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Hi friends , 
I am Chitra sendhil/Chitra Ganapathy(As per Google;)),writer and the one & only photographer of this webpage :)I am a pure vegetarian.I was born in Tirunelveli,brought up in Salem and currently living in Bangalore.My Husband Sendhil is a software architect and our only daughter Raksha is studying in 3rd grade. I  love cooking varieties of recipes and i prefer to try some unique,interesting recipes apart from my usual South Indian cooking.I love my mom's Nellai style/Tirunelveli recipes and my MIL's tanjore/kumbakonam recipes.Both are completely different in method and taste.Before marriage, i have never entered into the kitchen.My sweet mom never told us (myself & my younger sister,Radha) to help.Before marriage i worked as a lecturer in some Engineering colleges and after marriage i had worked as a software trainer for an year.So I just enjoyed spending time in my education,work,friends etc :) . My ever caring and lovable MIL had never asked me to cook but i always stood behind her & kept watching the way she cooks.The best thing with my Mil is she never wastes food.She can make yummy dishes even with leftovers which I am trying to follow.I started full time cooking only after my daughter Raksha was 3 and now she is 8 ;).First I attempted very simple n basic recipes asking my mom, MIL & friends .U may laugh if i say i din't even know how to spread dosa when i was new to cooking ;)Slowly i learnt everything and started blogging the same.All the recipes posted here are tried & tasted by me.Apart from my usual South Indian cooking , I love to try varieties of other state & other country recipes too.U can find them in my recipe index.

I started my blog in 2009 but i improved it into a website in 2013 and changed my site's name as Chitra's food book. Previously i had named my blog as "Ratatouille-Anyone can cook".Actually my blog title was very attractive & liked by many of my blogger friends and when i changed it to Chitra's food book , every body asked me about this name change. Its just my desire and selfishness to have a website in my own name, nothing else ;). Even then i dint want to lose "Ratatouille" name in my site as it was suggested by my husband. So i have given it as a tag line in my header.I strongly believe in these words "Anyone can cook" :).
 After changing my blog to a website in 2013 , i took blogging seriously & started posting recipes for daily cooking with step by step pictures and iam updating old recipes as well.Earlier I used to take pictures using Canon powershot A2100 IS point n shoot camera. On feb 14th 2013 my hubby dear bought Nikon D5100 camera for me as valentine's day gift ;) I use picasa and photoshop for editing my pictures..I use photoscape for tiling step wise pictures and Windows movie maker for editing my video recipes.

I started to blog my recipes for time pass and for my daughter's future reference ;) But through blogging , i got so many encouraging and caring friends. I am really happy for that.When i started getting  appreciation mails and comments from readers about my recipes, i started flying out of joy and it encouraged me to keep posting more n more recipes..Your comments and the feed back is the only thing that keeps me going and makes my day brighter.A big thanks to all the readers and friends for your continuous support and encouragement :) If u try any recipe from my blog and if u feel it is worthy for appreciation, do leave a word under the recipe in comment section or please spend some time to mail me which makes my day great:) Your suggestions for improvements in the recipe and the way i blog it are also welcome:) It helps me a lot to improve my cooking skills..

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  1. Hi there,
    I like to know how to make Tirunelveli friends bring bring it but the quantity is less.So i want to prepare my self.

    1. Please check this link

  2. You have a great blog! Thank you so much for posting so many plant-based recipes -good for our health and our beautiful Planet-Earth...

  3. Your blog is really helpful, especially during this festival season.. Am one of fond of cooking , generally all traditional items and now started trying new items as well.. Keep posting in your blog. Once again thanks. Raji

  4. Hi Chitra,
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for those lovely words.
    I have spent some time reading ur recipes and found so many recipes I would love to try and u have an awesome space.Really appreciate the perfection with which u have done the Kerala menu.
    Do keep in touch.

  5. Just saw this Chitra. Congratulations and wish you all the best.

  6. Very happy to know more about you chitra. You have a nice collection. Would be a frequent visitor here.

  7. Hi Chitra,
    Glad to meet you.. I too agree with you "anyone can cook". U have a great collectin , enjioyyed going through few of them. Would keep dropping.
    happy to follow u. Would b happier if u reciprocate. lets stay in touch..

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  9. Hi Chitra Maa, I am 68 years old retired person. I like cooking. Other day I tried your recipe "ENNAI KATHRIKAI KOZHAMBU'. It came out very well and every one liked it. Funny part is I never tasted Kathrikai in my life. Thanks.

    1. Thank u so much sir :) Its great you cook at this age :) Your family must be lucky :).I am so glad you liked my kuzhambu :) Keep visiting my page sir :)

  10. Hi chitra, it was really nice to go through your blog and your recipes. Loved reading and the way you presented everything is awesome. You have learned cooking to such a level that now you share recipes with others. All the very best. Keep cooking...keep writing...


    1. Thanks a lot Reshmi for your sweet words :)

  11. Hi Chitra,
    First time into your blog space. Nice work.Keep it up.. Visit my space if you could find. :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by.Will visit ur blog too:)


  12. Hi Chitra Mam,

    My wife is also from Bangalore but with her native being Salem.Its been 6 month that we have married. She is a very good cook. Have won many competitions as well. She is interested to start a food blog. It will be really great if u suggest me how to proceed with that, which i m planning to surprise her for her bday.....

    1. Hello ,
      Can u please mail me to can share the details in mail.

  13. Fantastic, Chitra !! Your journey to Foodbook is fabulous !! I'm a great eater and my wife is a great cook !!! Definitely we will use your treasure of recipes !! All the best and God bless you !!!

  14. Hi Chitra sister
    Your recipes are very good and very tasty....thank you sister

  15. Hi ur collection are nice.tried ur chaat items.super mam

  16. Hi ur collection are nice.tried ur chaat items.super mam


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