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November 9, 2013


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Murukku powder
Murukku podi/Powder is a very easy and tasty snacks recipe which can attract ur kids easily. Its just a single step process..This recipe may be known to most of u but u might have forgotten about it.This post is to refresh ur memories :)..We all would have made thenkuzhal or mullu muruuku for Diwali and i hope u have some murukku leftover in ur pantry. Some kids hesitate/don’t like to eat mullu murukku as it pricks the jaws.I have seen toothless old people getting mouth ulcers by eating murukku.So,for those people, u can try this way. They’ll love it for sure. When i was young , kittu aachi( my dad’s periamma) used to come to our house to help my mom for making thenkuzhal murukku.She was a very old toothless lady. As she couldn’t eat murukku as such , my mom make this murukku podi for her and store in a box.She used to enjoy it a lot ..As kids , we too( me & my sis) used to take it in a bowl and have it after coming from school.A glass of milk and this murukku podi was our evening snacks those days during DiwaliSmile. Yesterday i tried this with leftover magizhampoo murukku for Raksha & she loved it. More than Raksha , myself and Sendhil relished a lot and we finished the bowl very quickly .Thenkuzhal murukku podi tastes the best according to me. Do try this murukku podi for a change if u have not attempted so far..U may love it like me Open-mouthed.

murukku podi recipe

Murukku podi

Murukku podi Murukku podi/powder is a very easy kids snack recipe which can be made in minutes using leftover murukku..
Cuisine: Indian Category: Sweet Yields: Serves 2
Prep Time: 1 Minute Cook Time: 2 Minutes Total Time: 3 Minutes

To grind
  • Leftover plain murukku (thenkuzhal or mullu murukku) - 5 nos
  • Sugar –2-3 tsp (increase as per ur need)

  • Break the murukku into pieces..In a dry mixie jar , take the murukku pieces.Grind  till it becomes a nice powder..Remove it in a bowl , add sugar. Mix well and enjoy !
Murukku podi recipe
Enjoy !


  • For sugar patients , please avoid adding sugar. Just powder and give ..
  • If u have spicy murukku in hand , u can powder and have it as such.  
  • I made this recipe using leftover magizhampoo murukku. Thenkuzhal murukku tastes the best :)
My daughter had this murukku podi with complan Smile 
Murukku podi

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Nargis Aara said...

hey dear love ur space thank u for stoping by my blog, and never knew about this podi! im sure it should be delicious I want to follow ur space u dont have a followers button , so liking ur fb page :) hope to get connected to u from there, would be glad if u follow me back :)

Unknown said...

Nice and unique snack. Never heard of this.
Thanks for sharing.

Candy Crow said...

Awesome idea, will try it.

pepper bowl said...

Chithra...u r awesome with your unique recipes..

Mahi said...

We had murukku podi in one of our Nagarkoyil friend's house. She added grated coconut and sugar along with murukku podi! :) Nice way to make an interesting snack by the way!

Eat n Eat little More said...

O wow.. Such an interesting snck that one will never think of.. :) Perfect for kids as well as grown up kids!

Unknown said...

Nice..we used to have the podi mixed with curd,red chilly powder and salt and sometimes even chaat masala.

Unknown said...

love this mom used to add coconut and sugar to it...

Chitra said...

Adding grated coconut is a great idea. will try !

Sangeetha Priya said...

remembering my childhood days, my grandpa had like this(but without sugar)..

Chitra said...

Yes we too give without sugar for my granny.For us, with sugar :)

Priya Suresh said...

Nice use of finishing the leftover murukkus..fantastic..

foodgalleri said...

tats a unique tasty snack.. wud lov to try this for my kid

Nithya said...

Interesting and unique recipe..

Shama Nagarajan said...

delicious dear

Unknown said...

wow thats an interesting recipe and very nice use of leftover murukku :)

JJJ said...

Add some freshly grated coconut to this while will taste delicious

Chitra said...

That's a nice addition. I will try this way :)