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January 6, 2015

Veg Burger Recipe-Mc Donald’s Style Burger Patty Recipe

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Veg burger recipe

Don’t u get tempted to try if u come across a recipe titled “Mc Donald’s style Veg Burger Recipe” ??Batting Eyelashes I know many of your answers would be YESHappy.Yeah,i too tried Veg burger for the first time in my kitchen after getting very much tempted by watching this video.In that video,he had shared the recipe of Mc Donald’s style McVeggie burger patty recipe with easily available ingredients in all our pantries and moreover it was Eggless!.I just made few changes in the ingredients & method as per my convenience.I replaced corn meal with powdered corn flakes just like my KFC style Veg Strips and i used crushed garlic instead of garlic powder.The result was awesome!!The Patty was super crispy outside and soft inside.I also tried grilling in my convection oven instead of deep frying and it came out pretty well.You can also opt for shallow frying if you are calorie conscious.What ever be the method of cooking,patties taste great.This recipe is really a keeper and i am planning to make it for my daughter’s birthday party too.Sendhil loved it a lot and i guess he won’t take me to Mc Donald’s anymore as i started making it at home regularly Winking.Very soon,i will share my daughter’s most favourite KFC Potato krisper/Aloo burger recipe which would be more of our Indian style.Friends,do try this easy burger recipe using store bought burger buns and mayonnaise & let me know how it turned out for you Happy.Procedure may seem a bit lengthy as i made bread crumbs & corn meal on my own.If u have them readymade in hand,making this burger would be really easy !!

Veg burger recipe
Veg burger patty recipe

Mc Donald’s Veggie burger recipe

Mc veggie burger recipe Veg burger with homemade burger patty recipe – Mc Donald's style !
Cuisine: International
Category: Snacks
Serves: 4 nos
Prep time: 60 Minutes
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 70 Minutes

For arranging burger
  • Fresh Burger buns - 4 nos
  • Lettuce leaves - few
  • Shredded celery - as needed ( i used cabbage)
  • mayonnaise - as needed
  • Sliced tomato - 4 slices
  • Cheese slice – 4 nos ( optional,i dint use)
For burger patty
  • Boiled potatoes - 3nos ( medium)
  • Cooked peas - 1/4 cup
  • Carrot - 1 no ( finely chopped)
  • Onion - 1 no ( finely chopped)
  • Garlic crushed – 4 nos
  • Thick poha/Aval – 1/2 cup ( soak in water for 20 minutes)
  • Maida - 1.5 tbsp
  • Salt & water – as needed
Spice powder recipe
  • Chilli flakes  or paprika – 1/2 tsp
  • Amchoor powder –1/2 tsp
  • Turmeric powder – 1/8 tsp
  • Pepper powder – 1 tsp
  • Salt – as needed
  • Parsley – 1/4 tsp
For batter
  • Maida - 1/2 cup
  • Corn flour – 1/4 cup
  • Corn meal OR powdered corn flakes - 1/4 cup
  • Oil – 1 tbsp 
  • Water - as needed
Bread crumbs - 1 cup  ( to coat)

  • Finely powder the cornflakes in a mixer and keep in a bowl.Mix all the powders given under “ Spice powder” and set aside.( If u are using raw corn flakes,microwave it in high power for 1.5 minutes & then powder it)
Veg burger recipe-1
  • Wash and soak poha in hot water for 20 minutes.Then crush & squeeze it with ur hands very well.It will become a dough like thing.Keep it covered & set aside.
Veg burger recipe-2
  • Pressure cook potatoes,peel the skin,mash it well.Cook the peas and keep it ready.Chop the carrots and keep it in hot water till use.Chop onions.
Veg burger recipe-3
  • In a kadai,heat oil and saute onions,crushed garlic cloves till onion turns transparent.Now add the carrot and saute till its soft.Add some salt to quicken the cooking process.Lastly add the mashed potato and cooked peas.Add little water & let the carrot cook for some time.After carrots are cooked & water is absorbed,add the spice powder mix.Adjust salt.Mix well & Mash it with the back of ladle.Finally add the soaked & squeezed poha and maida.Mix well.Poha & maida acts as a binding agent here.So mash it really well and make the entire mixture to a thick dough. Switch off the flame & let it cool.
Veg burger recipe-4
Veg burger recipe-5
  • After the mixture is cooled down,wrap it in a polythene sheet like a cylinder as shown in the picture.Cover the edges using a rubber band.Refrigerate it for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
    • After 30 minutes,remove the patty dough and roll it tightly.Cut it into roundels.Refer picture below.The size of the patty should be the size of burger.Roll the patty on the kitchen counter or a plate to bring uniform thickness and to make a perfect round.
Veg burger recipe-6
  • In the mean time,prepare the batter & bread crumbs.To prepare bread crumbs,remove the corners i.e brown part of the bread and powder it in a mixie.Set aside in  a plate.Homemade instant bread crumbs is ready.For the batter,mix all the ingredients given under “ for batter” and add little water to make a thick dosa batter consistency.Keep it ready.
Veg burger recipe-7
  • Now dip the patty and in maida batter.Again dip in bread crumbs.Repeat the same once again.Yes,u have to coat it twice to get a super crispy exterior.
Veg burger recipe-8
  • Now heat oil to deep fry and check the temperature by dropping a pinch of batter.If it comes up,simmer the flame completely and drop the patty.If the heat of the oil is high,patty will burn.So take care.Cook only in low flame till they turn golden brown in both the sides.Flip it whenever needed.Deep fry,remove & drain in a tissue.Repeat the same procedure and keep all the patties ready.
Veg burger recipe-9
  • For arranging the burger : Take the burger bun and slit into two roundels.Toast in dosa pan by drizzling oil or butter.Take one portion of the bun and apply mayonnaise using a spoon.
Veg burger recipe-10
  • Wash and chop lettuce & celery.Place some of them on the bun.Now keep the patty.Above the patty keep some lettuce leaves,tomato slice & cheese slice.Cover it with another portion of toasted bun.( i applied mayonnaise on both the portions of bun as we love it that way)
      • Adjust the quantity of mayonnaise as per ur taste.You can also keep some onion rings,tomato slices & cheese slices if u like.
Veg burger recipe-11
Veg burger recipe-12
Serve immediately with ketchup !! Enjoy it to the core !!


