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December 3, 2014

Thinai Nei Appam Recipe/Foxtail millet Sweet Appam recipe-Karthigai Deepam Recipes

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nei appam recipe

People in Tamil nadu usually make pori urundai and nei appam for Karthigai deepam.As i had already shared varieties of appam recipes like appam recipe using wheat flour,instant nei appam and appam-deep fried version,i wanted to try an appam using millet as we are fond of eating millets nowadays.Actually i wanted to try with kuthiraivali,varagu or saamai but then i changed my mind to try with Thinai as Lord Muruga is fond of thinai,Right??. So i tried with thinai(Foxtail millet in English,Kangni/Rala in Hindi,Navane in Kannada,Korra inTelugu,Thina in Malayalam) & it came out very well.I made this appam using paniyaram pan.Actually i made one batch with ghee and remaining with oil.Both were tasting awesome.We liked it very much.I am glad i could make a healthy nei appam recipe using millets.Tomorrow i will try to share how to make nel pori urundai recipe.Please click this link to view full collection of Karthigai deepam recipes in my blog.Happy Karthigai Deepam Happy


Thinai nei appam recipe

Thinai nei appam recipe Nei appam recipe using Thinai/Foxtail millet
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Sweet
Serves: 12-15 nos
Prep time: 2 Hours
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 2H 10Minutes

To grind
  • Thinai/foxtail millet - 1/2 cup
  • Wheat flour - 2 tbsp
  • Banana - 1 no ( small-yelakki,poovan)
  • Grated jaggery - 1/2 cup( use 1/3 cup for normal sweet)
  • Cardamom - 2 nos
  • Grated coconut - 2 tbsp
  • Rice flour - 1/2 tbsp
  • Cooking soda - a big pinch
To cook
  • Ghee/Nei - as needed

  • Wash and soak the thinai/Foxtail millet for 2 hours.After 2 hours,grind it to a slightly coarse paste adding cardamom & little water.To this,add wheat flour,rice flour,Chopped Banana,grated jaggery,grated coconut and grind to a smooth thick paste adding required water.Batter should be of pourable consistency.
thinai nei appam 1
  • Leave the batter for 2-4 hours.Before making appam,add a big pinch of cooking soda and mix well.Heat paniyaram pan and add a tsp of ghee in each hole.Pour a small ladle of appam and cover cook it for few minutes in medium flame.Flip it and again cook for a minute.Remove and serve hot !
thinai nei appam 2

Enjoy !


  • Adding rice flour is optional.This appam itself comes out slightly crispy outside and soft inside.
  • U can also add rave in place of rice flour.
  • Adding cooking soda and banana is essential.It gives u the soft appam.Suppose if u ferment the batter for 8 hours,then cooking soda is not needed.
  • Serve & eat hot to enjoy its best taste.

Make this healthy,Lord Muruga’s Favourite Thinai Nei appam for this Karthigai Deepam and get his blessings !Praying

thinai nei appam recipe

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great-secret-of-life said...

so tasty and healthy paniyaram.. I have it in draft also and i did it without banana

Unknown said...

Healthy paniyaram.. Love the texture...

Unknown said...

Gorgeous crispy textured...panniyaram. ..It should have soft inside...sss😊😊😊😊

Anonymous said...

lovely recipe dear

Sundari Nathan said...

yummy and healthy paniyaram!! lovely presentation!!

esther said...

Looking nice.. healthy.

Unknown said...

Wow!!! a delicious and healthy it!