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August 27, 2014

Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes | South Indian Vinayagar Chaturthi Recipes

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Ganesh chaturthi recipes
List of South Indian Ganesh Chaturthi recipes / Vinayagar chaturthi prasadam recipes / pillayar chaturthi special recipes list. In Tamil nadu people make prasadam recipes like kozhukattai varieties, Sundal, vada, ladoo recipes and No onion no garlic South Indian lunch menu for Ganesh chaturthi pooja. I have the shared the links of those recipes with list of ingredients needed for making neivedyam recipes and some useful tips for making crack free kozhukattai. 

In Tamil nadu, we celebrate Vinayagar chaturthi by buying a new idol. We perform abishekam and pooja for the idol by offering fruits, 3 kozhukattai varieties, Chana dal/Kadalai paruppu sundal, Ellu urundai. We also make rice along with full meals for lunch menu including urad dal vada and payasam on Pillayar chathurthi day for prasadam. On the same day evening, we prepare sweet appam using wheat flour or rice for naivedyam. 

The next day morning we keep some fruits and for afternoon, we offer paruppu sadam / Dal rice with ghee. We do the same till we leave the idol in water. Usually we keep the idol in our house for 3 days & this is how we celebrate Ganesh chaturthi in a grand manner. North Indians make modak ( steamed & fried) and ladoo varieties for this festival.

Ganesh chaturthi recipes

In this post, I have shared all the links for different categories such as easy kozhukattai recipes , authentic kozhukattai varieties, sundal, vada, karijikai recipe and ladoo varieties in one page for easy and quick reference. I have also shared some small video recipes on how to make kozhukattai dough with approximate water measurement, Eco friendly Ganesh idol using kozhukattai dough and how to shape modak/soppu. 

Yesterday I posted a full video recipe on “How to prepare kozhukattai easily with stuffing and steaming part” to help beginners. Please click on the specific pictures to view the recipes. I hope all these videos and recipe links would be useful to you all. Do try these recipes and have a great celebration.

Here is the picture of Ganesh idol I bought recently.

Vinayagar chaturthi recipes

Ganesh chaturthi special recipes

Ganesh chaturthi special recipes List of Ganesh chaturthi recipes | Vinayagar chaturthi prasadam recipes !
Cuisine: Indian
Category: Festival
Serves: 4
Prep time: 15-45 Minutes
Cook time: 10 Minutes
Total time: 25-75 Minutes

Ingredients needed for kozhukattai & vada
  • Homemade rice flour or store bought rice flour
  • Jaggery
  • Oil/ghee
  • Cardamom seeds
  • Water &Salt
  • Urad dal & spices
  • Moong dal
  • Grated Coconut
Ingredients for sundal
  • Chana dal/Chickpeas
  • Grated coconut
  • Green chillies
  • Salt & water
  • Cooking oil/Coconut oil
  • Tempering ingredients
Ingredients for other sweets
  • Rice flour
  • Maida
  • Sugar
  • Grated coconut
  • Cardamom
  • Banana
  • Besan
  • Paneer
  • Rava/sooji
  • Ghee
  • Moong dal
  • Poha/Aval
Click THIS LINK for Payasam Recipes

Vinayagar chaturthi recipes video

No onion no garlic lunch menu
No onion - No Garlic lunch menu

South Indian Full meals with serving order
South Indian full meals with serving order

Making full meals on Ganesh chaturthi is optional. We have this practice. So I have included it here. Please skip it if you don't have the practice. 


Homemade ganesh idol
Homemade Ganesh idol video

Traditional kozhukattai maavu preparation

Chana dal sweet kozhukattai

Fried modak recipe

Ukadiche modak

Ulundu kozhukattai

Easy ellu kozhukattai recipe
Ellu Kozhukattai

Easy Ulundhu kozhukattai

Mothagam/Thenga Pooranam Kozhukattai
Thengai poorana kozhukattai

Easy sweet pooran kozhukattai
Easy sweet pooranam kozhukattai

Easy paal kozhukattai recipe
Paal kozhukattai

Moong dal pooran kozhukattai
Moong dal poornam kozhukattai

3 Kozhukattai varieties
3 traditional kozhukattai recipes

Chana dal sundal recipe
Chana dal sundal
Ulundu vada with pepper
Urad dal vada with pepper

Karjikai/Sweet samosa recipe
Sweet samosa/ Karjikai

Sweet appam recipe using wheat flour & jaggery
Sweet appam recipe
Ammini kozhukattai
Ammini kozhukattai

Sweet Ammini Kozhukattai
Sweet ammini kozhukattai

Sweet pidi kozhukattai
Sweet pidi kozhukattai

Easy kara kozhukattai
Easy kara kozhukattai

Javvarisi kozhukattai


Aval ladoo
Aval ladoo

Rava laddu
Rava ladoo

Moong dal ladoo
Moong dal ladoo
Click THIS LINK for Payasam Recipes. 

Click THIS LINK for all Kozhukattai varieties

3 Kozhukattati varieties

How to make Kozhukattai maavu in 2 ways (traditional methods)

Kozhukattai dough using store bought rice flour in 3 ways.

Homemade Ganesh idol using kozhukattai dough

How to make soppu / cup using kozhukattai dough

Last but not the least, here are some tips and tricks to avoid breaking or cracking of kozhukattai

  1. Use good quality rice flour. If you are planning to make by grinding rice, buy raw rice ( in tamil nadu we call as “maavu arisi) ie. the rice used for making rice flour. Its of different quality , not the one we use for pongal. It is cheaper in cost too.
  2. For store bought idiyappam flour and kozhukattai maavu, we need water upto 1.5 cups. For home made processed rice flour, water quantity may vary from 1.5-1.75 cups.
  3. Always add the required water while making the dough. If the dough becomes sticky or dry , cracks may form in kozhukattai. Keep the unused dough covered with a wet cloth or a lid while you make modakam.
  4. Its always better to prepare the outer covering after making pooranams/ stuffings to prevent the dough sitting for long time.
  5. U can also add a ladle of milk along with water while making dough. It helps to prevent cracks.
  6. U can refrigerate the unused dough be keeping in an air tight box & use the next day or the same evening.
  7. Pooranam can be prepared the previous day and refrigerated. If  you feel there is excess water in dal pooranam, add little gram flour to thicken it. For ellu pooranam, add little rice flour.
  8. Apply sesame/gingely oil in your hands every time when you make the shape.
  9. Always place the idli plate arranged with kozhukattai after the water in the idli pot starts roll boiling. This helps for quick cooking & also the kozhukattai remains white in color and crack free.
  10. Last but not the least, do not cook the kozhukattai in idli pot for long time which may lead to cracks. (maximum of 7-10 mins is enough)
  11. U can identify the cooked kozhukattai by its shining look. Always remove the kozhukattai after it becomes warm. Do not remove when it is hot. Kozhukattai may break.
      Thanks for visiting this page. Hope you find this page useful. Wish you all a very happy Ganesh chaturthi celebration !

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