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October 4, 2016

Badam Burfi Recipe With Milk - Almond Burfi Recipe With Video

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Badam barfi
Yesterday I made badam burfi recipe with milk for Navratri neivedyam and distributed it to my guests. Everybody loved it very much. Badam burfi (Almond burfi in English) is an easy, healthy, melt in mouth burfi recipe. It is known as Badam katli in Hindi. Its Ingredients and the method of preparation is very similar to Kaju katli.  

Last year I had shared Kaju badam burfi ( Almond cashew burfi) during Diwali for beginners. Procedure of making this badam barfi is slightly different. But its a very easy and fool proof recipe just like kaju badam burfi. Even though it takes time to prepare this burfi, its really worthy. Mixing and stirring is the major work here. I have used milk for grinding badam. You can use water too. No need to worry about sugar syrup consistency and no need to use more ghee. Its totally a beginners recipe. However we should be conscious towards the end of cooking to avoid mistakes. 

I adapted this recipe from Nisha madhuilka ji's website and used more sugar and milk than the mentioned quantity.  Just follow the steps, video, tips & tricks I have shared in this post. I am sure you can make a perfect melt in mouth badam burfi. If you are a beginner, try half the quantity given in the recipe. 

For variations, you can use almond powder ( Almond flour/Almond meal), coconut, cashews and even carrot. Diwali is not too far. Do bookmark this easy sweet recipe and try it out. Ok, Lets see how to prepare badam barfi at home easily with step by step photos and a video !

Badam burfi - Full video !

Badam barfi recipe

Badam burfi recipe

Badam burfi recipe Badam burfi recipe - Easy badam katli for beginners
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Sweet
Serves: 20 
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 30 Minutes
Total time: 40 Minutes

1 cup - 250ml
  • Almond/Badam - 1 cup
  • Sugar - 1.5 cups
  • Boiled Milk - 3/4 cup ( at room temperature)
  • Water - 3 cups ( to blanch almonds)
  • Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp Or saffron threads - few
  • Ghee - 1 tbsp + few drops for greasing the plate

  • Take a plate and grease it with ghee. To blanch badam quickly, boil 3 cups of water. When the water roll boils, add the badam. Let it boil for a minute. Switch off the flame and cover it with a lid.  Let it sit for 5 minutes.
    badam burfi recipe
  • Drain the badam and add to the cold water. Skin will come off easily. Keep all the blanched badam in the plate. Grind Sugar to fine powder and set aside. In the same jar, grind badam to a coarse paste without adding milk. Wipe the sides of jar and add 1/2 cup of milk. Grind to a paste.Wipe the sides of mixer. 
  • Check if the badam paste is smooth without any grits. If not, add 1/4 cup more milk and grind it well. Remember adding more milk while grinding takes ling time to make burfi. So add milk little by little while grinding.
    badam burfi recipe
    badam burfi recipe
  • Heat 1 tbsp ghee in a good non-stick kadai. Add the ground badam paste and powdered sugar. Mix well in medium flame. Stay nearby and keep mixing. Flame should be low to medium. Initially, the mixture will become thin as the sugar melts. Add the cardamom powder & keep stirring. The mixture will start to thicken. Mixture will bubble vigorously. It may splash. So please be careful. Keep the flame low if it splashes. Keep stirring because the bottom layer may burn quickly.
    badam burfi recipe
    badam burfi recipe
  • Keep mixing till the mixture becomes thick.Wipe the sides of the pan every time while u mix.It will take nearly 10-20 minutes to start thickening. Small bubbles will appear in the corners. When you keep on mixing, mixture turns thicker and it will start to leave the sides of pan. Wipe the sides & again mix it. At one stage, the mixture will become really thick and resembles a soft dough.
  • At that time, switch off the flame and mix for few seconds. Grease your fingers with ghee and take a pinch from the dough.Try to make a small ball. If you are able to make a soft, round ball, your burfi is done. Give a quick stir and make it even more slightly thick. The heat of kadai is sufficient to make your mixture thick.
    • Do not stir for more time. Mixture will become crumbly and you will not be able to shape it properly. If you remove it before the correct stage, it will taste like halwa. So try to make a small ball and then remove it at the right time.
  • badam burfi recipe
  • Transfer the burfi mixture to the greased plate. If you wish, you can knead it using your hands after it turns slightly warm. But I directly made the shape by levelling it with rolling pin. For this, Cover the dough with a butter paper and level the mixture using a rolling pin.Roll it according to the thickness you need. 
  • Remove the butter paper and cut the burfi into pieces using a ghee greased knife, when the mixture is warm. But do not try to remove the pieces when the mixture is warm. It may break. Take it after the burfi cools down completely. Store in a box. Stays good for 2 days at room temperature.

    badam burfi recipe
    badam burfi recipe

Enjoy !

  • To find out whether the burfi is well set, after You levelled the burfi in tray with butter paper,try to remove the butter paper after 5 minutes.If it comes out clean,your burfi is perfect and you can make pieces & enjoy .If the butter paper doesn’t come out clean or if it sticks to the burfi mixture, then the right consistency is not reached and it becomes halwa. So transfer the  mixture to the kadai, add little water, melt the mixture and again start mixing till you get it right ! 
  • Suppose if you over do the mixing and if burfi becomes crumbly, take the crumbled burfi in a mixie jar, add milk and make a smooth paste. Again keep it in flame and mix well till it reaches the right consistency...
  • Color of this burfi will improve over time.
  • Adding more sugar makes the burfi even more soft. I used 1:1.5 ratio of badam n sugar which is perfect for me.  U can use 1:2 ratio too.
  • U can skip cardamom powder and use saffron soaked milk. But colour of burfi would change to yellow. This is known as kesar badam burfi.

Make & Enjoy this healthy, melt in mouth burfi at home !

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Unknown said...

Such a difficult sweet for me . You made it effortless dear. Super chitz

Chitra said...

Thanks Janani. Do try this version. U will find it easy :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, love this barfi. surely will give it a try.

Rafeeda AR said...

You make it look so effortless! Would love to try making this, I am always jittery with Indian sweets...

Chitra said...

Thank you 😊

Chitra said...

Thanks Rafee. Its just the practice. Do try it. Its easy only 😊