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June 17, 2015

South Indian Lunch Menu Recipes For Amavasya -No Onion No Garlic Lunch Menu

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No onion No garlic lunch menu
I have been thinking to share our amavasai vazha ilai saapadu for years. But somehow I couldn’t do it.Yesterday I made this South Indian style No onion No garlic thali for No moon day/Amavasya (Mahalaya amavasya). 

Every month on No moon day my FIL used to do “Tharpanam” by keeping all these dishes in banana leaf. So we make Vadai and payasam along with Rice, Sambar, Kootu or curry, Pachadi, Paruppu, Rasam, Appalam and Pickle.Vada and Payasam/Kheer are optional. Some people make it every month.Vaikasi and Aadi amavasai are very special to us for which Vadai and payasam are compulsory.

Yesterday I prepared all these dishes especially for this post. I love cooking this Amavasai lunch menu as it is very easy to prepare with less chopping and grinding works. It takes just 45 minutes to make this platter if you don’t prepare Payasam and vada. I have shared the method of preparation and recipes with links. Please click them to view the particular recipe. I have also shared more ideas for cooking a no onion no garlic lunch menu. 

Hope this post would help the South Indian beginners who want to cook a No onion No garlic food for their lunch. Please check out my Tamil nadu lunch menu ideas – 1 , Lunch menu ideas – 2  and a complete South Indian thali for guest with a detailed serving procedure if interested !

As I told in my South Indian full meals post,I will share a North Indian Thali very soon. Stay tuned !!

South Indian lunch menu ideas
Vegetables to be used for No moon day lunch menu
Lady’s finger, Broad beans, Cluster beans, Raw mango, Red pumpkin,White pumpkin, Chayote/chow chow, Raw banana, Sweet potato, Yam, Karunai kizhangu, Seppan kizhangu, Stem of greens ( Keerai thandu), Banana stem, Banana flower, Bitter gourd, Sundakkai/Turkey berry.

Vegetables to be avoided
Drumstick, Brinjal, Bottle gourd, Carrot, Beans, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Green leaves ( Keerai)

South Indian Lunch Menu

No onion No Garlic Lunch Menu

No onion No Garlic Lunch Menu South Indian style No onion No Garlic Lunch Menu for No Moon Day/Amavasya
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Lunch menu
Serves: Serves 3
Prep time: 45 Minutes
Cook time: 40 Minutes
Total time: 85 Minutes

How to prepare this amavasya lunch menu
  • Wash and soak Urad dal for 30-45 minutes for making vada. Refrigerate and soak it. Use the soaked ice water for grinding to get crispy vada. Within this soaking time,u can prepare this lunch menu if you follow the below steps.
  • Soak the tamarind for sambar and rasam.Crush a tomato and add to tamarind soaked for rasam. Add some salt for quick soaking.
South Indian lunch menu ideas
  • You need to use 2 pressure cooker and 2 burner gas stove. Take one cooker, wash and pressure cook the rice till its done. In another cooker, take the toor dal for sambar and keep a small bowl inside the cooker. Place the moong dal needed for serving dal/paruppu. Pressure cook them in low flame for 15 minutes. This takes nearly 15 minutes for both the cooker to release the steam.

  • In that 15 minutes, chop all the vegetables need for making sambar, poriyal, pachadi etc. For this menu, you have to chop Lady’s finger, Green chillies for sambar. Raw banana for poriyal and Gooseberry for pachadi. Grate 1/4 cup of coconut for Pachadi and poriyal.

