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March 8, 2016

Kitchen Appliances List For Home | Indian Kitchen Appliances List

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Kitchen appliances list

Last year I shared an Indian monthly grocery list for 2 persons. Many of my readers got benefitted by that list and sent me so many appreciation mails & comments. I am very happy that my list is useful to all. Readers who used my grocery list have requested me to share the list of most needed Kitchen appliances & utensils ( If possible with brand names, recommendations, price & pictures) for setting up a new house kitchen or while replacing the essentials. I got those requests especially from guys & girls who are about to be married. Usually our elders in home would guide on all these things.

Being a successful housewife for the past ten years, I thought of sharing my knowledge about the basic kitchen electronic & electrical appliances necessary for a new kitchen. I have also suggested the brand names for each equipment based on my usage & my friends opinion. A very special thanks to my friends in School group “ SSV Buds” and "School moms" group in WhatsApp and my dear friend Shalini for sharing all the details promptly & patiently. Based on all their feedbacks, I have given suggestions for brand names. I have also given brand recommendations for people in USA. 

Friends, please take this as an advice, do a complete research on  product reviews from genuine review sites before buying any product.

Experienced people, do share your feedback on the appliance you use and tips for their maintenance. It would be a great help for all of us.

I have segmented the appliances under various categories like major appliances, counter top appliances and accessories. I have  also made a separate post on Kitchen utensils. I will share the entire list in a downloadable PDF format in that post. I hope this list would be useful for girls & guys who wants to know what kitchen appliances you need to set up your own kitchen. This list can also come in very handy when looking for wedding, anniversary gift suggestions. For a bachelor, all these equipments may not be needed. Pressure cooker, Mixie and some utensils would do for a minimal cooking.

Friends, I have given all these ideas as per my personal experience and friends recommendations. Feel free to tailor it based on your requirements and budget. 

Click HERE to view & download the PDF.

Click HERE to view Kitchen utensils list with links.

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Please check my Indian grocery list for a month if interested.

Kitchen Appliances

Click on the appliances to view various brands & their prices. Click HERE to know the best sellers of Kitchen appliances.

For US amazon, click THIS LINK

Click HERE to view & download the PDF of Kitchen appliances & utensils list. 

Check out my Kitche utensils post to know the essential kitchen utensils.

Major Appliances
Countertop Appliances & Accessories

Click HERE to view & download the PDF of Kitchen appliances & utensils list.

Apart from this list, there are many useful kitchen tools and accessories available in the market. Buy them based on your need. What I have covered here is just the essential ones. 

Stove or cooking Range

I am using Faber 4 burner glass top stove with chimney for the past 2 years and its working well without any complaints.Most of my friends also use the same for more than 5 years in a good working condition.Earlier I used Prestige 2 burner gas stove with stainless steel top. I have given my Faber model from Amazon. Some of my friends use Prestige glass top stove with good feedback. So decide it based on your likings and budget. You may also check some of the highly recommended kitchen chimney in India here.


Table top Grinder

I am using a local brand grinder named Bagyalakshmi which I bought in Salem. It is working fine for 10 years without any major problems. Major supplier is in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. But you can buy in agencies in other parts of Tamilnadu and Bangalore. Please Google to see the sellers. But most of my friends suggested and opted Ultra & butterfly table top grinders. I have given the link below. Click on the images.

People in US can buy Ultra & Premier brands 110v grinders. 



Mixie – Stand Mixer
I am using Preethi Spice with 3 jars for two years. Its working good but I don’t recommend my model. When I asked my friends, everybody recommended Preethi Mixie but different models like Chef pro plus, Blue leaf. But all of them have complained about the jar & blades. Actually the lifetime of Mixie & its jar depends purely on our maintenance. I came to know this from a Mixie Service guy. He told to grind in batches (in small quantity depending on the size of jar) and it should not be operated continuously. 

Also buy a 750W mixie (minimum) if you want to grind dosa batter. 650W is not recommended for heavy work. Do not over load the mixie. Do not put hot ingredients for grinding. The contents may splash. Make sure the jar or the body of mixie is not heated while grinding. Clean the jar & body of mixie regularly. Keep these points in mind while using mixie. If you follow this, you can use any mixie for years. 

Overall, Preethi is the most recommended brand by most of my friends. Next to Preethi, I would recommend National Panasonic & Maharaja Whiteline. My MIL is using National Panasonic for more than 15 years. Still its looking new to me. I am trying to follow her.

My Friends in US are using Preethi mixie & Magic bullet mixer. For short term use, Magic bullet mixer is a good purchase. But grinding idli batter would a tough job. For long term use, you can consider buying Preethi Mixer or Indian grinder.


For US residents

Food Proccessor
Many people wish to buy food processor as it has multiple functionality. Depending on the placement and type of attachment or blade, these functions normally consist of:
  • Slicing/chopping vegetables
  • Grinding items such as nuts, seeds (e.g. spices), meat, or dried fruit
  • Shredding or grating cheese or vegetables
  • Pureeing
  • Coconut scrapping
  • Mixing and kneading doughs
So its basically your choice of buying either a food processor or a mixie. My friend Shalini is using Philips food processor for 7 years. Please find the model below.


