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September 11, 2014

Millet Energy Mix Powder Recipe/Sathu Maavu Recipe–Millet Recipes

millet powder

Last week when i went to Salem my MIL gave me this homemade mixed millet powder/Energy mix powder and told me to prepare Dosa or porridge for our breakfast/dinner.She also told me the quantity & the procedure of making it.I never thought its so easy to make.Sorry,I couldn’t take stepwise pictures.I will try to add it soon.Yesterday i made dosa with this flour and it came out very well.I was very happy & contented to get the benefits of all millet/sirudhaniyam in one recipe Happy.Sendhil told me to blog this recipe as it may be useful to many of you.So here you go,my MIL’s mixed millet flour aka millet sathu maavu recipe for you all.But this powder is only for adults and not for kids.U can make any number of variations by adding moong dal,nuts and rice too.U can prepare all our south Indian breakfast recipes like porridge,dosa,kozhukattai,adai & paniyaram using this flour.Next week i will try to share some yummy recipes using this millet powder.
Till then check out my detailed post on millets and its varieties with its health benefits.
Thinai idli/Foxtail millet idli
Mixed millet laddu recipe

 millet energy mix powder

Millet energy mix powder

Millet energy mix powder Energy mix powder recipe using millets for healthy breakfast and dinner !
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Breakfast
Yields: 1.5 kgs
Prep time: 20 Minutes
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 30 Minutes


  • Ragi/Finger millet - 1/4 kg
  • Varagu/Kodo millet - 1/4 kg
  • Saamai/Little millet - 1/4 kg
  • Kuthiravali/Barnyard millet - 1/4 kg
  • Kambu/Pearl millet - 1/4 kg
  • Thinai/Foxtail millet - 1/4 kg

  • Clean the millets in muram if u suspect for any debris.

  • Heat a wide kadai and dry roast all the millets one by one.Stand nearby & keep mixing without moving around else it may burn as they are very small in size.Keep the flame medium high.Each millet takes maximum 3-4 minutes to get roasted.

  • Roast them one by one till its color changes slightly and u get a nice roasted smell.Collect them in a plate and let it cool.

  • After it cools down,grind them in a flour mill or mixie.Sieve it and spread the flour in a paper to cool down.Store in an air tight box.Stays good for months !

U can make sweet or salt porridge,Dosa by adding buttermilk,adai or even kozhukattai too !

  • Roasting the millets gives a nice flavour to the powder.Don’t skip it but be careful while roasting.Do not burn them.
  • For variations u can add roasted green gram dal or yellow moong dal.U can add rice too.

Make this millet powder and enjoy the benefits of all millets in one recipe Smile
Millet flour

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August 4, 2014

Thinai Idli Recipe / Foxtail Millet Idli - Millet Recipes

Foxtail millet idli recipe

Last week I tried thinai idli recipe for the first time using fermentation method.Earlier i tried an Instant Foxtail millet idli which was a super flopDoh.But this recipe worked out very well.Idli came out soft and spongy.I made idli as well as dosa with this batter.Its taste & texture was more like our usual idli,dosa.Only its color was not white.We were very happy to have a healthy breakfast recipe & i was even more happy as i have got yet another interesting idli recipe to include in my idli varieties.In other languages,Thinai is called as ”Foxtail millet” in English,”Navane” in Kannada,”Kakum”in Hindi,”Korra” in Telugu,”Thina” in Malayalam,”Kaon” in Bengali,”Kang” in Marathi & Gujarati and ”Kanghu” in Oriya.
Last year few readers told me to post some quinoa recipes & I was thinking that quinoa in called as Thinai in Tamil.But when I googled, I found quinoa & thinai (foxtail millet) are different.I will try to buy quinoa in Bangalore and try to post some healthy recipes with it.But before that,i wanted to share this easy and healthy millets recipe which is a great replacement for our rice idli.Please check this link to know more details about “Thinai & its health benefits” with pictures.Lets see how to make thinai arisi idli recipe Happy.Soon i will share some more interesting recipes with other millets too.Don’t forget to check out my Mixed millet laddo recipe & other millet recipes Batting Eyelashes.


Thinai idli/Foxtail millet idli recipe

Thinai idli/Foxtail millet idli recipe Idli recipe using Foxtail millet - Healthy breakfast recipe !
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Breakfast
Serves: 30nos
Prep time: 4 Hours
Cook time: 15 Minutes
Total time: 4H15M Minutes

 1 cup = 200ml
  • Foxtail millet/Thinai - 2.5 cups
  • Idli rice/Salem rice - 1/2 cup
  • Urad dal - 1/2 cup
  • Aval/Poha - 1/4 cup
  • Fenugreek seeds - 1/2 tsp
  • Salt & water - as needed

  • Measure & take all the ingredients together and wash it carefully .Its better if u wash it using a strainer.Soak for 3-4 hours.
  • Grind them to a smooth paste adding required water and salt.Remove mix well and allow it to ferment overnight or minimum 8 hours.
  • The  next day,batter would have raised well(Not doubled).Now mix the batter very well and pour in a idli plate.
Thinai idli recipe
  • Boil water in a idli pan and keep the plates.Steam it for 10-15 minutes.Check with the back of a spoon for doneness.If the spoon comes out clean,idli is ready.
  • Remove  the idli plate and rest it for 2-3 minutes before removing them else it will be sticky.
  • Refrigerate the batter & make dosas the next day.
Enjoy !

