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October 19, 2016

Tirunelveli Halwa Recipe - Wheat Flour Halwa - Godhumai Halwa - Easy Version

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Tirunelveli halwa recipe
Tirunelveli halwa using wheat flour / Godhumai halwa with step by step photos and video. My mom & dad are basically from Tirunelveli, Tamil nadu but settled in Salem. But all our relatives are in & around Tirunelveli. Right from my childhood, we used to travel there at least once in 6 months to my thatha aachi’s house. Most of my summer vacations are spent there. My thatha used to buy the most popular Iruttukadai Halwa and Oma podi from Shanthi sweets for teatime without fail. Having tasted this Halwa for N number of times, I have never imagined myself trying it at home. 

In 2010, I watched few video recipes and tried Tirunelveli halwa recipe for the first time. Though it tasted the same like TVL halwa, I used food color to bring its brown color. At that time, I was not aware of certain tips and tricks to make a perfect Tirunelveli halwa without adding food color. And now after seeing so many websites and video recipes, I came to know its technique. So I wanted to make it again and post it in my blog for this Diwali.

Authentic Tirunelveli halwa calls for soaking and grinding Samba Godhumai ( Whole wheat grains), extracting the milk ( Godhumai paal) and fermenting it overnight. I followed this method for my earlier recipe. But this time, I simplified its procedure by combining the methods of easy wheat flour halwa recipe in Jeyashri's blog & traditional Tirunelveli halwa recipe from Dosa to pizza youtube video recipe. I altered the quantity of ingredients and changed the procedure accordingly. I made it using instant wheat flour( Godhumai maavu), used oil + Ghee to bring its texture and added caramelized sugar to bring its color naturally. Wow, You won’t believe me, it came out very close to original Tirunelveli halwa in both color & texture. There is no compromise in taste with the authentic halwa.

 Generally Thirunelveli halwa is not made into pieces.So you don’t need to look for any sugar syrup consistency. This halwa itself will show you the correct stage to remove it. So beginners can also dare to attempt this recipe at home. But the most important thing you need is “PATIENCE”. Yes, This halwa takes around one hour for preparation & cooking time but the end result will make you forget all the pain and get credits from your family members for sure. I got tempted by the pictures of Halwa kadai online website and clicked my halwa in a leaf. I am very happy to see the ghee dripping hot halwa in the picture as I wished. So here you go, the world famous Tirunelveli halwa recipe using wheat flour in an easy way with step by step photos and a detailed video tutorial just for you all.

If you are looking to try the traditional method, do check this post !

Tirunelveli halwa recipe with wheat flour

Tirunelveli halwa / Wheat flour Halwa

Tirunelveli halwa / Wheat flour Halwa How to make Tirunelveli halwa with wheat flour/ Godhumai halwa
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Sweet
Serves: 1/4-1/2 kg
Prep time: 120 Minutes
Cook time: 60 Minutes
Total time: 180 Minutes

1 cup - 250ml
  • Wheat flour - 1 cup ( I used Pillsburry atta)
  • Water - To make dough + 5 cups for soaking
  • Sugar – 2 to 2.25 cups + 1/4 cup to caramelize 
  • Ghee – 1 cup + 1 tbsp
  • Cooking oil - 1/3 cup  ( Use odourless oil)
  • Cashews – few
** The quantity of oil & ghee mentioned is approximate. This halwa may take more or less. Don’t worry for adding more because we are going to collect all the fat at the end !

