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September 11, 2014

Millet Energy Mix Powder Recipe | Millet Sathu Maavu Recipe –Millet Recipes

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millet powder

Last week when I went to Salem my MIL gave me this homemade mixed millet powder /Energy mix powder and told me to prepare Dosa or porridge for our breakfast/dinner. She also told me the quantity & the procedure of making it. I never thought its so easy to make. Sorry, I couldn’t take stepwise pictures. I will try to add it soon. Yesterday I made dosa with this flour and it came out very well. I was very happy & contented to get the benefits of all millet/sirudhaniyam in one recipe. Sendhil told me to blog this recipe as it may be useful to many of you. 

So here you go, my MIL’s mixed millet flour aka millet sathu maavu recipe for you all. But this powder is only for adults and not for kids. U can make any number of variations by adding moong dal, nuts and rice too. U can prepare all our south Indian breakfast recipes like porridge, dosa, kozhukattai, adai & paniyaram using this flour. Next week I will try to share some yummy recipes using this millet powder.

Till then check out my detailed post on millets and its varieties with its health benefits.

Mixed millet laddu recipe

 millet energy mix powder

Millet energy mix powder

Millet energy mix powder Energy mix powder recipe using millets for healthy breakfast and dinner !
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Breakfast
Yields: 1.5 kgs
Prep time: 20 Minutes
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 30 Minutes


  • Ragi/Finger millet - 1/4 kg
  • Varagu/Kodo millet - 1/4 kg
  • Saamai/Little millet - 1/4 kg
  • Kuthiravali/Barnyard millet - 1/4 kg
  • Kambu/Pearl millet - 1/4 kg
  • Thinai/Foxtail millet - 1/4 kg

  • Clean the millets in muram if you suspect for any debris.

  • Heat a wide kadai and dry roast all the millets one by one. Stand nearby & keep mixing without moving around else it may burn as they are very small in size. Keep the flame medium high. Each millet takes maximum 3-4 minutes to get roasted.

  • Roast them one by one till its color changes slightly and you get a nice roasted smell. Collect them in a plate and let it cool.

  • After it cools down, grind them in a flour mill or mixie. Sieve it and spread the flour in a paper to cool down. Store in an air tight box. Stays good for months !

U can make sweet or salt porridge, Dosa by adding buttermilk, adai or even kozhukattai too !

  • Roasting the millets gives a nice flavour to the powder. Don’t skip it but be careful while roasting. Do not burn them.
  • For variations,  you can add roasted green gram dal or yellow moong dal. U can add rice too.

Make this millet powder and enjoy the benefits of all millets in one recipe. 
Millet flour

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Unknown said...

super healthy powder... very good gift from MIL

Chitra said...

Yes Smitha :)

Rafeeda AR said...

oh wow... that's so healthy...

Kurinji said...

healthy powder...

Susee said...

Chitra... where do we get Millets in Bangalore?

Chitra said...

Hi Susee, please chk this post.Here i have mentioned some places :)

Priya said...

So much of Health in single powder .AS u said def not for kids bcz they need a strong digestive track it seems right ?

great-secret-of-life said...

super healthy powder..

Chitra said...

Yes dear ,its a very filling recipe for people on diet. Takes some time for digestion n not for kids :)

Anonymous said...

Healthy powder.. Homemade is always best

Sooriya said...

Love these energy mix...we make mostly laddo with it!!

Sundari Nathan said...

super healthy and energy mix!!!

nandoos kitchen said...

very healthy powder..

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.. didnt know how to make it

Unknown said...

Just now I was going through your web site reg. millets and its uses and recipes. Very useful information indeed. I would like to ask following questions please:

1) Reg. millets sathu maavu : for making porridge can we mix this powder directly with milk, or does it require stirring before adding milk with the stirred and cooked flour?

2)for making dosa, how much of this flour to be mixed with 1 cup rice and half cup urad dal ground flour? (Usually our dosa proportion is one cup rice and half a cup urad dal)

Request yr reply please.


Chitra said...

Hi , u should cook the powder in water before adding milk or buttermilk.Please check my porridge post for more details :

Chitra said...

For millet dosa,i usually make instant dosa without using rice & urad dal.I have shared the same in this post.
If u want to use rice & urad dal,u can add 1 cup of this flour with the ratio u mentioned.Hope i have cleared ur doubts.Pls chk the links for more info :) Thanks.

Vani Deepak said...

Hi Chitra, I came across your blog on how to prepare Sathu Maavu. I am an housewife with a 3 yrs old kid, and have been giving Sathu Maavu Pooridge to my kid over the last 2 years on my mothers insistence, I could see in person the health benefits and how her immunity has increased over the years. I plan to sell this powder mix to people who are interested, and can arrange the supply across India. It would be completely home made. Please pass this to your friends who might be interested or drop me a mail to [email protected] if you require further details

Chitra said...

Hi, I am happy to know this.I will surely tell my friends.People who land on this page will also make use of your supply.Thanks.

Akshita said...

Very nice recipe..thank mam..
Can we add Sorghum(cholam) to the above millet sattumavu powder

Chitra said...

Thanks Akshita. Yes u can add :)

Unknown said...

thanks Chitra Ganapathu

pyariwaseema said...

Hi, kalai vani deepak.
can you please share detals about the sathu maavu mix. i would be interested.
you can contact me @ 8095426622


Unknown said...

Hi Chitra, I am a doctor based out of Mumbai. I know that the properties of Millets are amazing. Can you suggest specific recipes for disease such as Diabetes type 2, hypercholestermia, hypertension and obesity ? It is an interesting field of study. Pl let me know if I can help you in this endeavor. Call me on cell 9930680444. Best wishes, Raj

Priyanka said...

Do we need to wash millets before roasting

Chitra said...

Hi Priyanka,
I have just cleaned and used it. You can wash it too. In that case, spread the millets in a cotton cloth after washing and let it dry completely. Then roast and proceed it.


Hi ...y cant kids to b restricted this flour ...if served ..from which age ???

Unknown said...

Thank you for the recipe! I don't have access to a mill here in Germany. If I directly mix different millet flours, will it work? would I have to roast/toast all the flours first separately? :) Thanks for all the information on the millets too

Chitra said...

Hi, you can combine all the flours and dry roast in low to medium flame till nice aroma, cool down and store it.

pramoo said...

Where can we get pure millets in chennai