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May 30, 2013

Aloo Stuffed Paratha Recipe - Stuffed Potato Paratha Recipe - Urulaikilangu paratha

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Aloo paratha

I must thank my friend Megha for teaching me this yummy Punjabi style aloo paratha recipe. It was excellent and we loved it a lot. I don’t make stuffed paratha very often in my kitchen. So I have posted very less paratha recipes. Yesterday I tried this aloo paratha at home for our dinner. We had it with plain curd & pickle. My hubby loved it and praised me a lot. Usually most of us make alu ka paratha in a simple way by adding red chilli powder, dhania and garam masala powder. Even I too used to do this way. But this recipe is completely different which attracted me & made me try it. It has very less spices yet flavourful. I used ghee while cooking the paratha as my friend suggested. Parathas were very soft with a nice flavour of ghee. I dint add ghee for last 3 parathas for myself due to weight concern and I used oil ;). But still the parathas were soft n tasty. Adding ghee gives a nice taste and helps the paratha stay soft for long time. So I have planned to prepare this for my husband’s lunch box too. I have rolled it thin as my husband loves thin parathas. Please adjust the thickness as u wish . I served it with pickle and raita which is considered to be the best side dish for this aloo paratha. Do try this friends and let me know how u liked it.

Aloo paratha3

1 cup - 250ml

  • Wheat flour – 2 cups ( I used Pillsburry atta)
  • Water – 3/4 cup ( adjust)
  • Salt – as needed
  • Cooking oil – 2 tsp
For stuffing
  • Boiled & mashed aloo/ potato – 4 nos  (medium sized)
  • Dhania / coriander seeds – 1.5 tsp
  • Ginger & Garlic paste – 1.5 tsp
  • Big onion – 1 no ( Very finely chopped)
  • Green chillies –2  nos  (-do-)
  • Coriander leaves – 1/4 cup (finely chopped)
  • Mint leaves – 1/4 cup (-do-)
  • Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
  • Salt – As needed
  • Cooking oil – 1 tbsp
Ghee – for greasing


  • Pressure cook aloo/ potato, remove the skin , mash it very well. Set aside.
  • Mix the atta/ wheat flour, salt and oil well.Then add water little by little and make a tight, non-sticky yet soft dough.Do not make it too soft as we make for phulka / roti.Mix the flour adding salt & water and make a tight dough. Finally apply oil and knead it well. Leave it covered for 30 minutes. In the mean time, start making the stuffing.After 30 minutes knead the dough well , dough turns little soft .Make lemon sized balls. Keep it ready & cover it.
  • In a kadai , heat oil . Crush dhania seeds coarsely & add to oil. Saute for a second.
aloo paratha tile1
  • Now add the G&G paste. Mix well. Then add the finely chopped onions , green chillies, coriander & mint leaves. Add the required salt & mix well till u get a nice aroma. Lastly add the boiled & mashed potatoes, turmeric powder. Mix well and make the stuffing. Check for taste. If the mixture is too dry , sprinkle little water for togetherness. But adding water is completely optional.Mix well and let it cool down completely.Make lemon sized ball out of stuffing..Dough & stuffing should be of equal size..
aloo paratha tile2
aloo paratha tile3
  • Now take a lemon sized ball of dough & roll it to 3 inch diameter circle.Keep the stuffing ball.Pull all the corners of the dough & cover the stuffing. Pat it to make a circle & dust them well..
aloo paratha tile4
aloo paratha tile5
  • Make a ball , flatten it with your palm , dust it in the flour and roll the paratha gently to 8 inch diameter circle. Make it thick or thin as per your wish. Heat a dosa tawa & cook the paratha both the sides adding few drops of ghee. Cook till golden brown spots appear.
aloo paratha tile6
  • Remove & serve immediately.. Enjoy eating hot with curd & pickle !

  • Most of us face the problem of stuffing oozes out while rolling the paratha.To avoid this we should mash the aloo very well without any lumps. If u wish, u can grind them in mixie & make a smooth paste. Second thing is we should chop the onions , chillies & leaves very finely so that when we saute they get mixed with aloo very well and the stuffing will be a whole mass.
  • Also the size of dough & aloo ball should be more or less equal. This helps in even spreading of stuffing all over the paratha. Dough should not be too loose or too tight. Stuffing should not be watery.
  • Beginners can practice by keeping more dough & less stuffing in the beginning. By practice u can improve..Dusting can be done as many times as u want. But use oil  or ghee while cooking the paratha. Otherwise paratha will become hard & dry..Remember to serve n eat parathas hot.
  • For variations , u can try adding ajwain/omam.

aloo paratha4 copy
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    1. I use windows live writer as editor..u can use "insert smiley" option..

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