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July 3, 2014


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Mango seekarane recipe
This week’s Karnataka special recipe is a super easy,quick fix dessert recipe which can be made under 15 minutes when u have chilled milk in hand.This dessert has various names like Mango shikran(In Maharashtra)/Mango Rasayana/Mango seekarane and Maavina hannu seekarane(in Kannada). Last week we school moms had a get together in Archana’s house.We had a great time together.Archana prepared a simple,quick yet yummy lunch menu for us.She prepared akki roti,soppu curry,Curd rice and this mango seekarane.When she made this seekrane,i stood nearby & watched it.She told this recipe is very famous in Shimoga district and they serve this as a side dish for holige/Puran poli.I read in some blogs that they keep this as a side dish for chapathi n poori like Aamras.She prepared it very quickly with just 3 major ingredients.The taste was fantastic.We all had two bowls each Nyah-Nyah & I bookmarked this dish in my mind to tryWinking smile.As Sendhil is working from home today,i wanted to make something special for him to serve after lunchWinking smile.Suddenly this dessert flashed in my mind when i saw some ripe mangoes in my pantry.And I made it in an easier way by adding milk.Vegans can substitute milk with coconut milk.Both tastes equally good.I would say this is the easiest mango dessert recipes which i’ve ever tried.So friends,do try this easy dessert for your loved ones & kids.Serve it chilled.They will enjoy it !
Karnataka mango seekarane

Mango seekarane

Mango seekarane Mango Seekarane - Easy n yummy Karnataka famous mango dessert recipe
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Dessert
Serves: Serves 2
Prep time: 5 Minutes
Cook time: 30 Minutes
Total time: 35 Minutes


  • Ripe mangoes - 2 nos (any variety)
  • Boiled n cooled Milk - 1.25 cups
  • Sugar - 1-2 tbsp (as needed)
  • Banana - 1 no ( small)
  • Cardamom powder – 2 pinches (optional)

  • Wash and cut the mangoes into three slices.
Mango seekarane step1
  • Using a sharp knife just draw small squares all over the mango slices as shown in the picture.Scrape it using the knife.Scrape the skin and seeds too.Make sure u do not over mash them.
Mango seekarane step2
  • U should get some small pieces while eating.Collect all the mango pieces in a bowl.Then chop the banana into very small pieces.Mix it with mangoes.
  • Add these mango n banana pieces to the chilled milk.Add little sugar.Mix well,slightly mash it here and there the back of the ladle and check for taste.Add more sugar if needed.Tat’s it.Refrigerate it for an hour.
Mango seekarane step3
Delicious mango seekarane is ready.Serve chilled.Enjoy maadi !

  • Addition of banana gives a togetherness to this dish.So chop it very finely.If u don't have mangoes,u can try this with bananas alone.
  • For vegan version,use thick coconut milk instead of plain milk.
  • Some people mash the mangoes well into a pulp and then add it to milk.It looks like a thick paste like aamras.But my friend suggested me to make tiny pieces instead of squeezing the pulp.Finally its completely ur choice ! 
  • Adding cardamom is optional.I din’t add as it supresses the real flavour of mangoes.
  • U can replace sugar by grated jaggery too.

Maavina hannu seekarane

Maavina Hannu Seekarane ready aagithea ,thogolee, Enjoy maadi Smile
Mango seekarane recipe

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nandoos kitchen said...

Wow! this looks very easy to prepare and delicious..

great-secret-of-life said...

so tasty and refreshing.. nice combo of banana and mango

Priya Suresh said...

Such a quick and delicious dessert, prefect for mango season.

Unknown said...

Super yummy dessert in minutes

Recipe world said...

Delicious! One of my fav desserts!

Anonymous said...

You are introducing lot of new recipes:) perfect recipe for mango season

Unknown said...

loved the last pic.. as u said i do it by squeesing the mangoes n adding coconut milk to it

Unknown said...

Hi Chitra,mango seekarane goes well with chapathi its a gud combination try once

Chitra said...

Sure,i will try this combo once.Thanks Swathi :)

Rumana Rawat said...

Delicious sweet.. said...

love any thing vth mango..this is very delicious..