  • Take 1 cup of wheat flour, add water little by little and knead a dough like chapathi dough. Let it be thick and no need to use oil or ghee while making the dough. Place the dough in a big bowl and add 5 cups of water to it.Let it soak for 2-4 hours.
    Tirunelveli halwa recipe
    Tirunelveli halwa recipe
  • After 2 hours, take the dough with milk and mix it well with your hands. Dough dissolves in water and you will get white colored milk.Strain the milk through a cloth strainer and squeeze the fiber like part that comes from the wheat dough. Do not add more water.Use the soaked water to extract the milk. After taking all the milk, discard the residue.Set the milk aside. In a bowl, melt the required ghee and mix with oil. Set aside.
    Tirunelveli halwa recipe
    Tirunelveli halwa recipe
  • In a wide, heavy bottomed kadai ( Non-stick kadai) , heat 1 tbsp of ghee and roast the cashews. After it turns golden brown, add the wheat milk.No need to remove the roasted cashews. Start stirring. Initially the mixture looks very watery. But If you keep stirring for 15 minutes, it becomes slightly thick. Keep the flame medium and stir it well. 
  • If you want, you can keep the flame high to hasten this process. But stay nearby because it will burn at the bottom very soon. After it looks thick like porridge, add 2 cups (2.25 cups for more sweetness, I used 2.25) of sugar and keep mixing.  Keep the flame very low. Now you have to caramelize the sugar in the next step.
    Tirunelveli halwa recipe
  • Sugar Caramelization: In another gas burner, keep a small kadai and add 1 tbsp ghee. After its melted, add 1/4 cup of sugar. Mix well and caramelize it. Do the entire process in low flame because if the sugar is over caramelized, it turns bitter in taste and spoils the taste of halwa. So please be careful. Tirunelveli halwa recipe
  • Sugar will melt in ghee and its color changes to golden brown. Switch off the flame immediately and mix well in the heat. Please refer the video for clear understanding. Add the caramelized sugar to the halwa. It may splutter, so be careful while pouring it.
     Tirunelveli halwa recipe
  • Again start mixing the halwa. Keep the flame medium. After the caramelized sugar is mixed well, color of the halwa will be changed to light brown.Check the taste and add more sugar if needed at this stage itself. Then add 1tbsp of melted ghee + oil and mix well. 
  • Ghee+ oil will be absorbed by the halwa and turns glossy/shiny. Again add 1 tbsp of ghee and mix well. Continue this process at regular intervals. Color of the halwa becomes darker as it cooks. Now it resemble the original Tirunelveli halwa.
    Tirunelveli halwa recipe
  • Halwa will start to leave the sides and thickens. Do not remove at this point. Again add some ghee+Oil and keep mixing in low to medium flame. Never increase the flame because halwa may turn chewy. Halwa will become non-sticky and slide off the ladle. Keep adding ghee. It will be completely non-sticky, becomes soft & rotates with the ladle. Keep adding ghee + oil. Do not lose patience. 
  • At one stage, it will stop taking ghee and starts to ooze out the ghee+ oil in the sides first.  It happens only during the last 5 minutes. Keep mixing. Now you can find ghee oozing out all over the halwa. Collect the ghee that oozes out from the halwa in a bowl. Slide the kadai slightly and take out the ghee. Flame should be low. I collected more than 3/4 of the ghee+oil I added in the halwa. 
  • You can use this ghee for making other sweets or in your regular cooking. It won’t smell or taste sweetish. After collecting the ghee, transfer the halwa to a big bowl and allow it to become warm. Serve it hot or warm as you wish. The entire process took one hour for me.
    Tirunelveli halwa recipe
  • This halwa will release the ghee every time you reheat it.So you can reheat the halwa in microwave for 1 minute or keep it inside idli steamer till it gets heated. Remove the ghee from the halwa and serve hot. Don’t worry, the taste of this halwa will never be changed even after removing the ghee. 
  • You can store this halwa in an airtight box and keep it for more than a week and enjoy. No need to refrigerate too. This halwa will be coated with frozen ghee after its cooled down. It tastes mildly chewy just like original Tirunelveli halwa. If you wish, reheat and serve every time or enjoy as it is !!
    Tirunelveli halwa recipe

  • If you want to follow the traditional method, wash and soak 1 cup of samba wheat for 5 hours. Grind in a mixie jar adding water and grind in batches. Strain and extract the milk. Let the milk ferment over night. The next day, remove the white layer that is formed on top of the milk. Make halwa as mentioned above.
  • The sugar quantity I’ve mentioned gives the required sweetness to the halwa. It won’t taste too sweet as we are adding more ghee. If you like milk sweetness, add 2 cups of sugar.
  • If you are calorie conscious, you can use ghee & oil in equal quantity OR you can use ghee alone to make super rich halwa. But in halwa kadai, they do use some oil. But never use kadalai ennai/ groundnut oil. It will spoil the flavor of halwa.
  • You may not need to use all the ghee+ oil I’ve mentioned here. Sometimes, it may take lesser too.When the halwa starts to ooze out the ghee, stop adding it.
  • Do not remove the halwa until ghee starts to come out.
  • Do not mix in high flame at the end, halwa may become more chewy.

Wheat flour halwa
Try this simplified version of Tirunelveli halwa and do share your feedback with meHappy
Tirunelveli halwa recipe

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priya said...

I m sure goin to try this. U have explained it very well .collecting the ghee at last is the best part to people like me who worries about calories ;)

Chitra said...

Yes Priya. Even me too like you. Iam so happy with this recipe :)

Anonymous said...

I love this recipe.will try this.

Chitra said...

Thank you !

Laavanya said...

Halwa looks perfect! Thanks for the detailed explanation Chitra - hope to give this a shot sometime soon :)

kumuthasenthil said...

