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December 23, 2013


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party menu recipes

Recently I attended Raksha’s friend’s Birthday party. We moms are also good friends. It was like a fun filled get together for us, more than a birthday party. I loved the way my friend conducted the party. It was so fun and interesting for kids as well as parents. It was not  like a normal cake cutting party. Instead she conducted some events/Indoor games for everybody including parents with some attractive and useful prizes. Kids were so enthusiastic to participate in the events and so were us. Though the games were very simple like ball passing,placing caps etc by playing music, they were very interesting and all the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Raksha and myself won three prizes. I have shown the picture of prizes in the below picture. In addition to these prizes, birthday caps, face masks and yoyo were given to all the kids.


We had our lunch over there and it was a simple menu but filling and attractive to kids and parents. Though the number of items were less, everything were very tasty. Usually I hesitate and scare a lot to conduct party in my home and i have never conducted any parties. Other than family members, I haven’t invited anybody for Raksha’s birthday so far. But after attending this party, I got some ideas and confidence of conducting a party in my home. Hope I‘ll do it for Raksha’s next birthday. I tried the same party menu at home last Sunday.
As I was so much attracted by that party, I wanted to blog it for my future reference and for some beginners who are looking for simple party menu ideas. Hope you’ll find it useful.


Disposable serving plates
  • Small  sized cake plate
  • Big snack and food plate
  • Plastic Spoons & fork for cake
  • Plastic Spoon for food
  • Disposable paper cups for juice and water
  • Small disposable bowls for salad
  • Tissue paper/ Napkin paper,
  • Big polythene bags with buckets/cartons for thrash.(this is very important,keep in all corners)
For decorations
  • Colorful ribbons , Happy  birthday banner , Balloons , Birthday knife , foam,Chocolates inside a big balloon.
For kids
  • Party caps, chocolates, face mask, yoyo or small toys, some useful gifts like chess box set, ludo, brain games etc based on the age. Some small storage bowls for adults and gift wrappers for packing gifts.

In the recipe menu , i have mentioned the order in which the recipes were served to us. As all these recipes can be prepared in advance, u don’t need any helping hand to prepare them. U alone can do everything and take the credits. Here is how my friend conducted the party.

  • As soon as all the friends and guests gathered, store bought aerated drinks like Pepsi, Fanta, 7up were served.
  • She kept some events for kids and parents.U can plan some games like musical chair,passing a ball,placing a cap by playing a music and much more.Everything finished off in 30 minutes. After that cake cutting went on.
  • After cake cutting, she conducted one more event for kids. In the mean time, her family members arranged all the recipes in a plate and kept ready for serving.
  • In a disposable/Use & throw plate (like the one in the picture), they served a piece of cake, a sweet(I made gulab jamun with ready made mix), mixed veg salad, masala vada, vegetable pulao with raita and potato chips were served with a plastic spoon & fork.
  • After we finished eating,they asked for second serving.Finally they served curd rice and pickle.
  • Last but not the least, the lunch was finished with a small cup of ice cream.
  • In the above recipes, pulao, raita, salad, masala vada and curd rice were prepared at home. Remaining were store bought.
  • We parents enjoyed all the recipes but when i noticed most of the kids happily ate salad (as it had corn), cake (particularly cream, pastry cake is more preferred nowadays), pulao, chips and of course ice cream. Some kids had curd rice instead of pulao as it was mildly spicy.

party menu indian vegetarian

Please find the links for the recipes here
In addition to the above recipes, you can find
  • Gulab jamun using ready made mix ( Recipe with video)
  • Store bought potato chips(I forgot to keep)
  • A welcome drink ( homemade or store bought juice)
  • Birthday cake piece
  • Ice cream

  • If u are preparing gulab jamun ,make it the previous day and store in an air tight box. To me this is the easiest sweet universally loved by all. U can also plan for other sweets like kaju katli,burfi or make carrot halwa and serve as a dessert along with ice creamIf you want to make the job most simple, buy some sweets from stall as my friend did in the party.
  • Prepare the salad the previous day night and refrigerate by keeping in a box.On the party day, add freshly grated coconut, mix and serve.
  • For veg pulao, chop the vegetables and refrigerate in a tupperware box the previous night. For about 10-12 people, you can make 4-5 cups of rice. As the number of recipes are more, adjust the quantity of rice accordingly. Prepare the rice 30 minutes before the guests arrive so that it would be warm while serving.( If you make in rice cooker,keep in warm mode)
  • For curd rice, make 4 cups of rice. Prepare and refrigerate it in the early morning. As soon as u finish making the pulao,take the curd rice out and do the seasoning. Adjust the consistency and keep it ready. Do check out my curd rice post on how to make it creamy for parties.
  • Prepare masala vada batter and refrigerate the previous day. Make vadas at the end and keep it open till it cools down. Make it slightly thinner to maintain its crispness. If you do not want to have masala vada in ur menu, you can try making gobi 65 or simply stop with potato chips. 
To make a grand lunch, you can include any starter like cheese ballsGobi 65, plain rice, rasam, papad, Roti and a paneer gravy ..

Thanks for visiting this page. Hope you find it useful !

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    1. Thanks. I have shared a list of birthday party recipes in a separate post. This is vegetarian blog. So I have shared only veg recipes. You can make the same with chicken, egg etc. Hope the list helps to get some idea.

  24. Your plate looks yummy! But try to avoid Plastic Spoons, Plats and Cups etc. Imagine if you invite 50 members, how much plastic you are leaving on earth just for one day party!


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