smile .Now , being a food blogger , i try & taste varieties of food and juices. Earlier i used to have only black grapes and pomegranate..But now i started to make juice with all seasonal fruits..I wanted to try this musk melon juice for a long time.Recently when i went to my in-laws place,my MIL made this juice for us. For the first time i had that juice and i loved it. Then i felt bad tat i missed this healthy , tasty juice in my childhood days Sad smile. This is one of the best coolants and thirst quencher for summer..My MIL makes thick juice and stores it for 2-3 days by refrigerating it.She adds ice cold water to adjust the consistency at the time of drinking.Its very easy to make and tastes great.

Mozhampazham juice

  • Mulam pazham / musk melon – 1 no  (Big sized)
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Water – 2 cups

  • Wash and remove the outer skin of musk melon using a knife or aruvaamanai.( we use aruvamanai) .
kirni juice1
  • Cut them in to four halves and remove all the seeds using a spoon or ladle..
kirni juice tile2
  • Now chop them into cube sized pieces. Add sugar and grind well to a smooth paste. Add the required water as per the desired consistency and store in a bottle.
kirni juice tile3
  • Refrigerate it . Add ice cold water , mix well , adjust sugar and drink when needed !!

musk melon

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  1. thats nice way of cutting me always cut in to halves and remove the seed try hard to remove the pulp :) never thought of removing the skin first ! lovely one !

  2. A Wonderful sight during the hot summers! Loved it!

  3. Wish to have a sip of this... Thanks for sharing... I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog..

  4. Awesome.. Loved this summer cooler.

  5. Looks so refreshing! Acts as an A.C. to my stomach!

  6. super refreshing drink,definitely a thirsty quencher.

  7. i somehow doesn't like this fruit during my childhood days, but never tried juice. Refreshing one

  8. Wow looks so refreshing ! I hate musk melon but will try your juice.

  9. woo i never cut it this way.. by doing tis way i think more flesh can be saved..good one

  10. deliicous n Love to have a glass..

  11. refreshing juice, perfect for summer.

  12. Absolutely love the idea of refrigerating the concentrated form. Please do send it to my "Healthy Me & Healthy Us" event (read the rules).

  13. Very refreshing juice

  14. oh the perfect drink for this summer... super soothing and super refreshing..
    Event - Celebrate - Summer
    Event - Bake Fest

  15. This appears to be a lovely juice. But you speak of low calories and how this is good for someone who wants to lose weight - but nowhere do you mention how many calories are in a musk melon. That would be helpful. Thank you.

  16. Thanks, it really helping me...thanks...any more related plz post.

  17. Hi Chitra,
    Was looking for a easy musk melon juice concentrate. I bumped into your recipe.
    I tried it. Refreshing juice concentrate ready. Diluted as per your suggestion got nice musk melon/ Kirni juice. Thanks.


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