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September 6, 2014


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onam sadya


Onam festival is the most anticipated day for me to express my passion for Kerala food. Basically Sendhil loves coconut based recipes a lot and I am a big fan of Kerala style dishes. Not just the food, I love Kerala sarees and their traditional ornaments too. So every year during Onam, I never fail to make sadya feast at home to treat Sendhil and myself with varieties of Kerala delicacies. For the past two years, I have been posting the same different sadya menu list. And this year too, I was eagerly waiting to post this sadya menu.

Every year I love to attempt some new sadya special items for the menu and I prepared Ada pradhaman & Palada Pradhaman recipes using homemade Ada. Pineapple payasam and Pineapple pachadi as suggested by my neighbour Mrs.Prema. Mathanga erissery and kaya mezhukkupuratti out of my own wish. I referred many of our Kerala bloggers websites and I have given the links as well. Thanks to one & all for sharing these wonderful recipes with us.

For other sadya recipes like Kerala sambar, Rasam,Thoran, Puli inji, Parippu curry and avial, I referred my previous sadya recipes. All the recipes came out very well and we enjoyed this Onam feast well in advance. Here you go, my Onam sadya recipes for you all. Hope I have followed the correct serving order too.. I Wish all my readers and friends a very happy Onam.”ONAM ASHAMSAKAL” !!

Onam sadya recipes


I couldn’t take stepwise pictures for this sadya but I have shared some pictures of how I made this sadya quickly. Last year when I made sadya, I noticed that most of my time was spent in pre preparatory works like grating coconut, extracting coconut milk, grinding masalas, chopping vegetables and for cooking dals & vegetables.

So this year I wanted to make all these works simple and easy. Instead of grating 2 coconuts, I made small slices of it using a ladle with thick edge and blunt handle as you see in the picture below. I did not use knife as I am afraid of using it. Use knife only if you are confident of handling it and make sure your mixie blades are in good condition else it may break. Then I dry ground all the coconut slices together and divided them into 2 parts. I used one part for taking coconut milk and the other part for masala. It saved lot of time for me.
Onam sadya cooking
Also I pressure cooked dals for parippu curry and sambar together in my big pressure cooker by placing moong dal in the bottom of cooker and toor dal for sambar in a tiffin box. Please refer the picture. U can even keep a plate of mixed vegetables required for sambar over the toor dal.
Onam sadya parippu
For cooking Vanpayar and vegetables for olan, kalan and erissery, I again used my big cooker and cooked them together by keeping one above the other in small bowls and plates. As all these veggies gets cooked in one go, you just have to add them in coconut mixture and boil it. For thoran, I cooked it in my small cooker by keeping in high flame for two whistles.
Onam sadya preparation
For pradhaman, I prepared homemade ada. So I made it in the previous night and stored in refrigerator. Also I cleaned & chopped pineapple pieces and kept in a zip lock cover and refrigerated it. When you have ada & pineapple cubes ready in hand, you can make these payasam recipes very quickly.
All these pre preparatory jobs got over in 30 minutes & cooking took nearly one hour. This entire sadya took 1.5 hours totally. Do follow these techniques and make your sadya feast quickly & easily. Do share your methods of quick cooking in the comment section so that others get benefitted.

Disclaimer: I know these are not the authentic method of cooking Kerala food but to make my job easier, I followed these steps and I hope it would help beginners. Friends, please excuse me.

Onam sadya

Onam sadya menu

Onam sadya menu Sadya recipes for Onam festival !
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Lunch
Serves: Serves 2-3
Prep time: 30 Minutes
Cook time: 60 Minutes
Total time: 90 Minutes

Please click on the recipes  
Other sadya recipes in my blog
Click on the recipes to see the blogs from which I tried these recipes. Thank u friends. Everything came out very well.

            I have made separate posts for some of the above mentioned recipes with stepwise pictures. Please click on the link for the recipe.Thanks for visiting this page. Hope you will try all these recipes and like it. Once again, I wish you all a very happy Onam. Enjoy the feast!


Onam sadya recipes

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Unknown said...

Wow....What an awesome spread....Great job Chitra....

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Usefull tips...nice clicks....
Go ahead..
Happy Onam

Unknown said...

Nice collection Chitra..
Have a look on my blog

Chitra said...

Thank u friends :)

Hema said...

Nice spread Chitra, uou have done such an excellent job, that too in 90 minutes..

Unknown said...

Great work Chitra.awesome it is..

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Delicious platter dear...... Awesum job!!

Chitra said...

Thanks a lot dearies :)

Anonymous said...

lovely meal dear

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wow... appreciate your effort...

Shama Nagarajan said...

yummy preparation

Shri said...

Happy Onam Chitra

Unknown said...

drooling here..lovely onam sadya

Anonymous said...

What a amazing spread dear.. Super tempting

nandoos kitchen said...

perfect lunch Chitra.. Love this traditional sadya..

Unknown said...

Oh myyy! That looks so heavenly! I love your presentation of your Onam sadya. The dishes look so yummy and healthy. Love them!

Unknown said...

Wow! very nice. looking so delicious. Thanks.
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Unknown said...

Very nice. I like Onam celebration. Thanks for sharing.

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Jessica said...

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Chitra said...

Thanks. I will check it.