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March 9, 2016

Kitchen Utensils & Tools List For Home With PDF

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Kitchen utensils list

In my previous post, I have shared the list of essential kitchen appliances needed for a home. In this post, you can find the list of Kitchen utensils required for setting up a new Indian kitchen.In this post, I have discussed the uses of utensils & kitchen tools and shared the list of all possible kitchen utensils & tools. I have segmented them under different categories namely Cookware, Storages,Serve ware, Bakeware and tools. But I have not recommended any brands. As I promised in my previous post, I have also shared a PDF of Kitchen appliances & utensils list.Please click on the link and download it, Its free. Do the changes as per your need. All the utensils I have given here are not purchased in one day. You don’t need everything at the beginning of cooking too. It could be accumulated in months, years based on your requirement & usage. I referred this & this post for making the list. I hope this list would help beginners to arrange their new kitchen. Wishing you all the very best. Happy cooking !!

Click HERE to view & download the PDF.

I have given affiliate links for all the utensils from Amazon with links and pictures.
Here is my routine dialogue : Friends, take this list as a guidance and buy the utensils which is of use to you. Even I don’t have many of the tools & utensils listed here. Its just the collection of all possible kitchen utensils & tools.If you feel anything important is missed here, please share it in comments section. I will update it. Thanks for visiting this page.Leave your feedback about this list. It would make me even more happy.

Click HERE to view & download the PDF.
Click HERE to view Kitchen appliances list with brand recommendations.

  • A kadai/Skillet is used for stir frying, sauting, cooking and boiling. You can use stainless steel or Non-stick or ceramic kadai. But an iron kadai is recommended for deep frying. So better buy a small sized or medium sized iron kadai too.Also try to buy the ones with sturdy handles and a transparent lid.
  • Tadka pan/ Mini kadai is used for seasoning Indian dishes.
  • Stock Pots, Saucepans and Stainless steel cooking pots can be used for boiling gravies, soups,stews,Cooking vegetables and greens. It would be better if its with transparent lid.
  • Thick bottomed milk pan  or Milk cooker – I prefer stainless steel ones.
  • Pressure cooker – For cooking rice,steaming vegetables. To me its the heart of utensils. I can cook any number of dishes if I have two cookers in hand.
  • Stackable stainless steel cooking pots in various sizes – Its mainly used for serving gravies,chutney & curries.
  • Cassorle/ Hot pack – To keep roti, idli, rice & gravies warm for hours.
  • Idli pot & Dosa pan for making idli & dosa
  • Appam pan/Paniyaram pan/ uthappam pan – For making appam, Paniyaram, Utappam
  • Glass bowls – If you have microwave, you can use it for reheating and cooking.
  • Big Stainless steel bowls or plastic bowls for making chapathi/bread dough, for rinsing vegetables.
  • Plates – For serving & covering the food
  • Ladles & spoon – For cooking & serving gravies,curries etc
  • Cups/Coffee cups/Water glass/Tumblers – For serving liquids
  • Tea pot / Flask – To keep coffee or tea
  • Measurement cups & spoons – Mainly needed for baking & sweets making.
  • Rice server and idli scooper – To serve rice & to remove idli.
  • Rolling pin & board - For making roti,Poori etc
  • Knives & scissors – To chop & cut ( Invest in good quality ones)
  • Peeler & grater – To peel the skin of vegetables , grater for grating cheese,vegetables
  • Scrapper – mainly used for coconut scrapping
  • Perforated frying spoon/skimmer/strainer for deep frying  [Hindi: jhaara/zara]
  • Tongs/Idukki in Tamil – Its mainly used for removing roti & papad from hot oil.
  • Locking tongs – For holding hot vessels
  • Whisk & churner – For mixing batter without lumps, whip curd and for mixing cake batter.
  • Big sized Storage containers for storing groceries & Dosa batter
  • Medium & Small sized containers for storing pickles, spice powders etc
  • Spice box/Anjarai petti – For storing whole spices
  • Masher – For mashing boiled potato, kichadi and other dishes.
  • Wire mesh – It is used to puff up roti, roast papad, brinjals etc

Click HERE to view Kitchen appliances list with brand recommendations.


 Storage containers


Click HERE to view & download the PDF.
Click HERE to view Kitchen appliances list with brand recommendations.

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  1. Very detailed information especially for the newly built in apartment owners with modular kitchen in the cities as well as for all the educated house wives.This would certainly give a helping hand in buying things for the kitchen.

  2. Omg chittu wat is this super yaar thanks for sharing this very useful to me 'coz iam a confussed person in arranging kitchen thanks loads dear

  3. Omg chittu wat is this super yaar thanks for sharing this very useful to me 'coz iam a confussed person in arranging kitchen thanks loads dear

  4. Chitra... thanks a ton for this planning to buy a microwave oven..pls tel me which brand is,hubby And 2 yr old many litres i have to buy...pls also tel me initially wat are the bakeware s i have to buy to start baking..

    1. Hello Padma, For your family, a 21 lt convection oven would be good.Samsung is good as i am using it for more than 3-4 years. Please check my Kitchen appliances post for more suggestions.For initial baking, you may need to buy a measuring cups & spoons,a whisk, a sieve, a cookie tray & a cake pan ( non-stick or aluminium). Buy a big bowl if you don't have it. This would be enough.All the best :)

  5. Wow... superb Chitra. If you don't mind can you add how to store those ingredients like flour, lentils, masalas and etc. With pictures. My pantry is a mess coz I used to tie with rubber bands. Please.

  6. Refrigerator is a must in every household. It is one of the appliance without which it becomes difficult to manage our life. So, we need to find the best one for our place.
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  7. hi chitra useful post indeed.i too have hawkins 2 ltr cooker.but cleaning it after cooking rice is a very tough task for me.can u give me some tips for this.

    1. Hi Harnini, I fill the cooker with water & leave it for sometime n wash it If rice is stuck to the bottom. Else I wash immediately with the help of a scrubber :)

    2. thank u chitra.and one more thing y cant u post some ways or tips for organising kitchen cupboards etc.ll be very useful.when we google only foreign kitchen images and tips are available.and please post regarding the small kitchen.(because mine is too small)

    3. Yes harini.I will try :)

  8. Very useful very good ... keep up the good work guys :)

  9. This is very useful post. Thanks for sharing with us. Good to know
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  10. How to store unopened grocery packets? Is carton box safe?

    1. Yes, I do it. It works atleast for 3 months if the stock is fresh.

    2. Try to put some dried neem leaves inside the box if you have.

  11. Great blog. I like wooden utensils as they are soft and very gentle to use with the most delicate cooking surfaces. Find made in usa cutting board online at the best price from

  12. Ohhh god,i m 18 years old i generally forget to buy most of things from market but now i won't forget anything thanks to you I really mean it 😘😘😘 thanks alot stay blessed you really helped me 😊😊

  13. Such a wonderfull article, very very helpful for those who are planning to move out. Great work mam, hats off to you.


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