Wonderful recepie....detailed instructions....

Chitra said...

Thank you :)

Unknown said...

I have only made the traditional one since I am also from thirunelveli side . This looks like I can skip some steps will try for sure. Thanks dear

Chitra said...

Oh good to know. thanks dear. Do try it :)

Kurinji said...

yummy and delicious....

harini said...

hi chitra it looks just like santhi sweets favourite.i love it.i dont know what and all i am going to try for this deepavali!!this tempts me a parents and my inlaws r also from nellai.when i was a child my summer vacation was also in nellai and kallidaikurichi.whenever my uncles comes to chennai i ll be eagerly waiting for this halwa.thanks for the recipe.

Chitra said...

Happy to know you are from Nellai :) Do try it Harini. You will like it a lot :)

Dhaaru said...

Looks mouthwatering! The fact that the color of tvl halwa is imparted by caramelized sugar is very new to me. U m sure it will taste yummy... kudos to you! :)

Sharmila kingsly said...

Such a lovely recipe chitra ,Usually have seen tirunelveli halwa prepared using whole samba wheat ,but this seem to be an easy way.. i am definitely trying this recipe..

Chitra said...

Thank you :)

Chitra said...

Thank you.Yes, That's the authentic version :)

Unknown said...

Hi I made this one....I can't believe myself., comes sema 😍..,.. thank you for such a wonderful receipe.,.

Unknown said...

Hi I made this one....I can't believe myself.,.it comes sema 😍.….thank you for such a wonderful receipe.......

Anu said...

Followed the recipe to the T and it came out very well. You have explained each and every step very well. Taking our excess oil was a good tip.

Chitra said...

Thank you so much for your feedback 😃

Chitra said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback , glad to know it :)

Unknown said...

My halwa became very hard how to get rectified if it happens like.this

Chitra said...

Hi, just add little more water + cooking oil, boil for sometime to loosen it. Lastly add some ghee, mix well & switch off the flame. serve warm or hot. If it hardens the next day, just take the requred amount of halwa, heat in a kadai for few minutes and serve.You can also microwave it and serve.

Aisvarya said...

Tried your recipe and it turned out awesome ☺ when caramelizing the sugar, it became very dry like crystals and I panicked a bit. But heating it for some more time melted and caramelized the sugar as mentioned. Thank you so much for sharing such fool proof recipe 🙏

Chitra said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. It made my day😊

Deivanai said...

Hi Chitra, if we double the atta qty to 2 ccups, do we need double the water qty also ?? or it is same 5 cups??

Chitra said...

Hi, you can use 8 cups instead. If yoi soak in less water, quantity of milk will be less and halwa thickens soon before reaching correct consistency.

Deivanai said...

Thanks, even after 2 hrs, the ghee is not oosing out, but halwa looks to be in good shape, but i am still keeping in low flame.added even 2 cups of ghee and 1 cup of oil..not sure whats wrong

Chitra said...

Ok. As the halwa is in good shape, switch off the flame and remove. For trouble shooting, Take a small portion of halwa,add a tsp of oil and stir in a kadai for few minutes. Check if it oozes ghee. In that case, stir the remaining halwa for some more time adding little more oil. Hope this tip works. Please update the results here.

Kavitha said...

I made this twice. It is a big hit in my home. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Chitra said...

Thank you so much for sharig your feedback Kavitha. I am so happy to know that :)

harini said...

Hi Chitra tried tn halwa today.came out may be more than 1/2kg first ghee didn't oozeout after an confused.then as u suggested in the comments, took small quantity added one spoon oil and heated started oozing patience is the key element. Then started stirring the halwa it took 10min more to oozeout ghee.
It tasted just like halwa we get in tirunelveli.tasted yummy.everyone liked it.thank u very much for the recipe and tips for troubleshooting.As usual ur recipe ll come out well for me always 👍

Chitra said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback Harini. Yes, as you said patience is the key for this halwa. Time taken for ghee to ooze out depends on the quantity of halwa, heat and usage of oil and ghee. Good to know that comments section helped you to trouble shoot. Once again thanks a lot for sharing your experience. It will be more helpful for people who visit this page😊

Nanthini Suppiah said...

This is my first time making halwa... And thanks for recipe... Its so tasty...

Chitra said...

Hello Nanthini, Thanks a lot for your feedback :) Happy to know it.

லாவண்யா said...

I made this Halwa 3 days back for a party. Outcome was awesome. Everyone who tasted the Halwa said it tasted so good. Thanks so much for this easy version recipe. I'll make this again soon..

Chitra said...

I am so happy to see your feedback Lavanya :) Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback :)