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August 10, 2014


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Happy raksha bandhan

Wishing u all a very happy Raksha Bandhan Happy.On this Rakhi festival day,i am here with an easy,peasy 3  minutes microwave sweet recipe,Mysore pak.
Thanks a ton Aarthi ( yummytummy) for sharing this wonderful recipe with us.I tried Mysore pak for the first time in my life and it was a huge hit among my family and friends.My family members are not a big fan of mysorepak.So i never got an idea to try this sweet recipe by seeing the time consuming procedure and the gallons of gheeNot talking.But i know my Sister is a die hard fan of mysore pak especially from Sri krishna sweets and Salem Lakshmi sweets. She loves the soft,melt in mouth texture and she never minds about emptying one full box of it in one daySurprise.So just for her sake,i wanted to try Mysore pak recipe for this year’s Diwali.But when i saw this super easy,Instant microwave mysore pak recipe & that too in less than 5 minutes,i got tempted like anything and bookmarked it immediately.In this method,you don’t have to worry about sugar syrup consistency,no stirring job,less ghee comparitively & moreover it gets ready in 5 minutes.Its really a great sweet for beginners to try.
In Facebook’s Bombatt bhojana group,few people had tried the same and shared their pictures too.This gave me double assurance for this recipe to try.So what else,i tried this yummy mysore pak recipe for 3 times since yesterday & passed some of them to my friends too.They all loved it very much,took the recipe,tried it immediately & shared their pictures with me.I was so happy because this is the first recipe which became a super hit even before i blog it hereParty.I have shared all the possible tips in “Note” section.This mysore pak won't come out so porous and not so soft like SKC's mysore pak.Its texture would be in the middle.But this recipe really makes wonders in less than 5 minutes i should say!.Try this,u will come to know.I was very much satisfied with my first attempt.I will try to share the stove top authentic mysore pak recipe for this Diwali.Friends,do prepare this easy,yummy mysore pak recipe for Raksha bandhan celebration & treat your brothers Big Hug.Lets see how to make this mysorepak at home using microwave instantly !!
As i clicked the pictures in the late evening,it din’t do justice to this recipe Sad.I will try to upload some good pictures with a video soon.

Easy microwave mysore pak recipe

Easy microwave mysore pak recipe Easy,instant mysore pak recipe using microwave in less than 5 minutes
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Sweet
Serves: 6-8nos
Prep time: 5 Minutes
Cook time: 3 Minutes
Total time: 8 Minutes


  • Besan flour - 1/2 cup
  • Powdered sugar or icing sugar - 1 cup
  • Melted ghee - 1/2 cup + 1 tbsp
  • Boiled & cooled milk - 2 tsp ( at room temp,not hot)

  • Powder 1/2 cup of crystal sugar to a fine powder.U will get around 1 cup.Set aside.Melt ghee & measure it.Set aside.Keep a plate ready greased with ghee.( I used my aluminium burfi plate which i bought from Salem) .In a wide bowl,sieve the gram flour.Keep aside.
Mysore pak 1
  • In a microwave safe bowl(preferably glass bowl), take 1 tbsp of melted ghee & add the sieved gram flour.Mix well and keep it in microwave high power ( mine is 800w) for 1 minute.It will get roasted well.
How to make mysore pak
  • Now remove the roasted gram flour in a bowl and set aside.In the same microwave bowl,take 1/2cup of melted ghee,add the powdered sugar or icing sugar & 2 tsp of milk.Mix well.
How to make mysore pak 1
  • To this,add the roasted gram flour without any lumps( this is more important to get a soft,non-crumbly mysore pak).
How to make mysore pak 2
  • Mix well and microwave in high power for 1 minute.U can see the ghee completely melted and floating on top.Remove and stir it well.
How to make mysore pak recipe
  • Again microwave for 1 minute in high power.Take it out,u can see foamy texture with bubbles in it.If its not foamy,mix well & keep it again for 30 seconds.
How to make mysore pak 4
  • After 30 seconds,remove & Just pour it in the greased plate,press it very well with the back of spatula and smoothen it.The mixture will be slightly crumbly.Don’t worry.
  • Leave it aside for 10-15 minutes.Once it becomes warm,draw shapes.Remove once its cooled down completely.
How to make mysore pak 5
How to make mysore pak 6
Serve n enjoy it ! Tastes yummy.Initially u may feel it little hard but as the time proceeds,it will become soft.It tastes best the next day.But everything will be vanished within NO time!!


