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May 12, 2020

Palak Dosa / Spinach Dosa / Keerai Dosai Recipe

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Palak dosa
Palak dosa / spinach dosa ( pasalai keerai dosai in Tamil) can be prepared in many ways. Today I have shared a simple and instant spinach dosa recipe using dosa batter. You can also call it as "Green dosa". Here we are adding palak puree in dosa batter and make dosa instantly. Follow the steps given in the recipe. You can make bright green colored spinach puree after blanching.

For variations, you can also grind the raw spinach leaves without blanching it. But there may be slight raw smell in the dosa. But blanched spinach puree gives a good taste and flavor. Green color of the dosa is so appealing and make the kids to eat it without compliants. You don't find much difference in taste as well. This palak dosa can be served with coconut chutney, sambar or idli podi. Soon I will try to make palak dosa in different methods. Now lets check out this healthy, colorful instant palak dosa recipe with step by step pictures.

Palak dosa recipe

Palak Dosa / Spinach Dosa

Palak dosa

Palak dosa / spinach dosa / Keerai dosa in an easy and instant way using dosa batter. 

Cuisine: Indian
Category: Breakfast
Serves: 10 dosa
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 20 Minutes
Total time: 30 Minutes


  • Idli dosa batter – 3 cups
  • Palak / Spinach / Pasalai keerai – 1 big bunch / 2 to 3 cups (chopped)
  • Green chilli – 2
  • Ginger – 1 inch
  • Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Sugar - 1 tsp
  • Salt & water - as needed
  • Cooking oil - to drizzle over dosa
  1. Wash the spinach / palak leaves.
  2. Boil 2 cups of water adding turmeric powder and sugar.
  3. Add washed palak leaves and cook for 2 minutes.
  4. Remove the blanched palak leaves in a mixie jar and add green chilli, ginger.
  5. Grind to a smooth paste adding little water.
  6. Add the paste to dosa batter and mix well.
  7. Heat a dosa pan and spread a ladleful of palak dosa batter.
  8. Make thin or thick dosa as you wish. Drizzle oil, flip over and cook both the sides.
  9. Fold and remove in a plate. Serve with coconut chutney or sambar !

  • Wash the spinach / palak leaves / pasalai keerai in water till clean without any sand or dust. Boil 2 to 3 cups of water in a bowl adding turmeric powder and sugar. Adding turmeric and sugar helps to maintain the green color of spinach leaves. 

  • Add the washed spinach leaves and cook for 2 minutes. Switch off the flame once the leaves shrink and turns soft. Do not over cook. Remove the blanched leaves in a plate and let it cool. 
  • Palak dosa recipe

  • Transfer the palak leaves to a mixie jar and add ginger and green chilli. Grind everything to a smooth, thick paste adding little water. 
  • Palak dosa recipe

  • Take 3 cups of dosa batter Add the palak puree to the dosa batter. Mix well and check for salt. Add if needed. 
  • Palak dosa recipe

  • Heat a dosa pan and spread a ladleful of dosa batter either thin or thick as you like. Drizzle oil around the dosa once its half cooked. Flip the dosa when the bottom turns golden in color. Cook for a minute, fold and remove. 
  • Palak dosa recipe Palak dosa recipe

  • Serve hot palak dosa with coconut chutney and sambar. I made red coconut chutney with it. Enjoy !


  • Do not skip turmeric powder and sugar while blanching palak leaves. It helps to retain and enhance the green color of leaves.
  • Add more green chillies and use cumin seeds, 3 garlic cloves while grinding if you like.
  • For variations, you can grind the palak leaves without blanching. But there may be slight raw smell in the dosa. 
  • I used my idli dosa batter. For this I used 5 cups idli rice, 1 cup urad dal and 1/2 tsp of fenugreek seeds. Soak and grind seperately. Mix the batters and ferment overnight. Make idli and dosa the next day. 

Try this healthy, yummy palak dosa and enjoy !
spinach dosa

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