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January 30, 2017

Potato Poori – Aloo Puri Recipe - Alu Ki Puri

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Potato poori
Potato poori / aloo puri in Hindi is an interesting kids friendly puri recipe. Poori would be our Sunday breakfast mostly. So I started exploring varieties of poori for a change. I have already shared Palak Poori, Masala poori, Beetroot poori, Tomato poori, chola poori recipes. This Sunday I tried potato poori ( Alu ki puri in Hindi) for the first time. I made the poori dough by mixing wheat flour with boiled, mashed potato and spice powders. 

Puri came out super soft with awesome masala flavor. It stays soft for hours together. So it can be packed for lunch box and ideal for travel as well. Side dish is not required for this puri recipe. Still I served it with tomato sabji and onion raita. Mixed veg kurma also goes well I guess.We loved it a lot. Its a winner recipe in my house. Do try this potato poori recipe for your kids and family. They will love it very much. 

Next I am planning to make methi poori and mint poori. Friends, If you know any other interesting poori varieties, do share them in the comments section. I will make it. As I say in all my poori posts, thickness of poori while rolling and the proper temperature(heat) of oil is the secret to get nicely puffed up poori. I have shared those points below in detail. If you are a beginner, It will sure come by practice. Ok, Lets see how to make Aloo Poori recipe with step by step photos and a video !

Aloo ki puri recipe

Potato Poori - Aloo Ki Poori Recipe

Potato Poori - Aloo Ki Poori Recipe How to make aloo ki puri / Potato poori recipe with step by step photos and video
Cuisine: North Indian
Category: Breakfast
Yields : 12 nos
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 2 Minutes
Total time: 12 Minutes

1 cup - 250ml
  • Whole Wheat flour / atta - 1 cup ( I used Aashirvad)
  • Medium sized potato - 2 nos
  • Cumin seeds or Ajwain - 1/4 tsp
  • Red chilli powder - 1 tsp ( I used Kashmiri chilli powder)
  • Dhania powder - 1 tsp
  • Garam masala powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Coriander leaves - 2 tbsp ( finely chopped)
  • Crushed kasoori methi – 1 tsp
  • Salt - as needed
  • Water - as required ( I added 1/3 cup)

  • Wash and pressure cook potato in required water in very low flame for 2 whistles.Open the cooker and remove the potato. Peel the skin. Place the potato in a wide plate or bowl and mash it.
  • To the mashed potato, add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, dhania powder, cumin seeds, garam masala powder, salt, finely chopped coriander leaves, crushed kasoori methi, wheat flour and mix well without adding water.
    Aloo ki puri
  • Add wheat flour and mix well without adding water.
    Aloo ki puri
  • Now add water little by little and make a smooth, non-sticky dough. No need to rest the dough. Roll immediately. Grease your hands with oil. Take a portion of dough.Knead for a minute. Make balls roughly. Keep the remaining dough closed till use. Take one ball, roll it well and flatten it. Dust in wheat flour once and roll the poori slightly thick. Make sure corners are thick. Remember it should not be rolled too thin like roti. It won’t puff up.
  • Roll all the poori and arrange in a plate without overlapping each other.
    Aloo ki puri
  • Heat oil in a kadai and when it gets heated , put a pinch of dough. If it rises immediately to the top, oil temperature is right. It should not be smoky. Pat the excess flour in the poori and drop one in the oil. Let it rise to the top.
    Aloo ki puri
  • When it comes to top, pat it gently with the ladle. It will puff up nicely. Flip it after the bubbles cease. Cook the other side too.Press with the ladle for uniform cooking. Drain in a tissue paper and serve hot with raita or any sabji. Do not make any side dish with potato. U can make tomato sabji or mixed veg kurma for this poori.
    Aloo poori recipe
Enjoy !

  • Poori gets puffed up only if its rolled thick evenly and properly. Oil temperature should be perfect. If its rolled thin, it comes like a papad. If the oil temperature is less, poori absorbs lot of oil and it won’t puff up.
  • At the same time, oil should not be smoking hot. Poori will become dark golden. So after you deep fry one poori, reduce the flame completely low. After dropping the next poori, increase the flame to high. By doing this way, heat of the oil can be maintained. If oil becomes smoky hot, switch off the stove for sometime. When the oil comes to right temperature, deep fry again.
  • As I have added Kashmiri red chilli powder, color of my poori was red. If you like white colored poori, add finely chopped green chilli instead of red chilli powder.
  • Do not rest the dough for long time. Poori may drink oil while frying.Try to make puri as soon as u make the dough.
  • No side dish is required for this poori. If you want to make it , mixed veg kurma and tomato onion sabji would be some good options.

Enjoy this soft, masala flavored Potato Poori at home with raita and sabji !
Aloo ki puri

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Shobha said...

yummy pooris ..

Unknown said...

Taste was good but poories took lot of oil..

Chitra said...

Basically potato poori does absorb some oil. But not much. If the oil temperature is less, it may absorb more oil or if the quantity of potato is more, dough is not tight poori may absorb more oil.