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July 15, 2020

Mayonnaise Dip For Chips, Nachos - Garlic Mayo Dip Recipe

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mayonnaise dip for nachos

Usually Nachos is served with salsa, cheese sauce, bean dip, curd mayo dip etc. But I wanted to try some simple and instant dip recipe using store bought, eggless mayonnaise just like the ones served in restaurants like Mc Donald's and Tacos. Finally I prepared this no cook, garlic flavored mayo dip without cheese and without fire when I was looking for some easy mayonnaise dips for chips and nachos. It can be served with potato wedges and French fries too. I won't say this one tastes exactly like restaurants, but it tasted delicious. Kids would love it for sure. We relished it with salted nachos and potato chips for our weekend evening snacks. Raksha loved it very much. Basically we all love to eat chips with plain, store bought mayonnaise. When you pep it up with spices like garlic, oregano, basil, pepper powder, chilli flakes and Olive oil, it goes to the next level. So friends, do try this easy, instant, no cook, yummy mayonnaise dip for Nachos and chips. You will love it !

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mayonnaise dip for nachos

Mayonnaise dip for chips and nachos

Mayonnaise dip for chips and nachos

Easy, yummy  garlic flavored dip for chips and nachos using store bought mayonnaise

Cuisine: Indian
Category: Side dish
Serves: Serves 3
Prep time: 5 Minutes
Cook time: 5 Minutes
Total time: 10 Minutes

1 cup = 240ml
  • Mayonnaise - 1/2 cup
  • Tomato ketchup - 1.5 tbsp
  • Chilli flakes - 1/2 tsp
  • Pepper powder - 1/2 tsp
  • Garlic powder or crushed garlic - 1/2 tsp
  • Oregano or Italian seasoning - 1 tsp
  • Basil - 1/2 tsp
  • Salt - a pinch
  • Oilve oil - 1 to 2 tbsp
  • Hot water - 1 tbsp ( if needed)
  1. In a wide bowl, mix all the ingredients given above except hot water.
  2. After mixing the dip, check for consistency. 
  3. If its too thick, add little more olive or hot water. 
  4. Mix well and serve with Nachos, Chips, Potato wedges or French Fries !
  • In a wide bowl, mix mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, garlic powder, chilli flakes, pepper powder, Italian seasoning or oregano, basil and olive oil.
  • mayonnaise dip for nachos chips mayonnaise dip for nachos chips
  • Check for consistency. If its too thick, add little more olive oil or a tbsp of hot water. Mix well, check for taste. Add more seasoning or ketchup if required. Mix well and serve with Nachos, Chips, French Fries or Potato wedges.
  • Enjoy !


  • Adjust the quantity of Italian seasoning, chilli flakes and pepper powder as per your taste.
  • You can skip pepper powder if you don't like.
  • For variations, you can add some hung curd instead of tomato ketchup.

Enjoy this easy, yummy Mayonnaise dip for Nachos and share your feedback with me !
mayonnaise dip for nachos chips

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Deepa Kuber said...

Loved this recipes. Thanks for sharing

Chitra said...

Thank you :)

Unknown said...

This is excellent!

Unknown said...

Very good. Naturally I was at home and had to substitute. Had no pepper, chili, or basil. Used 1/2 tso. onion powder and garlic powder. Next time I'm going with 1/2 less Catsup. Tasted like french onion dip. All good.

Chitra said...

Thank you. That's a nice variation

Unknown said...

I doubled the recipe and ate it with lime tortilla chips and oh my goodness what a great flavor combination!! 😍