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October 28, 2014


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adai recipe
Adai is one of the most special & healthy breakfast/dinner recipes for South Indians especially for people in Tamil nadu & Kerala.Both mom & MIL usually make adai for dinner & especially for guests.Few years back i shared my mom’s crispy adai version.Today i have shared my MIL’s recipe here which she has been following for years.It comes out soft as well as crispy.Adai avial is the most famous combo everywhere.But i have not tasted it so far.We personally like adai with sugar & coconut chutney.Lets see how to make our family’s traditional adai recipe.

Adai recipe

Adai recipe Adai recipe - South indian breakfast recipe using rice & lentils
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Breakfast
Serves: 15 nos
Prep time: 2 Hours
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 2H10M


  • Boiled rice/Idli rice - 2 cups
  • Chana dal - 1/2 cup
  • Toor dal - 2 tbsp
  • Urad dal - 2 tbsp
  • Red chillies - 7-8 nos ( i used byadgi,if using spicy chillies add 5 nos)
  • Salt & water - as needed
To add in the batter
  • Small onions - 20 nos
  • Curry leaves - 2 sprigs
  • Finely chopped ginger - 1 tsp
  • Finely chopped coconut bits - 1 tbsp ( optional)
  • Asafetida/Hing - 1/4 tsp

  • Wash and soak the rice for 2 hours.Wash & soak the dals together for 2 hours minimum.
  • While grinding,drain all the water.In a big mixie jar,take the red chillies,salt and hing.
adai recipe 1
  • Grind it coarsely without adding water.Then add the drained rice and grind it like rava adding required water.Remove the batter.Add the drained dals and grind it coarsely adding less water.
adai recipe 2
  • Remove and mix with rice batter.Add 1/4 tsp of hing.Mix well.Let the batter ferment for 3-4 hours as we want mild sourness.We usually soak rice n dal around 10 am & grind the batter at 12 pm.We make adai for dinner around 7 pm.So ferment the batter based on the weather in your place.U can also make this adai instantly without fermenting the batter if u don’t want sourness in the batter.

adai recipe 3
  • Before making dosa,add finely chopped onions,ginger,coconut bits,curry leaves and mix well.Adjust the consistency of batter adding 1/4 cup of water if it is very thick.Heat dosa pan and pour a ladle ful of batter.Spread it & make it thick or thin as per your wish.I always make it thin as my family likes that way.After making dosa,keep the flame medium high and drizzle a tsp of oil over the adai.Close it with a lid & cook for a minute.Then flip the dosa,add little oil if necessary & cook for a minute again.
adai recipe 4

Remove the dosa and Enjoy with avial/sugar or coconut chutney !


  • For variations,u can add a tbsp of moong dal along with other dals.
  • To make crispy adai,grind the batter slightly coarse & make it thin adding little more water.
  • You can also add more toor dal to get crispier adai.


Enjoy this healthy,yummy rice & lentil adai dosa with chutney & sugar.Sugar is my fav side dish for adai Winking smile

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Unknown said...

Wow nice Chitra will prepare tis 2nite n share the pic with u.

Fullscoops said...

This is tempting me so much! I like the sugar you've put, that's how I ate when I was little!

Unknown said...

Chitra no need add rice?

harini said...

Hi chitra nice fav.but we usually eat it with idly milagai podi and vellam.try once.even we can eat it as it side dish required.

Divs said...

I love to have adai which is not thick and yours looks so crispy and almost like a roast! tastes great with ghee and mildly spiced avial.. yum! :)

Unknown said...

Lovely Adai ,so crisp ,great clicks

Chitra said...

Hi Swathi,Sorry for the late reply. I was busy with some work.Just saw ur query.U should grind rice along with chillies,hing & salt to rava like consistency.Remove & then grind dal coarsely.I have explained them in step 2 :) Try n let me know your feedback :)

Chitra said...

Hi Harini,idli podi & vellam combo sounds yum.will try.Yes my in-laws have it without any side dish :)

nandoos kitchen said...

tempting adai.. always love it with avial. Loved the way you have put sugar on top of adai.

Unknown said...

i too do the same way.. i too ferment it...

great-secret-of-life said...

my fav .. looks yum I love both Ferment and fresh one

Unknown said...

thanx for ur suggestions sister

Unknown said...

Hi Chitra, we usually eat adai wit tastes yummy

Unknown said...

Hi achi, i tried adai as u said and it came yummy crispy and softy lije ny appatha does..thanks for the reality links u provided..hats off.. Good for younger generations..

Chitra said...

Thank you :)

namratagenic said...

nostelgia for me..still my favorite

Unknown said...

Today special in my home

Chitra said...

Great, hope you like the taste :)