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September 19, 2015

Purattasi Sani Thaligai,Date-How To Celebrate Purattasi Sani Pooja

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Tamil month Purattasi is one of the very special months for Hindus.We Tamil people celebrate Purattasi sani in a grand manner by offering 5 rice varieties,sweet pongal,Maa vilakku & Vada malai for Perumal.We call this as offering as "Thaligai podrathu"( Thalu) .Purattasi month is called as Ashwin Month by North Indians.Mahalaya Paksha or Pitru paksha and Durga Navratri falls in this month.During this month, many people( especially Brahmins) strictly follow a No onion No Garlic menu.Non-vegetarians usually avoid eating non-veg food during this month.Purattasi month is very auspicious for Lord Venkateshwara as it is believed that Lord came to Earth on this month.So special Pooja & Mahotsava are performed in Tirupathi temple.Purattasi Sani is very special, because on this day,Shri Saneeswara Bhagvan is said to reduce his negative power & praying him helps us to get more benefits.Pooja on this day is believed to bless all those who suffer from chronic illness, financial losses and delay in marriage. Shani grants good health, longevity, leadership, authority, ambition, wisdom and immense wealth to his devotees.Worshipping Vishnu, Fasting on Purattasi Saturday would please Sani graha.

This year 2015,Purattasi month starts on 18th September (Friday) and it lasts till 17th October(Saturday).This year there are 5 Purattasi Saturdays (Sanikizhamai).So you can make this thaligai and do the pooja on 1st,3rd or 5th Saturday of this month.

19 September 2015 – 1st Saturday
26 September 2015 – 2nd Saturday
3 October 2015 – 3rd Saturday
10 October 2015 – 4th Saturday
17 October 2015 – 5th Saturday

Last year we celebrated Purattasi Sani in my in-laws place.I clicked the pictures and kept in draft to make this post.I hope beginners who look for Purattasi Pooja procedures would be benefitted by this post.And I consider this post as my record for future reference too.
Disclaimer : Pooja vidhanam/Procedures I have shared here is based on our tradition.It may vary from place to place.So please ask the elders of your family and make changes as per your practice.

Pooja  & Neivedyam Requirements
  • One silver sombu/Pot or silver tumbler ( Use velli pathram) for drawing Namam,Sangu & Chakaram OR You can draw on walls too.It is assumed as the Lord.Invert the sombu and draw using Namakatti( a piece of chalk) Refer the picture for the idea.
  • Vada malai with 11 or 21 pepper vadas (without onion)
  • 5 Rice varieties ( Sweet pongal,Coconut rice,Tamarind rice, black Sesame seeds/Ellu rice,Curd rice) OR No onion No garlic full meals
  • Sundal ( White or brown Chana OR Chana dal/Kadalai paruppu sundal)
  • Maavilakku
  • Fruits,Betel leaves & Nuts
  • Tulsi water for neivedyam ( Add tulsi leaves,crushed cardamom,cloves,a pinch of edible camphor(Pachai karpooram) to a cup of water)
  • Tulsi leaves or garland
  • Incense stick,camphor
  • Flowers

How to Plan for Neivedyam & pooja
You should undergo fasting till you finish the pooja on Purattasi saturday.Making rice varieties for neivedyam is very easy .You can prepare pulikachal paste,ellu podi the previous day night.Soak chana dal for kozhukattai,Urad dal for vada and coconut rice.Grind the urad dal and make the vada batter.Store in refrigerator till next day’s use.Keep a sombu ready & draw the sangu,chakkaram,Namam using Namakatti or rice flour paste and let it dry.Wash the lamps and keep it ready by keeping sandal & kumkum dots.The next morning draw the Kolam.We usually draw Sangu,Chakkaram and Namam in the entrance and in pooja room.Take a pressure cooker and cook rice & dal for sweet pongal.In a small bowl,take the soaked chana and cook along with rice n dal.In another cooker,cook the rice for puliodharai,coconut rice, ellu sadam and curd rice.Remove 3/4th of the cooked rice and spread in a plate to cool down.Drizzle some sesame oil.Mash the remaining rice for curd rice.Add boiled milk,curd and salt to the mashed rice.Mix well and temper it.Grind the urad dal adding little water and make pepper vada.Make 11 or 21 vada and tie in a thread to make vada malai.Prepare maa vilakku by grinding grated jaggery & rice flour adding cardamom.Add ghee and make a ball.Put a dent,add ghee.Put a thread & kumkum dots.Keep it ready for pooja.

How to do pooja
After preparing rice varieties,sundal,sweet pongal,vada malai and maa vilakku,arrange everything in a banana leaf or a plate and keep in front of silver pot/sombu.Place the fruits,betel leaves,nuts & coconut in a plate.Light the lamp.Keep tulsi water.Light maavilakku and do the neivedyam,.Show dhoop & dheep.Finish the pooja and drink the tulsi water first.Then you can have the lunch.We enjoyed the variety rice with koozh vadam & potato chips.

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  1. Hey Chitra, thanks for the detailed info. btw, the link to sweet pongal is not working.

  2. Very good information for beginners, ur blog awesome,

  3. We shouldn't make this pooja on 4th sat since I can't make next week pls reply me in my mail id

  4. Replies
    1. To hold vadai malai i have kept a hundi box on top of sombu😊

  5. hi chitra very informative post.though we dont do puja s on purattasi saturday happy to know about small request for u. please search and find the recipe for tirupathi laddu.i am fed up of searching the net.i saw the laddu in a sweet shop called perambur srinivasa in chennai.though it is usually available in tirupathi as prasadham.i am die-hard fan for this laddu.please find and post this that we can keep this also for neivedhyam .(though it is not a custom)

    1. Hi Harini, Even I thought of trying this one. I will do some research and make it :)

  6. Hi Chitra, nice info. I live in US but still I do Pooja for puratasi and I don't take NV for the entire month. However, my periyappa my dad's own elder brother passed away on 21st Sep 16. My family members told me not to do Pooja until 31 days. I wanted to know if I can perform Pooja irrespective of this? Also I broke the rule of taking non veg as I had egg. Will this be a problem? Can u answer me pls? My email id

  7. whether puratasi thaligai can be done this year (2016) 3rd saturday (because on that day it is pradamai). please reply to my mail id

    1. Yes you can do it. Do the pooja in good time not in Rahu kalam and yama kandam.


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