  • This batter becomes sour very quickly so refrigerate it after 8 hours till u use.
  • Do not use more urad dal than the mentioned quantity because idli will become sticky.
  • Do not remove the idlis if its very hot.It may be sticky.Give a standing time of 2-3 minutes before u remove.
  • If the quality of urad dal is too bad,use little more than 1/2 cup.Similarly if the quality of dal is too good,use 1/3 cup.It varies.
  • U can also make dosas using the above batter.

Do Check out my Mixed Millet laddu recipe & other millet recipes if interested !

Thinai Dosai Smile
Thinai dosai

Enjoy this healthy foxtail millet/thinai idli for breakfast with your favourite chutney and sambar !

Thinai idli recipe
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July 21, 2014


 millets laddu recipe
I am happy to share my first post on millet recipes/Siruthaniya unavugal(in Tamil) .As i wanted to start with a easy sweet recipe,i tried this mixed millets laddu adding jaggery.It came out very well.Sendhil loved it a lot.I have seen millet laddu recipes using Ragi or thinai/Foxtail millet.For a change,i used all the millets like thinai,kambu,kuthiravali,Saamai,Varagu,ragi and in addition i used yellow moong dal and barley to make it like sathumaavu urundai/Health mix powder balls.I made this laddu keeping Diabetic patients in mind.So i skipped sugar & used jaggery as i din’t have karuppatti/Palm jaggery in hand.U can give this ladoo to ur kids too if they like jaggery flavour.Else make it with powdered sugar.U can store this laddu for weeks and give ur kids one laddu a day.I am sure they will get all the nutrients required for them.Try this power packed easy millet laddu recipe for ur family and enjoy the health benefits of all the millets in one go !
Do check out my detailed post on Millets varieties,how to identify them and where to buy it Happy.
Millets ladoo

Mixed Millets laddu recipe

Mixed Millets laddu recipe Mixed Millets laddu recipe with jaggery – Healthy snacks recipes !
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Sweets
Serves: Yields 15nos
Prep time: 15 Minutes
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 25 Minutes

  • Thinai /Foxtail millet– 3 tbsp
  • Kambu /Pearl millet– 3 tbsp
  • Ragi /Finger millet– 3 tbsp
  • Kuthiravali /Barnyard millet– 3 tbsp
  • Varagu / Kodo millet– 3 tbsp
  • Saamai /Little millet– 3 tbsp
  • Moong dal – 2 tbsp
  • Barley – 1 tbsp
  • Grated jaggery – 3/4 –1 cup
  • Cardamom seeds– 4 nos
  • Melted Ghee – 6 tbsp (adjust)

  • In a wide kadai,take all the millets,moong dal,barley and cardamom seeds.Dry roast it in medium flame till u get a nice roasted aroma.Roasting takes 10 minutes based on the flame u keep.Make sure u don’t burn the millets while roasting.(If u want,u can roast  the millets one by one)
Millets laddu recipe step1
  • Allow it to cool.In the mean time,grated the jaggery and melt the ghee & roast the cashews.Now grind the roasted millets to a fine powder.Sieve if necessary.
Millets laddu recipe step2
  • After its ground smooth,add the grated jaggery and again grind it to a fine powder.Check for sweetness.Add more jaggery if u need.
Millets laddu recipe step3
  • Now take the ground mixture in a wide bowl.Make a dent in the center.Add the melted ghee and roasted cashews.Mix well with the ladle as the ghee is hot.
Millets laddu recipe step4
  • Once the mixture is warm,mix well with ur hands and make balls.Add more ghee if needed OR u can also add few drops of milk or water if u want to reduce the quantity of ghee.But the shelf life of laddu will be reduced if u add milk.So use it accordingly.
  • Make all ladoos and store in an air tight box.Enjoy.It stays good for weeks.
Millets laddu recipe step5

  • Adjust the quantity of grated jaggery as per ur sweet buds.
  • If u add less jaggery,u may need to add more ghee.
  • Sieving the ground flour is completely optional.If u don’t sieve,u may get some crunchy taste while eating not very smooth.
  • U can also add a handful of fried gram dal while roasting millets.It gives a nice flavour and an added benefit for kids.
  • U can also replace jaggery with sugar if u want to make it for kids.

Make this easy and healthy millet laddu,enjoy eating and reap its health benefits !

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