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December 19, 2013

Curd Rice Recipe - Thayir Sadam - Bagala Bath Recipe

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Curd rice recipe
Curd rice / Thayir sadam /  bagala bath is loved by all irrespective of ages. As curd rice is an usual post, I thought of sharing some tips on “How to pack curd rice for lunch box”and “How to make creamy curd rice for parties/potluck” in the “Notes” section. Basically I love to eat plain curd rice more than the seasoned one decorated with fruits and vegetables like carrot. Having lots of fresh curd mixed in hot rice is the divine lunch for me. So I always make curd rice in a very simple way without adding veggies,fruits and nuts. Whenever Sendhil have his lunch outside with his friends, I make easy rasam & potato curry for Raksha and my lunch would be mostly curd rice and pickle ( preferrably vadu manga oorgai) alone.
Curd has innumerable health benefits.People who don’t like curds have to consume at least a cup of buttermilk  to aid digestion.My MIL usually says buttermilk is much healthier than curd.Thanks to my MIL and my dear friend Shalini for sharing these tips with me. Hope it would be useful for beginners too.Curd rice experts,please share your method of making for lunch box and parties.It would be more helpful for for all of us :)
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Thayir sadam

Curd rice/Thayir sadam

Curd rice/Thayir sadam How to make creamy curd rice/thayir sadam
Cuisine: Indian Category: Lunch Yields: Serves 2
Prep Time: 15 Minutes Cook Time: 5 Minutes Total Time: 20 Minutes

1 cup - 200ml
  • Boiled rice or raw rice - 1/2 cup
  • Water - 2 cups
  • Milk - 3/4 cup
  • Fresh cream(2 tbsp) or butter (1 tbsp)
  • Fresh curd - 1/2 cup ( for immediate consumption.)
  • Salt - as needed
To temper
  • Cooking oil - 1.5 tsp
  • Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
  • Urad dal - 2 tsp
  • Hing -  a pinch
  • Curry leaves – few
  • Coriander leaves – 1/2 tsp
To mix with rice
  • Curry leaves - few
  • Coriander leaves - 1 tbsp
  • Finely chopped mango - 1 tbsp
  • Finely chopped ginger – 2 tsp
  • Grated carrot - 2 tbsp (optional) 
  • Dry grapes and pomegranate - A handful(optional)
Sour cream& butter milk – As needed (for parties)

  • Wash and pressure cook the rice in low flame for 1whistle.If high flame,give 6-7 whistles.Rice should be completely mushy.Open the lid and mash the rice very well with the back of a  ladle.Add the required salt immediately.. Add warm milk to the rice and mix well.Add fresh cream or butter at this stage and mix well till it becomes creamy. This avoids the rice forming lumps when cooled down. Suppose if you feel, there are lumps in rice, use your hands and break it.
curd rice recipe
  • Add the finely chopped ginger,curry leaves,slit green chillies and coriander leaves.Now add the fresh curd.Mix well.(Never add curd to hot rice)
curd rice  recipe
  • Add little more milk till u get the desired consistency.Now add the chopped fruits,veggies(if using) and tempered ingredients.Add some curry leaves and coriander leaves before switching off the flame while tempering..
curd rice recipe
  • Mix well and serve hot  with a pickle.Consume within an hour or two.
**Add more curd,if u like more tangy.For the mentioned quantity,the taste would be mildly sour.


