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November 14, 2014


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KFC’s Veg strips with Veg Rice Bowlz & Potato burgers/Krisper is my daughter Raksha’s favourite restaurant food now.Yeah,we have become a regular customer of (Bangalore) Kathriguppe KFC in weekendsDrooling.Thanks to my friend Megha for telling me about the veggie options in KFC.Earlier we were thinking it is only for non-vegetarians.So we have never gone inside it and i was throwing out all the KFC discount coupons i was getting along with sodexo meal passNot talking.Once Megha told me about Veg Rice Bowlz and Veggie burger varieties of KFC and suggested me try once.We went in the same weekend and now we have become an ardent fans of those dishes.More than me Sendhil & Raksha have become crazy for its taste and they are ready to go there anytime of the day.U won’t believe if i say that we have visited KFC nearly 6-7 times in past two monthsWinking.And nowadays Raksha started demanding me to try KFC’s recipes at home too.When i was browsing for the same,i got some ideas from facebook’s Chef at large group posted by some members.I collected all those recipes & googled few more too.Inspired by all the pictures and recipes,i tried veg strips for the first time last week and i was  very happy with the results.It was sooo crispy and Raksha loved it a lot with tomato ketchup.I won’t say its the exact replica of KFC’s original recipe(hope u know its a secret recipe) but i am sure it tastes pretty close and your family will enjoy it for sure.
Today being children’s day,i wanted to treat my daughter with her favourite finger food.So I made this again along with one minute brownie & kept it for her surprisingly.After coming from the school,when i gave this snacks to her,she showed a big smile and hugged me tightlyBig Hug.She tasted and said “Wow,mummy its awesome” and she had 5 of themLaughing.
The procedure may seem lengthy as i made bread crumbs & chilli flakes at home.If u have store bought bread crumbs & chilli flakes in hand, u can finish the entire process within 30 minutes,Also u can make everything well advanced and just deep fry during serving time.So just try this for your kids birthday party & get together or simply as evening snack.They will enjoy this dish thoroughly.But one thing,serve it hot to enjoy its full flavor,taste & crispness.So don’t forget to serve & eat hot !!
Here is the picture of KFC Veg Rice bowlz with veg strips i tried on last weekend.Here i used coarsely ground corn flakes to give KFC chicken lookWinking.But today i used finely powdered corn flakes.So make it as per your wish.It tastes Sooo Good in either ways Smile.Soon i will post Veg rice bowlz with curry recipe.

NOTE: KFC's veg strips tastes less spicy with very mild masala flavour.So i too followed the same here.Please add garam masala powder,aamchur powder or chat masala powder if u want strong masala smell.

KFC veg rice bowlz recipe

KFC style Veg strips recipe

KFC style Veg crispies recipe KFC style veg strips recipe - Perfect starter & evening snack recipe for kids !
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Snacks
Yields: 7-8
Prep time: 20 Minutes
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 30 Minutes

To pressure cook
  • Carrot - 1 no ( finely chopped)
  • Peas -  a handful
  • Sweet corn - 1/2 no (small)
  • Potatoes - 2 no ( medium sized)
To make dough
  • Maida - 4 tbsp
  • Corn flour - 2 tbsp
  • Ginger-garlic paste - 1 tsp
  • Red chilli flakes – 1-2 tsp
  • Mixed herbs - 1 tsp( like parsley,thyme,oregano etc)
  • Salt - as needed
  • Maida - 3 tbsp
  • Corn flour - 2 tbsp
  • Water - as needed
To dip in
  • Bread crumbs - 1 cup ( made from 10 slices of bread)
  • Powdered corn flakes – 1 cup ( powder kellogs corn flakes)