  • First grind coconut, green chilli, amla, salt and hing for pachadi. Mix the paste to curd and keep aside. Pachadi is ready. You can temper at the end.
South Indian lunch menu ideas
  • Now let's make sambar and rasam. Heat oil in a kadai and when it gets heated splutter mustard, methi seeds and saute the lady’s finger, green chilli, red chilli, curry leaves for making sambar. Add tamarind extract and boil well.
South Indian lunch menu ideas
  • When it is boiling, heat another kadai and temper with mustard seeds,jeera for making rasam. Prepare the rasam in this kadai. The steam would have released in the cooker. So remove the dal, mash it well and add to the boiling sambar and little dal water to the boiling rasa as well.
  • Now sambar and rasam would be ready. Heat little oil in a kadai and splutter mustard seeds, urad dal and cumin seeds for topping the moong dal and thayir pachadi. Add this tempering to pachadi and dal. Add little water to adjust the consistency of dal and pachadi. Both are ready now.
South Indian lunch menu ideas
  • In the same kadai,roast the sago for making payasam. Roast till it becomes white and puffs up well. I used Nylon variety sago. If you are using big white ones, soak it for 30 minutes in hot water and then cook it. Add water and cook the sago by covering the kadai with a lid. Keep the flame medium.
South Indian lunch menu ideas
  • In another burner,cook the raw banana in a kadai adding sambar powder, a seed of tamarind, water and salt. Raw banana and sago takes almost the same time to cook. So keep an eye on both. Make sure nothing gets burnt. Raw Banana should not become mushy. It should be firm in shape.
  • After the sago is cooked well, add crushed jaggery, cardamom to it. Boil well by adding some water. Lastly add some plain milk or coconut milk and switch off the flame immediately.
South Indian lunch menu ideas
  • Take the cooked raw banana and drain the excess water. Temper mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves. Put the raw banana pieces and saute well. Lastly add some grated coconut. All the dishes are ready now. Lets make vada.
By this time, urad dal would have soaked well. Heat oil in a kadai to deep fry the vada.Keep the flame medium. Grind the dal adding pepper corns and hing in mixie. Add little water ( say few tbsp at a time) and grind a thick batter.

To the ground batter, add salt, chopped curry leaves and mix well. Check the oil temperature and make vada. Lastly roast few papad if you wish and switch off the flame.
South Indian lunch menu ideas

Rice, sambar, rasam, Poriyal, Pachadi, Vada, appalam are ready to serve.
I had already made and kept mango thokku. U can keep any pickle as you wish.
Enjoy this no onion no garlic thali !

Please refer my

No Onion No Garlic Recipe collection for more ideas .

Other Options
  • You can replace Lady’s finger with Broad beans or cluster beans to make sambar. In that case, pressure cook the veggies along with dal.
  • You can make the same poriyal using sweet potato or lady’s finger too.
  • For Pachadi, you can make simple curd raita by grinding coconut+green chilli+ginger or Lady’s finger raita.
  • You can also make masala vada instead of urad dal vada but do not add onions in the batter.
  • Instead of Sago payasam, you can make moong dal payasam,Aval payasam or Vermicelli kheer too. Please go through my 15 payasam varieties for more ideas.
Please refer my No Onion No Garlic Recipe Collection for more ideas .

South Indian lunch menu ideas

Make this No onion No garlic lunch feast for occasions and celebrate the day !

Amavasya Lunch menu

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Jeyashris Kitchen said...

Nice post, i have been thinking to make a post on this for a long time. We use white pumpkin on amavasya.

Chitra said...

Thanks Jeyashri :)

Subashini said...

Hi chitra..i recently came across your blog and following it since then.however first time commenting here..every post of yours carries detailed instructions which is useful for anyone to try it. it shows the dedication and passion you have for cooking and posting.i regularly follow your sunday lunch the varieties you are posting for vegetarians..keep up the great job.

Sona said...

This is a very useful post explained so nicely with pictures.. Thanks for sharing..

Chitra said...

Thank u so much Subashini for taking time to write here.I am really happy to see your feedback.I feel motivated !

Chitra said...

Thanks dear :)

lakshmi said...

Aadi amavasya is essential for every single individual to revere their predecessors to advance in their lives. Performing Amavasya Tarpanam for them has the ability to change your predetermination which makes supernatural occurrences throughout your life.Read More

Sandevaki said...

why do u avoid keerai on amavasai

Chitra said...

My in-laws told we should not include foods that are difficult for digestion on vrat days. Keerai takes time to digest. So its not included.

Unknown said...

During amavasya, we always use moong dhall only that day no toor dhall.

Unknown said...

Nice menu.. Thanku for posting

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this post. I'm following this now.. can you add more varieties of Amavaasai lunch menu. Tq.

Chitra said...

Hi, thank you so much for following this post. Sure, I will add some menu.

Suriakala Karunamoorty said...

Hi. Thanks for the menu. Nicely explained. What donwe do with the food offered? Shall we eat it?... 🤔
Any idea?😅