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September 24, 2013


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idiyappam first picture

Idiyappam /sevai/string hopper is a very popular Tamilnadu/kerala breakfast recipe.I learnt this from my MIL.Before marriage my mom makes sweet sevai and lemon sevai for guests using store bought rice sevai. I never knew idiyappam can be made at home till my marriage. Initially i used to struggle a lot without knowing the correct boiling point of water.If the water is over boiled , idiyappam dough will be well cooked and it will be really hard to press when the dough cools down.( u have to call ur husband for help Winking smile ) If it is boiled less than the required temperature, idiyappam will be very soft and u won’t get proper strings.U’ll not be able to crumble it for making lemon , sweet and other varieties. By practice , i got it right. .Sen loves my idiyappam a lot. My MIL makes idiyappam for our guests usually.I am happy i too can prepare idiyappam for my guests confidently..
If u know this basic idiyappam recipe u can make nearly 6-7 varieties with it. I’ll post the varieties in the upcoming post. To me kozhukattai dough and idiyappam dough making are similar in procedure. So i have attached the video of kozhukattai dough which is the same for making idiyappam dough.Please watch if interested.I have also given some tips to make perfect idiyappam when the water is over boiled or less boiled and the approximate water measurement for 1 cup of rice flour.Hope this post will be useful for beginners.

idiyappam hot

1 cup - 200ml
  • Rice flour – 1 cup
  • Water – 1.3 – 1.5 cups ( i used 1.3 cup)
  • Salt – as needed
  • Gingely oil – 1 tsp

  • In a bowl , take the water . Add a tsp of oil.Allow it to boil for 2-3 minutes.When it boils,small bubbles will appear in sides first. Then it will appear in bottom. After 2 minutes it will start to roll boil with big bubbles. Switch off the flame as soon as u see one big bubble.Never allow to roll boil completely.It will be just right for the flour to cook and u’ll get a non sticky dough.( No problem even if it roll boils slightly but u will find it really hard to press.)
idiyappam recipe tile1
  • In a vessel , keep the flour mixed with salt .Add this water little by little to the flour and mix well with a ladle..Do not pour all the water.U may get some excess water remaining.I used 1.3 cups of water for 1 cup of rice flour. It may vary up to 1.5 cups.
  • The quantity of flour will increase as it gets cooked. When the dough becomes warm start kneading with ur hands and u’ll be able to roll a non-sticky and soft yet firm dough.
idiyappam recipe tile2
idiyappam recipe tile3
  • Now take the idiyappam press, grease it with oil and fill the dough .Squeeze it onto the idli plate. I used my electric rice cooker base plate to make a single layered idiyappam like in hotels..(Grease the plate with oil before pressing)
idiyappam recipe tile4
idiyappam tile2
idiyappam recipe tile6
  • U can also squeeze as small idlis in each hole of idli plate.Always keep the idil plate after the water starts to roll boil. It will take just 2-3 minutes to cook. Remove after 2 minutes. Idiyappam will drop easily without sticking from the plate.

Remove and serve hot with sweetened coconut milk and kurma !!

idiyappam piece

  • Always add water in small quantity while mixing the dough. If u add more water , dough will be sticky. U can add more rice flour to correct it but idiyappam will look dry . So u have to eat it really hot..
  • By mistake if u allow the water to roll boil completely , add 1/4 cup of cold water ( room temperature) to it . The water will come to the correct heating point. Now add the required water to the flour and make the dough.
  • If u strong enough to press the dough , u can allow the water to boil well and add.But U’ll really get a nice, soft idiyappam with big strings.
  • Always cover the unused dough with a wet cloth and grease with little oil.Else it will become dry .
  • If the water is less boiled , idiyappam strings will get cut when u press and idiyappam looks mushy after it cooks.So no problem if the water is over boiled.Make sure it is not less boiled.
  • Boil in high flame for 2-3 minutes. It will be enough i guess.

Do have a look at this video for making idiyappam dough, if interested .. Smile

How to make idiyappam dough using rice flour

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  1. I too make the same way.. Love ur clicks

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  14. Nicely made idiyappam, looks perfect.

  15. hi chitra,what rice flour is to be used ?ordinary store bought(that is dry) rice flour or processed rice flour?in this recipe.thanks in advance.

  16. Hi Harini,
    U can use both.But water quantity may vary.Here i used store bought dry flour :) I have left u a message in facebook asking about brinji.Please chk it :)

  17. hi I tried came ou like some part soft some other part hard why like that tell me please....adirasam takes lot of oil any reason for that...when I put adirasam in oil it was under for some time then a bubble comes out from athirasam then only it comes out...... suggestion please

    1. Hi Kala,
      The reason for some soft part & some hard part is uneven patting of adhirasam.If u have patted thin in some place,it will come our hard & if it is thick in some place,it will come our soft.So pat it evenly all over and make it slightly thicker like poori.If the oil temperature is less,adhirasam drink more oil.As u said,it was under oil for sometime,ur oil heat is less.So before dropping adhirasam,put a pinch of dough in oil,if it rises immediately to the top without too much of browning,ur oil temperature is correct.Keep the flame medium and then drop adhirasam one by one.As soon as adhirasam comes to top,flip it immediately,leave for a second and remove by draining the oil between two ladles.Drain it in a tissue and stack the adhirasam one over the other.It will become soft the next day :) Hope these tips help u :) Even this time,if u have remaining dough,pat the adhirasam evenly & cook in correct heating point.U will get it right :)

  18. Hi chithra I made idiyappam for my baby today.. came perfectly :) damn happy bcoz I failed once u tried it long back.. lost the hope tooo :( ur pics give me confident to do :)

  19. hi chitra, i was not able to squeeze from the mould........... wat could be the reason?

  20. If the water is less and the dough is too hard,u cannot squeeze it.Add little more hot water, mix well and squeeze it.It will come off.Hope this helps.

  21. I tried this for first time. It came out awesome nd delicious. My hubby loved it nd appreciated me. Thank u so much.☺☺

  22. Chitra..this is my first tym i'm trying this and it came awesome.. steps are also very simple and easy.. sooper chitra..

  23. Hi Chitra, should I dry roast the plain store bought rice flour befor e adding hot water?

  24. hi chitra..pls post home made idiyappam flour


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