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February 20, 2013

KAMARKAT | கமர் கட்டு

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Kamar kat piece


We all would have tasted  Kamar kat , thean mittai , javvu mittai , elandha vadai etc in our young age from petty shops and nowadays we don’t find this easily in the market Sad smile. Our kids don’t have even any idea about it..So to make our kids savour its taste & to satisfy our cravings , i tried this recipe from my MIL’s old cookbook collections.To my surprise , the recipe was given using microwave which made me very happy to try.This is a very simple recipe which has only coconut & jaggery.The consistency of jaggery syrup is very important here.If the consistency is right , u’ll get this color , otherwise u wont.The size of kamar kat is of big gooseberry size.But i made it smaller to get 10 balls Winking smile.I used microwave high (800w) setting in this recipe. Based on ur oven settings , please change the time.I made this for three times consecutively and i got it right in the third time..I made in very small quantity which yielded around 10 pieces..Try the same quantity (including the water) i mentioned here to get the best result.. I have given the stove top method in the notes section ..But I prefer microwave .. Smile .. It came out very flavourful & tasty with the smell of coconut & jaggery..Though it gave a good exercise to the jaws , its worthy to taste Winking smile . Do try n let me know how u liked it..

kamar kat in bottle
  • Grated coconut – 1/4 cup
  • Grated jaggery – 3/4 cup
  • Water – 1/8 cup
  • Cardamom powder -  1/8 tsp ( 1-2 seeds )
  • Ghee – 1 tsp
  • Rice flour – 1 tbsp (to coat the kamarkat )
  • Grate the coconut and grind in the mixie once to break the small pieces ..
kamar kat tile 1
  • Take the ghee in a microwave safe bowl and melt it by keeping for 20 seconds in microwave high power (800w) ..Remove the bowl and add the coconut gratings.. Mix well and again keep in high power for 1 minute to roast the coconut..Coconut will be turned slightly brown in color..Keep it aside & allow it to cool completely..
kamar kat tile 2
  • Now in a microwave bowl ( choose a big bowl) , take 1/8 cup of water  and heat it for 1 min in high power..When the water is boiled , add the grated jagggery , mix well and again keep in microwave for 1 minute for the jaggery to melt completely..Strain the jaggery to remove the impurities..
kamar kat tile 3
  • Again microwave the strained jaggery syrup in high power for 2 minutes & 20 seconds to bring the hard ball consistency.. ( ie , when u drop the syrup in a plate of water , u should be able to roll a hard ball and when u drop the ball , u should get a “tung” sound.. The ball should look glossy.. Usually we make this syrup to make chikkis/kadalai mittai) .. The time i have mentioned here is perfect when u keep in 800w power. If ur microwave has less watts settings , please increase the timing in seconds and check it. This step is very, very important..Please keep an eye after 2 minutes and increase the time by 10 seconds to get the consistency..
kamar kat tile 4
  • Now add the roasted coconut , cardamom powder and keep in microwave high for 1 minute 30 seconds .. Remove the mixture for every 30 seconds , mix well and again keep it..After 1.30 minutes , the mixture will be slightly thick and it will leave the sides and non sticky to touch.U’ll be able to roll it..
kamar kat tile 5
  • Now transfer the entire contents into a plate and make balls , coat in rice flour and keep aside. Allow it to cool completely. It will become hard..
kamar kat tile 6
Store in a box n enjoy  !!
kamar kat bottle 1
  • For stove top method , melt a tsp of ghee in  a pan and roast the grated coconut till u get a nice aroma & slight brown color..In a bowl, take the grated jaggery along with little water just to cover it..Melt the jaggery and strain to remove the impurities. Again heat the syrup, it will become frothy & thick. After few minutes , pour a drop of syrup in a plateful of water. U should be able to roll a hard ball & makes a tung sound when dropped.. Now add the roasted coconut & again keep the bowl in the flame & keep on mixing it. At one stage , the mixture become thick & it leaves the sides. When the ,mixture is still warm , grease ur hands with oil and make tight balls.Roll in rice flour & set aside.. Follow the same for all the balls. Rolling in rice flour prevents sticking of kamarkat with each other when kept in bottles..
  • Rolling in rice flour is very important to avoid the sticking of balls with each other..
  • My MIL told me to use even lesser coconut than the above quantity..U can use 2 tbsp too. It will be enough..
kamar kat bite


  1. wow! I too wanted to post this :) Mami makes so well. Looks so tempting!

  2. This is my fav one during the school days, Craving for this right now

  3. omg :) i didnt know that we can prepare at home ! i wll try one day for sure !

  4. I have to try this; thank you for sharing the recipe.

  5. OMG ! u recollected my childhood memories... Love this even now...

  6. wow..delicious and tempting .

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  7. wow luks so tempting Chitra,wanna grab one from the bottle:)

  8. You are rite now a days can't find these treats and exercise to jaws for sure but yours looks way too good than the shops one...drooling here

  9. looove this mittai..brings back my childhood memories..

  10. Wow!!!!!looks so delicious and perfectly made,I miss this one a lot...

  11. I have made only on stove top. The microwave method I have to try. Book marking this recipe.

  12. I showed this to my spouse (the Tamilian) and asked if he had eaten it. He was so visibly excited. Said it was the Indian version of a lollipop. They used to add peanuts too and have it on a stick. Will definitely try it sometime.

  13. Chitra , you are genius dear!wow! I love this very much. Thanks for sharing. Kamarkat looks delicious.

  14. I loved kamarkattu and thaen mittai when growing up too... This looks awesome!

  15. Delicious small treat, I love the combo of coconut and jaggery.

  16. wow awesome gal...this was one of my childhood fav....luv that you found the recipe....btw beautiful clicks...
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  17. Never had before but feel like trying it out.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. i don't remember trying this before but looks very tempting...

  20. Kamar kattu is my favorite. I have to try this

  21. Love traditional rice based sweets,this is new to me but looks very delicious...

  22. I will not crib if I get these to eat :-) First click is awesome

  23. Remembering my childhood. want to grab the bottle. looks supergood.

  24. wow, I will try this soon, thanks for sharing.

  25. You are making me nostalgic.Love to have it during my school days.

  26. Dear Mrs Chitra
    I have gone through your recipe. Roasting of the coconut grating and mixing with the jagery syrup is excellent. Probably this is the method that gives the characteristic red colour. I have so far prepared by cooking the coconut grating and jagery together and it comes out soft. I shall try your method and offer my comments. Your recipe is very good. I appreciate the original red tinge associated with the Kamarkat. Please go through my post

    With regards Rangarajan Bangalore 28.04.2013

    1. Thank u so much sir. Please try and let me know ur feedback :)

  27. PI have tried these and just loved them . I will post it tomorrow with a link back to your space.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank u so much sapna for the feedback.. :)U made my day !

  28. hi chitra, i made this came out well. for a very longtime i was searching for this recipe.and now i got it from u.and that brought back my childhood days memory.thank u.

    i want one more recipe from u. its coconut burfi that we get from ganga tastes yummy and it is in yellow colour.i even tried with dessicated coconut but didnt get that taste.u please taste and try it for me.

    once i was searching for kaju lotus recipe and i got from ur blog tried and got it right..hope this recipe also i will get it from u

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback Harini.I am so glad u like this kamarkat and kaju lotus.I will try to post the one u asked:)


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