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May 18, 2016

Whole Wheat Nankhatai – Atta Nankhatai Recipe

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wheat flour nankhatai
Yesterday I saw this wheat flour nan khatai recipe/Atta nankhatai post in a facebook group and got tempted to try it. So I was watching an Youtube video for the recipe. When Raksha saw the video, she was more excited than me and told she would help me in making it.I gave her all the ingredients and she did the mixing and shaping part as per my instructions.I was happily capturing the video for this cookie.Earlier I had shared benne biscuit/ Butter biscuit using ghee & maida and multigrain naan khatai recipe using ragi, oats and oil. This recipe is very similar to my benne biscuit but it is really a healthy option when compared with my maida version. Do try this whole wheat flour nankhatai following this recipe.You will get melt in mouth cookies for sure. Kids would love it. Lets see how to make wheat nankhatai with step by step pictures and a video.

wheat flour nankhatai

Whole wheat nankhatai recipe

Whole wheat nankhatai recipe How to make nankhatai using wheat flour/Atta
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Cookies
Serves: 8 nos
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 15 Minutes
Total time: 25 Minutes

1 cup - 200 ml
  • Wheat flour -1/2 cup I used pillsburry
  • Powdered sugar - 1/4 cup
  • Melted ghee - 1/4 cup ( at room temp)
  • Baking powder - 1/8 tsp
  • Baking soda - 1/8 tsp
  • Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
  • Water or milk - 1-2 tsp ( completely optional)

  • Powder the sugar nicely and measure 1/4 cup of it. In a wide bowl, take the melted ghee at room temperature, powdered sugar and vanilla essence.Mix well with a whisk without lumps.
wheat flour nankhatai
  • To this add 1/8 tsp of baking powder, 1/8 tsp of baking soda and wheat flour little by little.Make a non-sticky dough.Don’t worry dough would be slightly crumbly. If you feel, the dough is too dry after mixing, add a tsp of boiled milk or water.Mix well. Gather to make a dough and cover it. Let it rest for 20 minutes.
whole wheat nankhatai
whole wheat nankhatai

  • Then take a small ball sized dough and make a smooth round.Flatten it slightly and make a plus mark using a knife.Cracks may appear while shaping the cookies. Just seal it with your fingers. You can also make swirls in the cookies using a round spoon as shown in the video.
whole wheat nankhatai
whole wheat nankhatai
  • Preheat the oven at 200c.Line a cookie tray with butter paper and arrange the cookies. Bake at 200c for 14-15 minutes. Remove the tray and let the cookies cool down. Do not remove it. It may break. After the cookie cools down, it will become soft with melt in mouth texture. Enjoy with tea !
whole wheat nankhatai
whole wheat nankhatai


  • I used Pillsburry atta in this recipe.
  • You can replace melted ghee with melted butter but the flavor may be different.For low cal version, u can use cooking oil.
  • If the dough is too dry, add a tsp of milk or water. But do not add more. Baking time of cookies would vary and its shelf life would be reduced.
  • For variations, u can use crushed cardamom+ one clove instead of vanilla essence.
Enjoy this healthy, easy nankhatai recipe using wheat flour and enjoy it for your tea time !
whole wheat nankhatai recipe

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learn kolam said...

Neat presentation with photos & video .

Chitra said...

Thanks uncle :)

Suja Manoj said...

Perfectly baked cookies,yum

Chitra said...

Thank you Suja :)

shaliniv said...

Can we bake in microwave and what would be time for that?


Chitra said...

Sorry,I have not tried in microwave mode. Use only convection mode in your microwave oven.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the wonderful recipe Chitra.. Tried these at home today and they came out delicious..

Chitra said...

Thank you so much :) Happy to see your feedback.