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September 7, 2017

Birthday Party Recipes Menu Ideas – Indian Party Food Items List

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List of Indian food ideas for kids birthday party recipes menu at home / vegetarian food items list for birthday party dinner & Lunch – Organizing Children’s birthday party is really a challenging task for parents. Some people love to conduct an elaborate dinner or lunch party and some prefer to make a simple tea party by just providing cake and snacks based on their budget.

 Most of the people wish to keep the party in the evening or in the afternoon if its a weekend. Since its a kids party, many people stick to vegetarian menu if they have a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian guests.

Be it a simple snacks party or an elaborate dinner/lunch party, choosing the cake, planning the menu, decoration of home/ party hall and arrangements would be tough for many especially beginners.

Indian Birthday party menu list 
So I have tried my best to help you choose the party menu. Birthday party food items should be attractive, kids friendly and healthy at least to some extent. Not just for kids, menu should be appealing to adults as well. Long back I had shared a simple kids birthday party menu idea after getting inspired from one of my friend’s party.

After I made that post, I too got the confidence and started conducting simple birthday party at home for Raksha’s birthday. I got many mails from my readers to post more related to this topic. So today I have come up with the list of kids friendly, birthday party menu items list for Indian kids to help parents like me. I have also linked the recipes for reference. Its purely a vegetarian menu but you can find both South Indian & North Indian recipes.

Non-vegetarians, please excuse me. You can get some ideas from this list and make fries, gravies, biryani with chicken, mutton and egg. I took the help of my friend Shalini to frame this list. As we live in apartments, we have the chance of attending many parties. Shalini is in US now. Being in abroad, her friends conduct some potluck, get together and parties during weekends to meet people and build relationships. So she could help me well with her own ideas.

 I have also got some menu ideas from my school moms friends. With the help of this list, you can decide the party menu based on your budget. You can cook the food on your own or buy from outside/ restaurants.You can also opt to make Jain food without using onion and garlic.

All these pictures shared in this post are the ones I collected for years. The picture given below is the simple decoration I made at home for Raksha’s birthday party.

Birthday party decoration ideas

I have categorized this list as Starters/Appetizers, Main course, Dessert, Drinks & Beverages that are suitable and loved by kids from 3 to 10 years. Basically kids love to have foods based on tomato, paneer, sweet corn, cauliflower, baby corn, bread, cheese and fruits. So I have given most of the dishes using these ingredients. These recipes would be surely a winner among the kids. Friends, do make your own permutations and combinations according to your kids preferences and frame the party menu. Hope you all find this list useful. Do leave a few words in the comment section and help me with your suggestions for more recipes and a few words of appreciation to motivate me if you find this post helpful. Ok, lets move on to the list of birthday party menu ideas ! Friends, do help me by sharing your thoughts and more recipes to include in this list.

Birthday party menu

In the above picture, you can find a sample of simple snacks party and the lunch party menu. If you are inviting kids without parents, you can give a simple party by giving a drink, starter/snacks, cake and a dessert. Finger foods is the best option for kids below 10 years. Skip the main course. To make it even more simple, you can just finish it with cake & samosa or veg puffs.  If you are inviting adults/parents, then you can go for wider options. Birthday party should be more of fun, hassle free and memorable. So you can arrange for small games, magic shows, music, dance to make the party more interesting.

Do refer my Simple birthday menu post to get some ideas on how to conduct the party & gifting for kids. I have also shared a sample menu at the end of this post to get some idea.

Also check out my Indian potluck party recipes menu if interested.

Drinks/ Beverages/Welcome Drinks

Starter/Appetizer/ Snacks

Main course


  • Sweet corn salad
  • Mixed Fruit salad
  • Kosambari
  • Vegetables with dip/ hummus
  • Fruits on skewers


Sample menu for simple birthday party

  • Orange juice
  • A slice of Birthday cake
  • Mini samosa with ketchup or Veg puffs or cashew pakoda
  • Gulab Jamun

Sample menu for Dinner or Lunch party buffet

  • Any aerated drink or Fruit punch for welcome drink
  • Tomato soup/Sweet corn soup
  • French fries or aloo tikki or kabab with tomato sauce/green chutney
  • Gobi manchurian
  • Roti / Naan / Kulcha
  • Paneer butter masala or Mixed veg gravy
  • Dal tadka
  • Dum aloo or baby potato gravy
  • Veg Dum Biryani with raita
  • Plain rice, rasam, fryums
  • Curd and pickle
  • Gulab jamun
  • Carrot halwa
  • Ice cream
  • Fruit salad
  • Paan/ Beeda


  • Pastries are better than the cream cakes. So choose the cake accordingly.
  • Make less spicy food as you are cooking for kids. Parents will adjust/ compensate about the taste.
  • Kids prefer deep fried foods for starters. Gobi 65 or manchurian is the best choice.
  • They love the food more if its cheese, paneer and potato based.
  • Kids love to have poori more than roti.
  • Most of the kids love paneer butter masala and potato, peas kurma more than mixed vegetable kurma.
  • Always keep some plain rice, dal and rasam to tackle fussy kids.
  • If you arrange for dinner party, make some idli too.
  • Its always better to avoid aerated drinks like pepsi, 7up etc. You can give some fruit juices instead. No problem even if its store bought.
  • Gulab jamun would be the best dessert for Kids. No kid would say NO.
  • Ice cream is also a must for kids.
  • Keep some hot water ready. Many kids are allergic to cold stuffs like ice cream , chocolate and cakes. So you can tell the parents to give them hot water immediately after they eat ice cream/chocolates to prevent from cold, fever. I am sure this tip works.
  • Finally, do not force your kids to eat everything in the plate. Most of the kids love to eat the cake, starter and dessert. Do not worry about it. Parents can feed them later at their house if needed.
Hope this list helps you to decide the menu quickly. Thanks for visiting this page !

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