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April 17, 2009

Kathirikai Kichadi-Brinjal Gravy Recipe For Idli

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Kathirikai kichadi recipe
I learnt this recipe from my Amma.It is a Tirunelveli(Tamil nadu) style Kathirikai sambar made as a side dish for Idli.My mom calls this as Kathirikai kichadi.So I've mentioned the same as title.You can call this Kathirikai gosthu,kochu etc..This is my most favorite sambar with brinjal.My mom makes this gravy especially for me whenever i visit her place.I am a great fan of brinjal recipes whereas Sendhil is just the reverse.Last week i got some fresh brinjals from my uncle’s garden.So I got tempted to make this kichadi for me and I prepared tomato sambar for my husband.It came out exactly like my mom’s preparation.I felt like eating from my mom’s handHappy.So I am sharing my mom’s recipe with you all.Try this recipe only if you are an ardent brinjal fan like me.In this sambar,you can enjoy the original flavor of brinjal.Asafetida,coriander leaves and small onions used in it helps to enhance the taste and flavor.So do try this sambar and enjoy with hot idli.Don’t forget to add gingely oil while serving.Lets see how to make this Tirunelveli style Kathirikai Kichadi with new updated picturesHappy 
brinjal kchidi

Kathirikai Kichadi Recipe

Kathirikai Kichadi Recipe Kathirikai Kichadi Recipe - Side dish for Idli
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Side dish
Serves: Serves 4
Prep time: 10 Minutes
Cook time: 20 Minutes
Total time: 30 Minutes


  • Brinjal - 4 nos ( medium size) (Finely chopped )
  • Green chilli – 4 nos ( slit cut )
  • Tamarind –Small gooseberry size ( soak in water )
  • Small onions – 15 nos ( finely chopped )
  • Hing / Asafetida – 2 pinches
  • Salt & water - as needed
To season
  • Cooking oil - 1 tbsp
  • Mustard seeds- 1/4 tsp
  • Hing – 1/8 tsp
  • Urad dal – 1/4 tsp
  • Chana dal – 1/4 tsp
  • Coriander leaves – a fistful ( must add  to garnish )
  • Wash and chop the brinjals into small pieces. Keep them immersed in water to prevent discoloration of brinjals.Slit the green chillies and set aside.chop the small onions roughly.Soak tamarind in little water and take the extract.Keep aside.
Kathirikai kichadi
  • Heat a pressure cooker base adding oil and saute the slitted green chillies. Add brinjals to it and mix well.Add little water,salt and pressure cook the brinjals in high flame for 2-3whistles.
Kathirikai kichadi
  • Open the cooker,drain the excess water in a bowl and mash the brinjals well with a whisk or a back of ladle.You can also grind the cooked brinjals to a paste if you like smooth paste like sambar.
Kathirikai kichadi

  • Heat oil in a kadai and splutter mustard seeds,urad dal,chana dal, half the hing and curry leaves.Saute the small onions.Add the tamarind extract and the drained water from brinjals.Allow the onions to cook well.Add  the remaining Asafetida,salt when the water boils.
Kathirikai kichadi 

  • After the onions are cooked,add the mashed brinjal with some water to adjust the consistency.Let the gravy boil well.Lastly garnish with coriander leaves and switch off the flame.
Kathirikai kichadi

Enjoy with hot idli adding a tsp of gingely oil/Sesame oil ! Don’t forget sesame oil adds a great taste to this kichadi.
  • Please don’t forget to add asafetida/Hing twice here. Garnishing with coriander leaves is also a must.


    Brinjal is sweet, sharp, hot, cures fever excessive humor of phlegm and flatulation. It is an appetizer, increases virility and is light.Brinjals of small size is very delicate and it cures excessive phlegm and bile in the body.
    Eating brinjals roasted on fire after putting some salt into it cures excessive phlegm and wind humor of the body.
    Soup made up of brinjal and tomato increases the appetite and helps in digestion.
    Eating soft brinjal after baking it on fire and with raw sugar on empty stomach in the morning, cures the enlarged spleen due to malaria.
    Taking soft and baked brinjal with honey in the evening leering sound sleep. Using it for some days cures insomnia.
    The use of brinjal destroys the stones in its initial stage.
    If brinjal is taken in its mashed form or as soup with asafetida OR garlic, it cures flatulation.
    Note :
    Brinjal is not beneficial for person having excessive bile humor and one who has acidity problem. Pregnant woman should avoid its use.


  1. I too hav a similar one in my archive,but this is still simpler version,i will try next time!!

    I think most of the guys hate brinjals;D

  2. Simple recipe and sounds delicious, love anything with Brinjals! )

  3. Hi Chitra,
    LOL...for the name and ur explanation...actually I hopped and skipped and long jumped here to see the brinjal khichdi ;)but nevertheless...I found this easy wonderful recipe passed on to u by ur mom :)good one again chitra.Appreciate u for the details u give in each of ur posts.

  4. yea yum yum and you made them so well now I am craving for brinjal...

  5. Delicious dish Chitra, simple and easy with a few ingredients, thanks for sharing this lovely recipe :)

  6. Looks good...Pls do mail me the details..

  7. recipe sounds simple..looks good

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  9. No wonder that u make the dish again and again. Its a nice recipe , new to me yet. But will try it soon. Eager to taste it:)

  10. My mom calls a lot of her dishes khichdi too:)...ur version sounds great

  11. Simple, yummy and healthy...we also love brinjals :)

  12. never ate brinjal with idlis. Must be tasting delicious. Nice recipe.

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  14. Wow..I expected to see atleast coconut paste in this..But this is so unique n yum..flavor of brinjals only..:)

  15. Thnaku all friends for ur wonderful comments;)

  16. I wasn't sure how this would be served but your last photo makes it clear - and it looks delicious!

  17. Your site has so many interesting ideas for us! Thanks for popping in on us recently. We will always watch for your posts. best from Santa Barbara. s

  18. Hi chitra, i have passed on a tag and two awards to you.check out my post.

  19. This is new to me...looks simple and delicious...

  20. Thanku stockwell kalpana, phanitha and kolors of life;)

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  22. my daughter tried her first Idly today!!

  23. Hey Chitra there is an award waiting for you in my blog please collect it.

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  26. This is new to me,looks nice.

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  28. Hi Chitra,
    Pls. collect the award from my blog :) I'll be gald if u will :)

  29. Hey chittu, already ur tomato-brinjal sambar has become a routine at home nowadays..My hubby has become a g8 fan of it now..Ippo, you have posted another wonderful and useful one...Surely i will try..Tx ma.

    1. Thanks dear, do try this one. u'll like it for sure :)

  30. thanku suparna, sri and anu;)

  31. Simple & interesting. Sounds new options for idli & dosa.


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