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January 17, 2017

Avarekalu Palya - Avarekalu Dantina Soppu Palya Recipe

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Avarekalu palya
Here is an interesting avarekalu palya recipe / avarekalu curry for rice. Every year during Avarekalu (Indian Hyacinth beans/Surti/Lilva beans in English, Mochai in Tamil) season, I would like to try some new and unique recipes with it. As I say in all my Karnataka recipes post, my 7 Kannadiga friends ( School moms group) are the biggest source and inspiration for me to try and share Karnataka recipes in Chitra’s Food Book. According to me, each and every recipe I learn from them is a Gem. I have already shared few avarekalu recipes like Hitikida Avarekalu gravy for Ragi mudde, Avarekalu methi pulao, Avarekalu sagu, Avarekalu Huli from my friends. 

This year I learnt Avarekalu Dantina soppu palya ( Lilva beans/Surti – Amaranth Leaves curry in English, Mochai kottai -Thandu keerai poriyal in Tamil) from my friend Megha. As I had just a handful of leftover Avarekalu after Sankranti celebration, I wanted to use it effectively. So Megha suggested me to make avarekalu palya adding soppu so that the yield will be more and its a healthy option as well. She told they reserve the cooked soppu water to make bassaru recipe. But I used it to make Lauki gravy. 
Soon I will learn Bassaru from my friends and share it here. I still have avarekalu akki roti and avarekalu uppittu recipes in my try list. I will try to share them at least by next year during this season. Now lets see how to make this healthy, Karnataka style avarekalu Soppu palya. 

avarekalu soppu palya

Avarekalu Danitina soppu palya

Avarekalu Danitina soppu palya Field beans - Amaranth leaves Curry for rice
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Side dish for rice
Serves: Serves 2
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 15 Minutes
Total time: 25 Minutes

1 cup - 250ml
  • Avarekalu/ Field beans/ hyacinth beans - 1/2 cup
  • Dantina soppu/ Thandu keerai/ Amaranth leaves - 2 cups ( chopped)
  • Garlic cloves - 5 nos ( crushed)
  • Big onion - 1 no ( Finely chopped)
  • Red chilli - 2 nos ( Pinched)
  • Curry leaves - few
To Temper
  • Cooking oil - 1.5 tbsp
  • Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
  • Urad dal - 1 tsp
  • Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp
  • Grated coconut - 2 tbsp

  • Wash and chop the soppu leaves( Keerai leaves) and set aside. In a cooker base, take the avarekalu ( Mochai/hyacinth beans) and put the chopped leaves.  Add 1 cup of water to it and the required salt.
    Avarekalu dantina soppu palya
  • Pressure cook for one whistle in low flame. Drain the excess water in a bowl, use it for making gravies.
    Avarekalu dantina soppu palya
  • In a kadai, heat oil and temper mustard seeds, urad dal, cumin seeds and curry leaves.Add pinched red chillies, crushed garlic and finely chopped big onion. Saute till onion turns transparent.
    Avarekalu dantina soppu palya
  • Add the cooked soppu+avarekalu, mix well. Check for salt and mix well. Lastly add the grated coconut and mix well. Serve with rice !
    Avarekalu dantina soppu palya
Enjoy !

  • Crushed garlic and chopped onion gives a nice flavor to this palya
  • You can skip onion & garlic if you want to make no onion no garlic version. In that case, add more grated coconut at the end.
  • You can use arave soppu/Arai keerai instead of Dantina soppu/Thandu keerai.
Try this healthy,  Avarekalu soppu palya recipe for rice and enjoy !
Avarekalu dantina soppu palya recipe

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Sona said...

This sounds so healthy and looks very delicious.

Chitra said...

Thank you Sona :)

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