  • For lunch box,to prepare 6-7 hours in advance,add 1.25 cups of milk for 1/2 cup of rice.Add 1 tsp of curd during summer season and 1-2 tbsp of curd during winter and other seasons .Make sure the rice is not so hard after,Milk should be 1/2 inch above the rice.Bring it to little loose consistency.Add slit green chillies,ginger, curry leaves and coriander leaves.Green chillies help to avoid the rice becoming too tangy.Ginger and greens is for flavour.Do the tempering.Allow the rice to cool down before packing in the box.
  • For parties to prepare in advance( 6-8 hours before) : For 1/2 cup of rice,add 1.25 cups of milk and 2 tsp of curd with the required salt.Mix well and allow it to set for 4-6 hours.Make the consistency little loose.One hour before serving,check the curd rice.It would have been set and little hard too.At this time add the seasoning,mixed fruits, grated carrot and cashews(unroasted).Lastly add 1/4-1/2 cup of thick buttermilk and 2 tbsp of sour cream( for people in abroad).Mix well.Check for taste.Add little milk if too sour.Adjust the buttermilk and cream as per the taste & texture u require.U can also add evaporated milk.
  • For people in India,we may not get sour cream here.So use fresh cream or butter as much as u need.It will help to balance the sourness, makes the rice look creamy and also gives a mild sweetness.
  • For travel,add more milk as the rice tends to ferment very soon because of heat and becomes sour.Always take some thin buttermilk in hand to mix with the rice if rice becomes too hard
DO ‘s & DONT’s
  • Never use ur hand for mixing if u make the curd rice in advance.It will become too sour.Use ur hands for mixing only if u consume within two hours.
  • Add hot or warm milk to the rice immediately after mashing the rice.
  • Never add curd to the hot rice.It will leave water.Lunch box will leak and when u open the box,u’ll see the rice and curd separate.
  • Never add the fruits,veggies and nuts in advance because the color of curd rice may change.
  • U can also add mor milagai while tempering for more flavour and taste.
  • Here i slitted the green chillies.U can slice it finely and add them.Some people add chopped small onions too.
Thanks to my friend Shalini for sharing these party tips.She said she had followed all these tips for family get togethers and potlucks when she was in US.She also mentioned that curd rice can be prepared and refrigerated in an air tight box if u make one day in advance.The next day,bring it to room temperature and follow the above mentioned steps.
Hope these tips are useful to u all.Do share if u have any special tip.Thanks for spending time to read this lengthy post :)

Enjoy the curd rice with mor milagai and a pickle.It would be heavenly !
Curd rice recipe

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jaya's recipes said...

It looks superb even to look at!lucky whoever ate it!

Laxmipriya said...

my hus fav.. looks perfect with all those accompaniments.. :)

nandoos kitchen said...

an all time comfort food.

Gajus kitchen said...

looks lovely served in vazhai ilai and useful tips too.

Eat n Eat little More said...

all time fav. n comfort food!

Divya Shivaraman said...

what can be so comforting that this with garlic pickle...

Rumana Rawat said...

My mouth is watering after seeing this curd rice.. delicious.

Torviewtoronto said...

looks wonderful happy holidays to you and family

Suja Manoj said...

Healthy and filling,beautiful presentation

Unknown said...

wow such an comforting curd rice :) looks super yummy !!

Radhika's Kitchen said...

Chitra, beautifully presented curd rice that makes it mouthwatering. The template looks very beautiful and very user friendly as well. Just one thing, could you please increase the font size of the recipe details. its way too small, just a thought.:)

Chitra said...

Thank u so much Radhika.I am working on it :) Hope it would be resolved from my next post :)

Sangeetha Priya said...

love this authentic rice and ur blog looks very neat with the new template :-)

Manasi said...

I always feel curd-rice is a complete and satisfying end to a meal. It is cooling as well.
I do love my curd rice with the tadka ( and of course pickle!!)

Unknown said...

for most of the south indian Curd rice is must at the end of the meal , its so comforting. You have presented a simple curd rice so well ., They look so royal.
Between ur new template is too gud n user frndly

Chitra said...

Thank u Smiltha :)

Hema Krishnamohan said...

I think the taste of curd rice also depends upon the variety of rice used. Normally we use new rice for preparing venpongal, as it gives a sticky texture to rice and also tastes good. The grains of some cooked rice will not loose its shape even after mashing. The texture of curd rice seen above is perfect. The tip of adding salt is new. Thanks for sharing.

Chitra said...

Thank u hema :).I too use raw rice sometimes.As u said it will be more suitable for variety rice :)

easyfoodsmith said...

Thayir Sadam is my favorite rice dish after Bisibele bhath.

Shuchi said...

Tried this today - great recipe! Thanks for sharing :)

Chitra said...

Thanks for trying & the feedback Shuchi :)

SP said...

What can I do if the curd rice has turned out lumpy and the tadka is not mixed well? I didn't know how to correct it so i just put it in the forge for now. Just afraid if I try too hard it might get way too mushy like a paste instead of rice. Please HELP. Thank you very much.

SP said...

*FRIDGE not forge. Sorry type error.

Chitra said...

Hi, You can try breaking the lumps with your fingers. It would help to an extent. But please consume the rice immediately after mixing. To avoid lump formation, add milk or curd + salt immediately after pressure cooking and mashing the rice.You can follow this step next time wen u make it.

SP said...

Thank you Chitra. Not so happy that the rice is in lumps and the carrots tadka etc., I'm obviously not such an awesome cook like you. Wish I could correct it but for now I got frustrated and put it in the fridge.

Chitra said...

Don't feel bad. Try to correct it by following the method i have suggested. Hope it will work.All the best for ur future attempt.

Shwetablog said...