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January 1, 2020

Bread Kaja Sweet Recipe – Indian Bread Sweet Recipes

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Bread kaja
Hi friends, Wish you all a very happy 2020. Let this new year brings all the joy and prosperity!!. Bread kaja is an easy and interesting Indian style dessert recipe with bread. It can be prepared quickly and instantly with less procedures. Last week when I was looking for some easy sweet recipes / dessert recipes using leftover bread slices, I came across this bread kaja recipe in Hari Chandana’s blog.

Bread kaja sweet is a simplified version of Shahi tukda which is a rich and famous Mughal dessert. For making bread kaja, we have to just deep fry the bread slices in oil / ghee and dip in flavored sugar syrup. Rabri / sweetened milk is not needed for this sweet. So preparation time is lesser. You can make it under 10 minutes for your surprise guest. Kids will love it.  I thought this sweet would be ideal for this new year celebration.

When I googled for images, I found bread kaja looks triangle in shape similar to Shahi tukra. But I made in small squares to attract the kids. Its an interesting recipe to empty the leftover bread slices. You can make and consume it immediately for crispy tasting bread OR you can soak the fried bread slices in sugar syrup overnight and enjoy like bread gulab jamun. It tastes so soft and flavorful. In fact I loved the soft and well soaked bread pieces more than crispy ones. Ok friends, do try this yummy, easy bread kaja sweet recipe for this new year 2020 and share your feedback with me.

Once again wish you all a very happy new year!!. This year I have planned to start my YouTube channel in Tamil as requested by many of you during last year. Hope you will continue to give your love and support for my new venture too. Thank you !

Bread kaja recipe

Bread kaja recipe - Easy sweet with bread

Bread kaja recipe - Easy sweet with bread

Bread kaja recipe - Easy sweet with bread for dessert & snack.

Cuisine: Indian
Category: Sweet
Serves: Serves 4
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 20 Minutes
Total time: 30 Minutes

1 cup = 240ml
  • Bread slices - 5 nos.
  • Sugar - 1./2 cup
  • Water - 1/4 cup
  • Rose syrup - few drops
  • Saffron thread - few
  • Finely chopped nuts - 2 tbsp
  1. Take the bread slices and cut into squares or a triangle.
  2. Heat oil and deep fry bread pieces till golden in color. Drain in a tissue paper.
  3. Melt sugar in water and make sugar syrup of half string consistency.
  4. Add rose essence and saffron thread. Mix the syrup. Add the fried bread pieces.
  5. Soak it for few minutes and serve warm by garnishing with chopped nuts.
  • Take the bread slices and discard the brown part if you wish. I used the brown part too. Chop into square shaped pieces or into triangles.
  • Bread kaja recipe
  • Heat oil in a kadai. Deep fry the bread pieces in medium flame till golden brown in both the sides. Remove and drain the excess oil in a tissue paper.
  • Bread kaja recipe
  • Melt sugar in water and make sugar syrup. Boil and bring the syrup to half string consistency. i.e Take little syrup in your thumb finger and press with pointer finger. Release it, check if the string is formed and gets cut. This is called half string consistency. Switch off the flame and add rose essence, saffron threads. 
  • Bread kaja recipe
  • Dip the fried bread pieces in sugar syrup and soak for few minutes by flipping both the sides. Sugar syrup will be absorbed by the bread pieces. Garnish with chopped nuts. You can serve it immediately if you like crispy tasting bread else soak overnight and serve soft bread pieces which tastes like bread gulab jamun.
  • Bread kaja recipe
  • Stays good for a day or two. Enjoy !


  • You can use cardamom powder instead of rose essence.
  • You can also bake the bread pieces or toast in a toaster instead of deep frying. But taste differs. 
Try this easy, yummy bread kaja sweet and enjoy !
Bread kaja sweet

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