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November 13, 2009


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I learnt this from my MIL..She makes the best thogayals and podis . We have this podi with idli/ dosa and  plain rice topped with sesame oil..

curry leaves podi

Ingredients :
  • Curry leaves – 1 bunch (1 cup)
  • Red chilly – 2-3 nos
  • Pepper – 1 tsp
  • Urad dal (round) – 2 tbsp ( or u can add 1 tbsp of urad and  1 tbsp of channa dal )
  • Hing / Asafetida – 2 pinches
  • Salt – to taste
Method :
  • Heat a kadai with a tbsp of oil and add the red chilly, urad dal, pepper corns and hing.
  • Roast till the dal changes to golden brown color.
  • Transfer the roasted ingredients to a plate.switch off the flame.
  • In the same hot kadai , add the curry leaves and toss it well.(fire off!!)
  • Leave it for sometime.. the curry leaves become crispy.
  • Finally grind everything to a fine /a bit coarse powder by adding the required salt. ( i always grind a bit coarse)
Serve with idly / dosa or mix with plain rice by adding sesame oil..


Curry leaves are extremely popular in various culinary recipes in the Indian subcontinent at acts flavor and aroma to vegetables and curries.
Crash curry leaves are shiny and dark green in color and have a distinctive aroma and taste to it. Curry leaves recipe involved the use of fresh curry is as well as powdered curry leaves to enhance the flavor of salads, chutneys and spices. The health benefits of curry leaves include improved functioning of the small intestine and stomach, improved quality of digestive juices during digestion, and increased salivary secretion.

Most Indian dishes are devoid without the addition of curry leaves and hence any form of curry substitute in its place does not match to the real thing. Indians usually require fresh curry leaves in their diet.
Curry leaves health benefits also include relief from kidney pain, arresting the premature graying of hair, treatment of minor superficial skin injuries, and managing diabetes.
The bark and root of the curry leaves plant is believed to hold medicinal properties as some herbalists claim that the powdered form of the bark and root can be used for a variety of disorders including treating diabetes; however further research is needed to verify these claims and hence diabetes patients must not rely solely on curry leaves as a form of treatment. A liberal consumption of curry leaves is believed to be beneficial in nourishing the roots of the hair thus preventing further hair loss. Some communities in the Indian subcontinent steep fresh curry leaves in hot coconut oil and use it as a medium for nourishing the hair roots. It is believed that by doing so, premature graying of hair can be stopped.
The herb also possesses the qualities of the herbal tonic and can be consumed along with honey of buttermilk in strengthening the functions of the digestive system. As a treatment for diarrhea and dysentery, tender green curry leaves to work effectively when with honey. The root and the bark of the curry leaves tree is also used by some herbalists in treating bilious vomiting. As an external application curry leaves can be used as a poultice to treat skin eruptions and minor skin infections.

The fresh juice of curry leaves are also used as an eye treatment for certain eye disorders, especially in arresting the development of cataract.
Traditional practitioners suffuse the fresh extract of curry leaves in the eyes of patients who suffer from bad eyesight thus helping them to prevent early development of eye disorders.  The fruit of the curry leaves tree are believed to be edible and also possess medicinal properties when used as an external application for insect bites and stings of poisonous creatures. The juice of the fruits is blended with an equal quantity of lemon juice and is used to apply on the bites for instant and immediate relief.

tomato peas gravy from valar
I prepared this gravy for chapatti .It was very tasty and easy to prepare too..I am sure it’ll taste great with idly / dosa too..So planning to prepare the same for idli / dosa..Thanks a lot valar..
I should have posted these lovable awards in my previous post itself .But I was in a hurry to post the recipe..So i couldn’t do it.These awards were given to me by our dear blogger ASHKUKU..Thanks a ton dearie.I really felt elated and excited  .I am  honored and touched by ur awards..
AsraAward award2 I_love_reading_your_blog HugMugAward
InspirationAward kreativblogger
lovely_blog_award11 yumpp


  1. Wow,a vibrant picture of curry leaves podi,amma made when she came here,i took picture too its still in my drafts ;)

  2. amazing colour for this kariveppilai podi; I 'm going to try this with channa and urad dhal together;

    I have never known that these trees produce fruits (nice information)!!

  3. and congratulations for all these awards and enjoy!!!!!!

  4. பொடி பார்க்க பச்சை பசலென்று சூப்பராக இருக்கு.

    விருது பெற்றமைக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!

  5. Congrats on your award and delicious podi

  6. Thanks for ur sweet , quick comments :)

  7. Chitra, romba azhagaana green colour to your podi. Mine is always darker.
    Congratulations on the awards.

  8. The brilliant green color of the podi itlsef tell us how tasty it shud be!! Congrats on all your awards dear!! :)

  9. Curryleaf podi is new to me...Gorgeous color...

  10. congrats on all ur awards dear......podi looks yumm....nice color too, mine turns time will fallow ur method.

  11. Congrats on all ur awards!!!

    Lovely podi to me.

  12. hi,
    congrats on ur awards:p I too had made the curry leaves podi, it's def.. a must keep recipe :)

  13. Curry leaves podi looks prefect Chitra..

  14. Looks good and I can consume a dozen of dosa with these podi anytime of the day whenever I feel like..:)

  15. Congrats on ur awards.... u deserve more than that... Blogfares!!! of course.... I will......


  16. What a pretty color! I love curry leaves podi!

  17. Superb color! I have always liked podis of all sorts :-). Congrats on the awards

  18. Nice healthy the vibrant color :)

  19. yummy color of the podi...
    Nice post...
    congrats on the awards...

  20. Podi looks delicious and exellent click dear....Congrats on ur awards.

  21. What a colour,even my mil also keeps this in stock and we always mix a spoon of this daily in daily meal.
    Thanks for the information abt the curry leaf,i made my daughter,(who always takes out the curry leaf from the food served,) to read this and now she felt the importance of the leaf.
    Congrats on ur award.

  22. My all time fav. Looks healthy & pretty!

  23. pls see this link

  24. Gorgeous color! congrats on all your awards :-)

  25. It looks really nice... the podi is amazing.

  26. Looks good!I love this except that the curry leaves are way too expensive here in the States.

  27. The chutney powder looks very refreshing! :)

  28. mmm. I can smell the podi from the picture. looks sooo tempting Chitra. Yummy :) Congrats on all those awards.

  29. kariveppilai podi looks awesome Chitra. What an inviting color!

    Congrats on all ur awards dear:)

  30. Nice green color, looks tempting and congrats on your awards.
    Thanks for trying the tomato peas gravy. I'm glad u liked it.

  31. Healthy podi and also yummy to have with idli/ dosas and congrats on all your awards :)

  32. Oh u made me mom used to make these she couriers it to me.This is a great podi!!!!Yours look so goooooood!

  33. Karivepilai podi's color looks great, mine always tend to become bit light...seems like ur MIL also a great cook, in the family:) Nice recipe + picture, dear.

  34. Podis are so good at adding an unbelievable flavour to a meal.

  35. Hi chitra,

    Lovely podi dear

    Congrats on ur awards!!!!!!!

    Kindly pick up the award from my blog dear

    with luv,

  36. What a beautiful colour - i love kariveppilai podi.

  37. Healthy & yummy one.My aunty will prepare this for me,looks good

  38. Congrats on ur Awards,keep rocking


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