  • Cooking time depends on the heat & power of microwave.But don’t worry,even if u keep it for 30secs extra by mistake,it comes out well.But at any cost,do not keep it more than 2 mins 30 seconds excluding roasting time.
  • I used melted ghee in this recipe.If u use frozen ghee,take the required ghee & melt in microwave for 1 minute each time and then use.Do not use frozen ghee as it is.It won’t work.
  • Don’t worry if the mixture becomes crumbly because of over cooking.Just spread the mixture in greased plate and press it very well with a spatula or with ur hands covering the mixture with sheet.Careful,it would be very hot.It will set when it turns warm.Tastes good too.Second time,i over cooked it slightly & color became dark but still the taste was great.
  • Make sure there are no lumps in besan flour before & after roasting because lumps results in uneven cooking and crumbly mysore pak.So better break it well with ur hands or sieve it well.
  • As i said,it tastes the best as time proceeds.So reserve few pieces to check its actual taste the next day.
  • U can also use icing sugar instead of powdered sugar.
  • If using crystal sugar,powder 1/2 cup of it.U will get little less than 1 cup.But that’s enough for this sweet.

Don’t forget to check out my Easy coconut ladoo recipe too

Enjoy Rakhi festival with this easy,yummy sweet !! Once again i wish u all a very happy
Raksha Bandhan Party

mysore pak recipe

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  1. Wow..... Such an inviting Mysore pak recipe, so easy and quick !! Will surely give it try.

  2. It sure is a quikie recipe.Looks yum..

  3. Wow! that was perfect and quick mysore pak.. Loved it.

  4. I love instant recipes like this. Super easy and tasty recipe Chitra.

  5. 3 minutes is influencing me a lot:-) looks super tempting will definitely try soon Chitra

  6. wow! looks easy to make and perfect..

  7. Mysore pak looks yum.. will try this easy recipe..

  8. Definitely a quick fix, prefect to make even if we have sudden guests..

  9. wow yummy treat.. so well explained step by step and i just love it pass :P

  10. nicely cut & quick recipe..yummy!

  11. Tried it today,,,,,, it was very easy ,, soft n tasty ,,, just melts in mouth ,, it exactly took 3 mins loved it 😊😊😊 tastes yummmmmmmmm

    1. Thanks a lot for trying & the feedback. I am so glad !

  12. Replies
    1. Milk should be added along with the sugar,Please check step no 3 along with the picture :)

  13. Hi Chitra,

    Thanks for your recipe! I read this recipe in the FB CAL group and was tempted to try it - I love Mysore Pak but never attempted to make it - wary of attempting anything that is supposed to set since it requires expertise to get the right setting consistency! However this appeared to be an easy one to give it a go - hence I did :) It wasn't as good as yours - a little crumbly, though I did mange to cut pieces but overall better that I had expected from myself ! Thanks for explaining it so well!

    1. Thanks a lot Seema for taking time to share your experience & feedback :) Actually the consistency of this mysore pak is unpredictable.U may get it really soft or crumbly sometimes based on the quantity of ghee & time we keep.It varies for each microwave.It also depends on Sugar quantity.Even i had got mixed results but the final outcome would be tasty :).Thanks for trying and feedback :)

  14. Thanks a lot for sharing very TASTY & delicious recipe. The taste is similar to what we called in GUJARAT "MAGAS". In swaminarayan temples the distribute it as PRASAD. Thanks again from my kids.

    1. Thanks a lot for trying and the feedback.U made my day !

  15. Hai chitra can i do it in gas the same process. cani do it please tell me the suggestion.

    1. Hi i think u can try. But i have not tried it so far.

    2. Hi i think u can try. But i have not tried it so far.

  16. Mine came like halwa even after it has coolen down. Its not hard . What could be the reason :(

    1. May be quantity of ghee would be more.U can try heating it for a minute more in MW,Hope it will turn out well.

    2. Hi
      The same happened to mine. Do you measure the ghee when solid?
      Next time I will try with a little less ghee

    3. No, melt the ghee and measure at room temperature. U will get it right :)

  17. My daughter luves mysore pak but i couldn't think of making it at home..Thank u sooo much for your easy recipe :)

  18. Thanks for teaching me Easy, fresh and homemade MP. We all loved it! I am confident to try sweets now. Though mine was a bit hard, the taste was yum.

    1. Thanks for trying. Please reduce 2-3 seconds less time.u will get it soft:)

  19. Hai. Thanks for this easy recipe.. I'm malaysian but really love indian sweet.. will try this..
    Btw, really love u blog..

  20. Hi. Tried this today and came out good. Really quick and easy version without compromising the taste. Thanks:)

  21. Oh thanks a lot chitraji!!! I tried dis it comes very nice n yemmy...namaste

  22. Hi!
    Tried this today and it got burnt :( .. I followed the exact measurements and steps. What did I do wrong? My microwave is 900w.

    1. I guess its due to the timing. As mine is 800w, it took 2.5 minutes. Yours might have needed lesser time, may be 30sec less.Did you stir it every 30 secs as mentioned? Please let me know how much time did you keep ? Thanks

  23. Hi,
    I had too much of flowing ghee in d end with all measurements as in the recipe. what could be the reason?

    1. Just cook for one to 11/2 minute more. It comes out well.


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