  • Use fresh burger buns for best taste.
  • As per the actual recipe,u have to refrigerate the boiled potatoes for 6 hours.But i skipped that step.
  • I have used corn flakes powder instead of corn meal here. U can add corn meal if u have in hand.
  • I coated the patty twice in the batter & bread crumbs to make a crispy exterior.But make sure oil is in right temperature else patty will get burnt.
  • You can make the patties instantly instead of refrigerating it for 30 minutes.In that case,take a ball of dough and pat it to bring the shape and proceed as given above.
  • If u r planning to make this for parties,u can make the dough very well in advance and refrigerate it by tightly wrapping in sheet & keep it covered.This dough stays good for 2 days in refrigerator if  properly stored.
    • Adjust the quantity of mayonnaise as per ur taste.You can also add keep some onion rings,tomato slices & cheese slices if u like.

Try this veg burger recipe for your family.I am sure u won’t step into Mc D anymore !Tongue
Veg burger recipe
Veg Burger – After a bite by me Winking

Burger-after a bite

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  1. I Was having a plan to make burger for this week.. Looks so good.

  2. this looks amazing... thanks for sharing... bookmarking this to try sometime...

  3. I just love the mcd's mcspicy so much!!! So yummy!

  4. wow this is sure a much healthier alternative to the McD Burger with poha and carrots. love the clicks. too tempting!!

  5. Wow!! Looks perfect and better than the McD's !! Very well explained!!

  6. Looks perfect well explained step by step with pic awesome Chitra,my son is addicted to mMc D,will sure try tis for his birthday. N will give him a surprise.

    1. Sure Swathi.Try it.I am sure he will love it :)

    2. Hi Chitra, 2day was son birthday n I prepared burger,the recipe posted by u it was very tasty superb crispy ,than the cake kids enjoyed the burg

    3. Thanks a TON Swathi . I am really glad to hear this :)

    4. Hi Chitra, 2day my son birthday I prepared burger it was very tasty he loved it was small party all enjoyed.Superb crispy .

    5. Hi Chitra u posted an excellent andperfect recipe for veg burgerMcdonal style. I made it today it came out very gud only problem that the patty mixture became very soft but after fryig it was crisp from outside what do i do to make d batter hard.

    6. This happens if the cooked vegetables have some water content in it.To make it hard you can add some maida to it.Then refrigerate n proceed.Hope it helps :) Thanks.

  7. that is super tempting... you have made it sooooo good!!!

  8. Chitra,saw your veg burger recipe.Innovative.Neat & detailed presentation.Home made is always healthier,costs less.Children & your loved ones ''surely like this & soon may become their favorite menu.Those who are not familiar with this recipe ''ll surely try to do themselves at their home.

  9. Not a fan of burger,but ur clicks makes me to try:)

  10. Looks so good. And just like the ones from McD.

  11. veg burger looks amazing.. would love to try this sometime..

  12. Hi, I thought chilli flakes and paprika are same, pls clarify......

  13. Hi Bala, Paprika & chilli flakes are similar.Instead of writing parsley,i have mentioned paprika.Its a typo.I have changed it now.Thanks for the mention :)

  14. Loved your recipe...will try surely

  15. Hi Chitra,
    I tried this burger today for breakfast and it turns out good .Even i cant believe, in first attempt itself, i turns out this much tasty.Few patties are left over, going to make cutlet for evening tea. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank u so much Sandhiya :) I am glad to hear this.

