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April 9, 2014


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Rose milk is the easiest summer drink recipe which can be made in few minutes if u have cold milk in hand.When i was a kid, i loved rose milk kuchi ice(popsicle) more than this drink.I used to buy in Tirunelveli whenever i go for summer vacation.Soon i’ll post that version here.U can find Rose Milk in almost all the juice shops in Tamil nadu.Last week i went to Nellai and i happened to see rose milk served in a road side juice shop in a plastic cup.Immediately,i was tempted to try at home beacuse this is my family favourite.My MIL loves it a lot.She usually have this drink during summer in the evening instead of coffee/tea.Nowadays i make this for all my guests too.Sendhil usually says Rose milk tastes great only when sugar is on higher side.So i add little more.When served chilled,it tastes great.I wanted to make home made rose syrup but i din’t have proper ingredients in hand.So i went with bakers rose milk mix.Recently my friend Shalini shared rose milk shake recipe with rooh afza.I’ll try & share here soon.

Rose milk recipe

Rose milk recipe Rose milk recipe for summer – Easiest drink with a great flavour of rose! 
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Drinks
Serves: Serves 4
Prep time: 180 Minutes
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 190 Minutes


  • Milk – 2.5 cups
  • Rose milk essence - few drops
  • Sugar – 4-6 tsp  ( add 4 tsp for mild sweet)
  • Ice cubes - optional

  • Boil milk,add sugar ,mix well and set aside to cool.Refrigerate or freeze it for an hour for quicker cooling.
rose milk recipe
  • After it comes to room temperature,add few drops of rose essence mix as per the flavour & color u require.Mix well.
  • Filter it to remove the skin of the milk (paal aadai) and refrigerate again for 1- 2 hours to serve chilled or add ice cubes and serve immediately.
rose milk recipe


  • Adjust the quantity of rose essence & sugar as per ur taste.I usually add more sugar & more essence as i love dark color.
  • Tastes best only when serve chilled.
  • Always filter the rose milk otherwise u may get paalaadai  while drinking which many people won’t likeNyah-Nyah..
Serve chilled with or without ice cubes as u wish ! Enjoy !
rose milk recipe for summer

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  1. My all time fav. just going to my kitchen to make this delicious drink

  2. Mmmm....perfect for the summers...Looks so inviting

  3. my daughter's fav milk.. nice clicks..

  4. aah.. tempting pics.. i love this since childhood..

  5. Wow nice clicks aks... my all time favorite.. I keep stock the rose milk mix always in my fridge...:)

  6. I too love in kuchi ice form .MY grandma make for us .Tempting to try it ,Wonderful clicks

  7. perfect summer cooler,yumm !!

  8. I can drink this rose milk anytime of the day,my all time favourite.

  9. Droolworthy.......all time fav !!

  10. Refreshing rose milk... My all time favourite dear... Pic looks so perfect, Feel like having that full tumbler...

  11. I always have a bottle of rose syrup in my pantry... if i don't feel like having milk just like that, goes in the syrup!!! feel like grabbing that glass...

  12. Best summer drink, looks yum.

  13. a refreshing pink color and aromatic sip,thanks so much for sharing :-)

  14. Refreshing drink..lovely click...

  15. Love this, just want a glass now..

  16. My fav. drink. Would love to have that glass of rose milk now.


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