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September 3, 2016

Sweet Pidi Kozhukattai Recipe – Vella Kozhukattai Recipe with rice flour

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sweet pidi kozhukattai recipe
We make sweet pidi kozhukattai for Chitra Pournami, aadi velli and Navratri as well. Recently I heard from my South Indian friends making pidi kozhukattai for Ganesh chaturthi too. Some people call this as Vella kozhukattai/Vellam kolukattai. So I thought of making this post for this festival. Usually I make pidi kozhukatti with homemade processed rice flour. 
Today I have shared a version with store bought rice flour( I used Anil kozhukattai maavu).Its cooking procedure is very similar to sweet ammini kozhukattai recipe. Only the shapes are different. So its like a two in one recipe. Do try this easy and simple sweet kozhukattai variety for this Ganesh chaturthi and have a great celebration ! Lets see how to do this easy sweet pidi kozhukattai recipe with rice flour. Check out my Easy Kara Pidi kozhukattai too !
sweet pidi kozhukattai recipe

Sweet pidi kozhukattai recipe

Sweet pidi kozhukattai recipe Sweet pidi kozhukattai with rice flour, jaggery and coconut
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Sweet
Serves: 12
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 5 Minutes
Total time: 15 Minutes

1 cup -- 250ml
  • Kozhukattai Rice flour or idiyappam flour - 1/2 cup ( I used Anil Kozhukattai flour)
  • Grated jaggery or powdered jaggery - 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp
  • Water - 1 cup 
  • Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Grated coconut or coconut pieces - 2 tbsp
  • Oil - to grease hands and idli plate

  • Take the powdered jaggery in a kadai. Add 1 cup of water and heat it. Melt the jaggery and strain it with a metal strainer.
  • sweet pidi kozhukattai
  • sweet pidi kozhukattai
  • After straining the syrup, boil it till frothy. Simmer the flame and add grated coconut, cardamom powder. Mix well & boil. Add the measured rice flour. Mix well till all the syrup is absorbed by the rice flour. It will become a thick, soft dough. sweet pidi kozhukattai
    sweet pidi kozhukattai
  • Grease your hands with oil and take a small ball sized dough. Press it with 4 fingers towards inside and make an impression as shown in the picture below. Make all the kozhukattai and arrange them in a greased idli plate.

sweet pidi kozhukattai
  • Boil water in a idli pot and let it start to roll boil. Place the idli plate with kozhukattai. Steam it for 5-7 minutes in high flame. It will look shiny. Check if it bounces on a plate. Switch off the flame and let the kozhukattai be inside the pot for 5 minutes. Then remove them from the plate and serve.Enjoy !
sweet pidi kozhukattai

  • Do not add more water if you add less jaggery because kozhukattai tastes less sweet in this case. The quantity of jaggery and water should be proportionate.
  • You can add more jaggery i.e Rice flour & jaggery in 1:2 ratio of you want sweeter kozhukattai.

Easy, delicious sweet pidi kozhukattai is ready to offer God !
Sweet Pidi kolukattai recipe

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Unknown said...

Thank you Chitra. I made this for kids school snacks. Turns out well. 🙏

Chitra said...

Thank you so much for your feedback 😊