  16. Hi, I need a quick suggestion..I don't have corn meal or corn flakes at home...can u please tell me whether I can use oats by dry roasting and powdering it.

  17. Hi,U can use.But crispiness may be less.Pls leave a note abt the result if u try with oats.Thanks :)

    1. Hi Chitra,
      Really I want to thank u for sharing this recipe.i made few changes like instead of cornflakes or corn meal I used fine rava...mind blowing crispness...as we don't use onion and garlic.i used cabbage, hing. .we all enjoyed...Thx a lot

    2. Thank u so much Preethi for leaving your feedback promptly.Adding fine rava is a nice replacement.Glad it tasted grt without onion,garlic too.These tips will help my jain readers.Thanks again :)

  18. Hi chitra. Ur recipe for the mc Donalds burger qas just awesome. I just tried it today. Everyone at ma place just loved it. Thanks alot for sharing this recipe

  19. when r u making the kfc rice bowlz with curry

  20. Replies
    1. Sure.I am trying to make it perfect and then share here.So its taking time.I will try to make it soon.Thanks :)

    2. Here is the link for KFC Rice bowlz.Please chck it : http://www.chitrasfoodbook.com/2015/08/kfc-veg-rice-bowlz-recipe-sunday-lunch.html

  21. These are fantastic! I gave up beef, pork, & chicken for lent and these will be perfect for a great dinner that both DH & I will love!

    Top rated Belden Cable

    1. Thank you.Do try it and share your thoughts :)

  22. Hi Chitra, your recipe looks yummy. Planning to make for my sons birthday. Please suggest whether I can fry the patties in the morning for evening party. Thank you.

  23. Hi Navita,You can make the dough for patty & coat in bread crumbs.Keep it refrigerated in advance.But if you deep fry them in advance,i don't think its crispness would stay for long.U can try reheating in microwave but the actual crispness can't be achieved.So its better to do it half an hour before party :)

  24. Really very usefull.
    I am really surprised, how I missed such a great site !

  25. Hi chitra..

    Just tried your recipe loved it.. Didn't have cornmeal.. So I used rolled oats.. Results where perfect..
    I have tried so many other recipes of veggie patties never turned any good... May I request a recipe for bean burger to eliminate the cards and all more protien to it..

  26. Thanks a lot for your feedback :) Sure,I will try to make bean burger and share the recipe !

  27. Hi chitra!!!
    Powdered cornflakes will be added both in batter and patty??? Plz clarify???

    1. Add it only in the coating batter.No need to mix in dough.For dough,u should use soaked & squeezed poha.

  28. Hi Chitra u posted an excellent andperfect recipe for veg burgerMcdonal style. I made it today it came out very gud only problem that the patty mixture became very soft but after fryig it was crisp from outside what do i do to make d batter hard.

    1. This happens if the cooked vegetables have some water content in it.To make it hard you can add some maida to it.Then refrigerate n proceed.Hope it helps :) Thanks.

  29. Hi Chitra one more question regarding veg burger...the cornflakes powder is to b mixed in maida cornflour n oil. Batter or is to b mixed in bread crumbs powder.today i am remaking burgers as last time d paty aloo became soggy.any tips...?

    1. Yeah,you should mix cornflakes powder & maida,oil & water to make the batter for dipping aloo patty. Then you should coat in the bread crumbs. Repeat the same twice to get cripsy exterior.To avoid it becoming soggy,make sure the oil temperature is right and there is no moisture in the patty.Deep fry for long time in medium flame.Update the results once you got it right :)

    2. Chitra i would also want to know from you how to make biryani/pullao in hotel style- where each rice piece is so open and separate..

    3. Hi Neeti,
      Please check this link for spicy veg pulao in hotel style : http://www.chitrasfoodbook.com/2013/12/spicy-vegetable-pulaobiryani-with-raita.html
      Check out my biryani collections in side bar to view more than 30 biryani varieties.Thanks.

    4. Hi Chitra, can u please suggest the best brand for mayonnaise, we tried funfood earlier,didn't like it,which one do you use?

    5. Hi Chitra, please suggest the best mayonnaise brand or the one you use?

  30. hi chitra can we freeze the patties?

  31. Hi chitra can we freeze the patties?

    1. Yes u can freeze it in a ziplock cover.

    2. Yes u can freeze it in a ziplock cover.

  32. Yaaayyyy... I cooked it...and they looks and taste like the mcd's burgur...i want to show it pics...how it do??

  33. Yaaayyyy.... i cooked it...it really looks and taste like the mcd's burgur. i want to show it pics...how to do that.?

    1. Thanks a lot for the feedback. You can mail the pics or send me facebook timeline.😊


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