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June 3, 2013


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kara kuzhambu

This is my father's Kathirikai kara kuzhambu recipe in Bachelors style. When I was young , my father was in mumbai for two years. He stayed in a bachelor’s room. He learnt some simple recipes from his friends and started cooking. Whenever he comes for vacation , he used to cook for us. We(me & my sis) loved our appa’s cooking more than my mom’s as we got bored of her routine food. But now after marriage, I crave for my mom’s recipes like anything. My appa makes rasam & kara kuzhambu very well. Both are very simple recipes but tastes great. So i thought of sharing Kara kuzhambu/Puli kuzhambu today..It can be done very quickly during busy mornings.. It has no grinding part..So i have mentioned this as Bachelor’s recipe. It tastes spicy & hot.I followed my father’s recipe. Don’t feel exhausted by seeing the ingredients list.It looks big but this recipe takes hardly 20 minutes to prepare.I used brinjal / kathirikai and whole garlic flakes. Its a simple kathirikai kara kulambu recipe. U can also try adding drumstick OR dried berries (sundakkai, manathakkali vathal) for more flavour. I had this kuzhambu for 3 days by refrigerating it..The taste got improved day by day.. This kuzhambu stays good for 3-5 days as it has no coconut. The addition of sambar powder , red chilli powder & coriander powder makes this gravy very thick. So adjust the consistency as per ur liking by adding more water..Use gingely oil for nice flavour & also it helps to reduce the body heat developed by tamarind..
A tip from my father : My appa always tells me to taste the tamarind extract after adding masala powders (chilli powder , sambar powder , dhania powder ) & salt ..If it tastes good , kuzhambu comes out really well.We can adjust the quantity of tamarind or chilli powder/sambar powder based on the taste.. But every time I forget to do this. This time I reminded my father’s tip and followed it. May be tat’s the reason , this kuzhambu tasted great.

kara - kulambu

  • Tamarind – Big gooseberry size/ Medium lemon size (Based on the tanginess of tamarind u have)
  • Brinjal – 4 nos (medium sized)
  • Sambar powder – 1.5 tbsp ( any brand or home made)
  • Red chilli powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Dhania powder – 1 tsp
  • Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
  • Jaggery – 1 tsp
  • Salt & water – As needed
To temper & saute
  • Gingely oil / Nalla ennai – 4 tbsp
  • Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
  • Methi seeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Urad dal – 1 tsp
  • Jeera/cumin seeds  – 1 tsp
  • Channa dal – 1 tsp
  • Hing – A big pinch
  • Red chillies – 2 nos (pinched)
  • Curry leaves – few (chopped)
  • Big onion/ small onion – 1 no / 10 nos (finely chopped)
  • Whole garlic cloves – 10 nos
  • Tomato – 2 nos (finely chopped)

  • Soak tamarind in warm water for 10 minutes & take the extract using 1.5 cups of water.Add all the spice powders given above & salt..Taste it and adjust as per ur need.Cut brinjal lengthwise into 4 pieces & keep them immersed in water to avoid color change.Chop onions and peel garlic.Set aside.
Kara kuzhambu tile3
  • Now in a kadai , heat oil and temper all the ingredients given above in the same order..Make sure to add all the ingredients after the mustard seeds splutter ..Saute everything in medium flame.Then add onions , whole garlic cloves & curry leaves..Saute till it turns golden brown.
kara kuzhambu tile1
  • Add the brinjal pieces , saute for sometime & then add the tomato pieces.Saute till musy.Now add the tamarind extract which we kept ready .Add jaggery ,1/2 cup of water ,cover the kadai with a lid till brinjal gets cooked. Usually it takes 8-10 minutes. Keep the flame medium.
kara kuzhambu tile2
  • Then open the lid and check whether brinjal is completely cooked. Check for water. Add more water if necessary..Allow the gravy to boil for 10 minutes to get thicken. Switch off the flame and transfer to a serving bowl.Add a tbsp of gingely oil & raw curry leaves.Cover it with a lid..
kara luzhambu tile4
  • Serve it after 30 minutes.Mix with plain rice ..Enjoy with papad & any kootu as accompaniment..

kathirikai kara kuzhambu

NOTE :This Gravy/ kuzhambu should be boiled well for minimum 10 minutes in medium flame to get a good taste. Otherwise u’ll get the raw smell of powders.. Kuzhambu will thicken by itself as time passes. So add little more water , reheat & serve..Using gingely oil is a must.If u dont have gingely oil , use any cooking oil. But gingely oil gives the actual taste..

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  1. So tempting Chitra.Lookd delicious.

  2. easy peasy ..looks delicious

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  3. stunning pictures ! when i am bored i prepare this kind of kuzhambu !

  4. i too prepare like this sometimes,i agree with the taste.

  5. irresistible... picture perfect..... love the last pic with rice and kootu.. very comforting and very homey!!
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  6. What a nice color kuzhambu has got..Looks super tempting..

  7. wow what a color of kuzhambu... love it very much n tempting...

  8. wonderful kuzhambu...very tempting...

  9. the instructions are not in sync with the pictures, you lost me at when do the tomatoes go in and when do we add the tamarind mixture. It would be great if you could explain that better

    1. Thanks for letting me know. i have updated it :)

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    Sunandas Kitchen

  13. this is one of my favorite. Nicely done

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  16. Thanks. Tries it and it came out very well.

  17. Tried this recipe and it came out very well. Thanks.

    1. Thank u so much sir for ur prompt feedback. I am really happy :)

  18. Very helpful for bachelors like me.thank u very much madam.every week three times i preparing ur recipe.

    1. Thanks a lot. Feeling great to read ur comment :) U made my day !

  19. Hi. Thank u very much I tried this today and it came out really well.

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  21. Hi,
    I just tried this kozhambu and it has come out so tastyyyyy! Easy recipe well put. Thanks a ton

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