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September 9, 2017

10 Poori Varieties / Stuffed Puri Recipes–Different Types Of Puri Recipe

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Poori varieties - puri recipes
Collection of 10 different puri recipes / poori varieties – Indian deep fried bread. I make Poori recipe / Puri recipe for breakfast regularly during weekends. When I was a beginner in cooking, making a puffy poori just like hotel ones was my dream. Slowly my dream came true by practice. After making several attempts, I got to know the technique, tips and tricks for making puffy and soft puri.

In this post, I have shared all the possible tips & tricks to make perfect poori based on my observation. Hope these points would be useful for beginners. Once I started making it perfect, I got tempted to try different types of puri recipes. So I prepared varieties of poori along with different side dish recipes for our Sunday breakfast and blogged the same. This is how I got a collection of these 10 poori varieties in my website. 

You can find basic poori/puri recipe with wheat flour(atta in Hindi), Chola poori/Maida puri, Tomato poori, Paneer stuffed puri, Spinach/ Palak pooriBeetroot poori, Potato poori, Kutta atta puri, Spicy masala puri, Finger millet/Ragi poori in this collection. I have given step by step pictures for all these recipes and few video recipes as well.

I am yet to try North Indian stuffed puri recipes like urad dal puri, peas stuffed puri, dal poori, bharva puri, bhatura and the most popular Pani puri recipe and puri recipes for vrat/fasting like rajgira puri and Shingare ki puri. I will try to add them in this list soon. 

Generally Kids love to eat poori more than roti. So you can try these varieties at home for their breakfast or evening snacks and make it healthy with some stuffing.  Ok, lets see the collection of 10 poori recipes / Puri recipes / Indian flat bread varieties to make at home for weekend breakfast & special occasions. Please click on the images to view the recipe.


  1. Addition of rava/sooji/semolina in the wheat flour helps to make puffy poori.
  2. Adding a dash of ghee helps to keep the puri soft.
  3. Unlike chapathi dough, poori dough has to be tight and thick. 
  4. Dough should be kneaded well to make it smooth and crack free.
  5. Resting time is not necessary for the dough.
  6. Rolling should be thicker than roti to get puffed poori.
  7. Do not dust too much in flour. Oil will get more sediments.
  8. Always dust off the excess flour coated in the rolled poori by patting between your hands.
  9. Oil temperature should be checked before dropping the poori.
  10. If oil temperature is less, puri will sank in oil and doesn't puff up.
  11. Oil should not be smoky hot too. Color of poori will become dark.
  12. Poori should not be stacked one over the other.


Basic poori recipe/Puffy Puri recipe with video
Chola Poori Recipe
Potato Recipe/Aloo Puri with video
Paneer Puri Recipe With Video
Ragi Poori Recipe 
Palak Poori Recipe
Beetroot Poori Recipe
Kuttu atta Poori Recipe
Tomato Poori Recipe
Masala Poori Recipe With Video

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