  • Wash n Chop the carrots into small cubes.Wash peas,potato and sweet corn.Pressure cook them together by taking sweet corn and potatoes in the base of cooker with sufficient water.Keep the chopped carrots,peas in a small bowl with little water(few tbsp) and keep it inside the cooker.By doing this way,carrots & peas will be cooked and it would be firm without losing its shape.Pressure cook in low flame for one whistle.Drain all the water completely and set aside.Make sure there is no water in veggies.
KFC style veg strips recipe - 1
  • To make chilli flakes,dry roast the red chillies till they become crispy.Switch off the flame & let it cool in the kadai.Grind it in a mixie jar coarsely and set aside.
How to make chilli flakes
  • To make homemade bread crumbs,remove the sides of bread and chop the bread into 4 pieces.Grind it to a powder and spread it in a plate.Bake in convection mode at 200c for 5 –7 minutes till the bread crumbs becomes dry without moisture.Mix it once in the middle.Remove and set aside.
How to make bread crumbsHow to make bread crumbs-1
  • Mix corn flour and maida in a bowl adding water to make a slightly thin paste and set aside. Powder corn flakes ( use kellogs corn flakes).Here i used raw corn flakes.So i microwaved it in high power(800w) for 1.5 minutes and then powdered it.Keep it in a plate.Take the bread crumbs in a plate and keep it ready.
KFC style veg strips recipe - 3
  • In a wide plate,mash the potatoes and to the mashed potatoes add all the cooked vegetables and spices along with maida and corn flour.Make it to a dough.
KFC style veg strips recipe - 2
  • Dough will be slightly sticky.So grease your hands with oil and take a lemon sized ball.Roll it into a cylinder and dip it in maida,corn flour paste.Dip it in bread crumbs.Again dip in maida paste and then in bread crumbs.Yes,u have to make it twice.Lastly coat the strips in maida paste lightly and dip in corn flakes powder.Make everything and arrange in a plate.Keep it ready for deep frying.
KFC style veg strips recipe - 4
KFC style veg strips recipe - 5
  • Just before serving,heat oil to deep fry.Add a pinch of batter and if it rises immediately,oil is just right.Simmer the flame completely and drop 2-3 veg strips in the kadai.Deep fry in low-medium flame till they turn crispy & golden brown.Drain in a tissue paper and serve it hot with tomato sauce.
KFC style veg strips recipe - 6

Enjoy !


  • KFC's veg strips tastes less spicy with very mild masala flavour.So i too followed the same here.Please add garam masala powder,aamchur powder or chat masala powder if u want strong masala smell.
  • Adjust the quantity of chilli flakes as per your spice level.I used 1 tsp as my daughter likes less spicy food.
  • U have to dip the veg strips in maida paste,bread crumbs twice before dipping in corn flakes powder.
  • I used raw corn flakes here.I microwaved the raw corn flakes in high power(800w) for 1.5 minutes. Then i ground in mixie to a coarse powder.
  • It stays crispy for just 10-15 minutes.So if u want to reheat & serve,deep fry the strips again for few seconds and serve hot.

KFC style veg strips

Enjoy this KFC style hot veg strips with tomato sauce.It tastes sooo good Drooling

KFC style veg strips

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Unknown said...

Wow so yummy,I will sure try this

Chitra said...

Thank u for the quick comments swathi.Try n share a picture :)

Unknown said...

awesome it looks.. i guess i to would have eaten 5 :)

Chitra said...

Haha :)

Babitha said...

looks perfect

Unknown said...

Looks yummy

Sooriya said...

Such a lovely recipe

Ranjanis Kitchen said...

yummm it looks...wanted to make a try this for sure... very clearly explained.. thanx for the recipe :)

Divs said...

wow! very innovative recipe chitra. you have replicated this dish to crispy golden perfection. :)

AparnaRajeshkumar said...

Thats a great gift to your daughter. KFC I never tried anything as i am afraid of the non veg. may be i should go one time

Chitra said...

Yes Aparna,we too thinking the same.But its too hygenic.they do veg & non-veg seperately.Try it.U will sure love it.

esther said...

Hey its looking lovely....

Unknown said...

Hi Chitra, you used dry peas or fresh one?

Chitra said...

i used fesh ones here. U can use dried ones too by soaking it overnight.

Anonymous said...

very nicely made snack again bookmarked :) shall try your previous post too :)

Kaveri Venkatesh said...

A sure shot hit with kids..perfectly made

Sona said...

Lovely clicks.. seems a bit of work but am sure the end result is super delicious..

Unknown said...

Am gonna try it today, looks yum.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hi can I freeze them ?? Can you help me out how ??

Chitra said...

Shikha Lalwani, make the dough, dip in maida & bread crumbs. Store in a ziplock cover, freeze it. Remove & thaw ( bring to room temperature) the strips before deep frying. Do another coating of maida & bread crumbs and fry immediately. Hope my reply is clear.

Unknown said...

I tried this ! It was typical as kfc's veg strips ,I loved it. Thank u for this recipe.

Chitra said...

Thank you so much for the feedback :)