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October 16, 2013


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mudakathan --dosai-001
Mudakathan keerai /Balloon vine leaves/Harivay Soppu/buddakakara - I have never heard about this keerai and this dosa recipe till my marriage. When i was newly married my MIL made it once by taking the mudakathan leaves from our backyard. I tasted that for the first time ..I loved its color , taste and flavor very much.After so many years , my MIL made it recently buying these leaves from US (Uzhavar sandhai , this is how Sendhil calls Open-mouthed smile.Whenever I ask him to take me to US , he immediately says like this).I got a bunch from her and made on my own for the first time. It just came out perfect !! It comes out very soft as well as crispy even though we add less urad dal.Apart from its amazing health benefits , i just love this keerai for its flavor. Do try this dosa if u get mudakathan keerai. U’ll start making it often..Please click this link if u interested to know its health benefits..
Here is a picture of mudakathan keerai from our backyard  Smile .Click on the image to see an enlarged view..

mudakathan plant collage

1 cup - 200ml
Makes 12-15 dosas
  • Mudakathan keerai – 2 cups
  • Boiled rice/idli rice – 1.5 cups
  • Urad dal – 1.5 tbsp
  • Methi seeds – 3/4 tsp
  • Salt & water – as needed

  • Wash and soak the rice , dal and methi seeds together for 2 hours.Remove the mudakathan leaves from stalk , wash twice and set aside..
  • First grind the leaves adding enough water. Then add the rice n dal and grind it to a smooth paste adding ice cold water . The batter looks green and smooth..
mudakathan dosai tile1
mudakathan dosai tile2
  • Allow it to ferment for 12 hours minimum or overnight.
  • The next morning mix the batter well. Heat dosa pan and spread a thin or thick dosa . Drizzle a tsp of gingely oil and cook for sometime till it turns golden brown a bit.Flip the dosa , cook again , remove and serve ..
mudakathan dosai tile3
Tastes great with coconut chutney or tomato chutney !!
mudakathaan dosa recipe-001

Crispy mudakathan dosai Smile
mudakathan keerai dosa

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  1. my mom make this dosai everyweek...your dosa looks crisp and yummy...nice clicks

  2. I was not a big fan when I was a kid. I used to cry literally when I need to eat it ;) But now I think I will like it as taste changes :) Lovely clicks

  3. these leaves are so new to me and the Dosa as well. lovely colour and such great health benefits. awesome job

  4. lovely clicks i have tasted many times ! its good for health

  5. wow that is so healthy and so pleasant to the eyes!!!

  6. super healthy dosai, love it dear, my mom makes this a lot ....

  7. like that dark green color.. looks so natural and healthy

  8. nice never tasted it but looks very very healthy dear.Got to try it atleast once.

  9. healthy dosa, missing this green here, makes me nostalgic :-)

  10. Missing this keera here, its been ages i had this keerai.Healthy dosai..

  11. looks so yummy, never heard of it before.

  12. Dosa looks very delicious and healthy..

  13. Never heard of this. Looks very delicious and healthy!

  14. Delicious and this dosa recipe!!

  15. omg so very soft and attractive dosa :) very very healthy and delicious looking !!

  16. very healthy n nutritious dosa....would love to have one nw

  17. Even uma was telling me about this keerai when she posted long back.Lovely recipe dear.

  18. I too never heard of this chitz.But I love to try it when Icome across it.

  19. mudakkathan keerai dosai looks awesome! Love the way it has beautifully fermented!


  20. Hi good recipe I got this keerai today.Can I eat this dosa 3to4times a week by keeping the batter in the fridge?

    1. Hi harini u can eat. But it increases body heat. So drink buttermilk or tender coconut water if u need


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