I am using Samsung double door fridge with separate refrigerator & freezor compartments. Its age is nearly 11 years. Its an awesome purchase and worth for money. I am very happy with my fridge till today. So I would blindly recommend this brand to anyone. Other than this, you can consider LG. Check for its power saving & other specifications before you buy. Its better to buy a voltage stabilizer along with it, hope you know the power fluctuations in India very well ;)

Microwave Oven or Convection Oven Or OTG

My advise is to buy a convection oven instead of buying a microwave. Microwave oven can be used only for cooking & reheating. But baking cakes & cookies cannot be done. Of course microwave cakes can be made. But you will have limitations whereas a convection oven does the job of microwave and OTG as well. So I always suggest buying a convection oven. I have been using Samsung Convection oven for the past 5 years without any complaints. I am using it for reheating, baking cakes & cookies. Even though it has microwave, Convection, grill modes, I have used Grill option very rarely. Any oven works fine when you understand the equipment thoroughly by reading the manual.

 If you follow the instruction manual, you will get good results in baking. I learnt this through my experience. So the first thing you should do after buying an oven is to read the manual completely. If you prefer to have a small sized oven based on the size of your kitchen countertop, then OTG is the best choice. You cannot reheat anything using OTG like microwave but cakes & cookies can be very well done like in bakeries. I heard Morphy richards OTG is good through my friends. But its bit costlier. For medium budget, you can consider Prestige or bajaj OTG.

Check out my Kitche utensils post to know the essential baking utensils.


Water Purifier

In India, most of the people use Aquaguard water purifier.Many of my friends use the same. My parents are using Pureit. Choose any based on your requirement. I heard Kent is also widely used nowadays. But before buying, check for warranty, service and maintanence.


 Electric Rice Cooker

Electric Rice cooker is not mandatory to buy if you have a pressure cooker at home. But Rice cooker has its own benefits like it keep the food warm for hours. It would be more useful for bachelors and working women. I got Panasonic Rice cooker as my marriage gift from my Uncle. I used it for the past ten years. Recently I changed it as I broke the lid. I would suggest Panasonic & Prestige rice cookers if you are in India.

Toaster & Grill Sandwich Maker

I have a NOVA toaster & NOVA Grill sandwich maker. I wanted to buy some low priced brands as its usage in my home is less. So depending on the usage, you can decide the brand. Some of my friends are using Philips, Prestige. But most of my friends suggested Morphy richards. But remember its costlier when compared with other brands.

Induction Stove

I don’t have an Induction stove. But my mom used it for more than 2 years when she was in Hyderabad. She used Pigeon induction stove. Some of my friends are using Prestige & Butterfly. 

 Update : Recently I bought Prestige Induction stove and its really good. 

Air fryer

Nowadays Air fryer is becoming very popular and mostly diet conscious people go for buying it. If you wish to make deep fried stuffs with less oil,you can go for it. An air fryer works similar to a convection oven. I won Bajaj airfryer as a prize for cooking contest. I have tried making cutlet, spring rolls and samosa with it. It comes out well and crispy but definitely you cannot match its taste with the deep fried ones. But we have the satisfaction of eating junks atleast with less oil :)


Coffe maker, Electric kettle, Roti maker, Juicer, Hand blender and Vegetable Chopper are not the much needed appliances for a kitchen. But you can buy them based on your requirements. If you have elderly people and babies at home, you can purchase Electric kettle, coffee maker and juicer. More than our personal use, I feel all these accessories are perfect for gifting.

I do have a Philips juicer, Philips hand blender + Chopper and Philips Hand mixer. I got all these as gifts from my relatives for my marriage & house warming :)

Friends, I have given all these ideas as per my personal experience and friends recommendations. Feel free to tailor it based on your requirements and budget. 

Click HERE to view & download the PDF of Kitchen appliances & utensils list.

Click HERE to view Kitchen utensils list with links.

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Kalaivani packiaraj said...

Wow,if I had such a informative post before 8 months,I wont made some bad choices for purchasing appliances as I was new to cooking.however now got more confidence and knowledge in this area.thanku so much for such a wonderful post.May god bless you and your family with good health and wealth.

Chitra said...

Thank you so much Kalai vani :) Use this list in your next purchase:)

Unknown said...

Great Work, well done.. very useful information. Thanks a lot.

Chitra said...

Thank you :)

lakshmi said...

Great Read Chitra... such a nice detailing....
Even I also have Samsung CE73JD oven... but I am confused on the baking utensils.. can you please help me on this.

Chitra said...

Hi Lakshmi, Thanks. Please check my kitchen utensils list post in which i have listed all the essential baking utensils. Here is the link :

lakshmi said...

Thanks for your response .... your link has non-glass utensils also.. how do I use them wont they crackle ... I am new microwave user so asking you

Chitra said...

Hi, In the list, I have given the bakeware for oven with convection mode as well as microwave mode.Non-glass baking pans are for convection mode. For microwave, you should purchase glassware or microwave safe ceramic and other cookwares.Hope this helps.Buy the products based on your oven features :)

lakshmi said...

Thanks a lot Chitra for your response

Anonymous said...

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