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August 25, 2015

Onam Sadhya Lunch Menu Recipes - How To Make Kerala Onam Sadya At Home

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I wish all my readers and friends a very happy Onam.”ONAM ASHAMSAKAL” !! I am happy to post my 4th Onam sadya menu. This year’s Onam festival is falling on August 29 , 2023. I have been sharing Kerala Onam sadya lunch menu ideas for the past 3 years successfully. Every year I wait for Onam festival to make this feast and I always wish to make it better than my previous onam sadya lunch menu.

This year I prepared nearly 18 dishes, bought few from stores and served 25 dishes in Banana leaf. It took nearly 3 hours for me to make this thali. In my 5 years of cooking, this is the first time I cooked & clicked continuously for 3-4 hours and that too lots of varieties. All the dishes came out very well. Sendhil & Raksha gave a big thumbs up and had a hearty meal. 

This year I tried Ada pradhaman, Kootu curry, Carrot kichadi, Kerala Ulli sambar and Sambaram recipes for the first time by referring few blogs. I have posted most of the recipes with stepwise pictures in my Onam sadya menu 1 & 2.

So I have shared those links and the blogs from which I followed the remaining dishes. I have also discussed the method I followed to cook the sadya easily. I hope beginners would find it useful. Lets see how to make Onam sadya lunch recipes at home with some preparatory works.

Check out my Onam sadya Menu - 1 

Onam sadya Menu - 2 

Onam sadya Menu - 3
Onam sadya


Onam sadya recipes

Onam sadya recipes Kerala Onam Sadya Lunch Menu ideas
Cuisine: Kerala
Category: Lunch menu
Serves: Serves 3-4
Prep time: 60 Minutes
Cook time: 120 Minutes
Total time: 180 Minutes

Recipes list - Main course
Side dishes
Pickles & Payasam
Other recipes u may wish to try
  • Plan the menu and buy the vegetables accordingly. Soak the tamarind and pulses in over night or do it in the early morning.
  • In the morning soak the vanpayar/Cowpeas & brown chana separately in hot water for making Erissery & Kootu curry. It will take around 4 hours to soak.
  • I used 2 cookers of 3 liter capacity for making this menu.
  • Grate 2 coconuts or slice the coconut with a help of ladle OR using a knife. Grind it in a big mixie jar without adding water and keep aside. Take the required amount of coconut for each dish. Most of the dishes call for grinding coconut +green chilli+ jeera to a smooth paste. So grind it by taking a portion of coconut. Keep it and use wherever needed. Use the remaining coconut for taking coconut milk. Add in payasam.
  • Soak the Ada in water for 30 minutes if it is store bought. I bought ada from stores and soaked in hot water for 30 minutes before I pressure cook it.
  • Dry roast the moong dal in a pressure cooker base for making parippu curry. In the same cooker, take toor dal in a closed box and keep it inside. Cook both the dals adding water, turmeric powder, a red chilli & hing. In the mean time, you can chop the vegetables for sambar, avial, olan, pulisssery, pachadi, kichadi & inji curry. By this time, steam would be released from the cooker. Remove the toor dal box and mash the dal well. Similarly mash the moong dal too. Add little ground coconut paste to moong dal and boil well.
  • In another cooker base, add the soaked ada. Keep a bowl and put the cut chena/Yam pieces. Add little water, salt. Cover it with a plate and put some Pumpkin pieces/Mathanga along with chopped Ash gourd. Everything gets cooked well in one whistle under low flame. After removing this, cook the red rice adding 1:12 water and drain the excess water. Keep the rice aside.
  • Make sambar, rasam and other dishes. Make the payasam at the end !

Make this feast on Onam and enjoy !

Onam sadya recipes

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Priya said...

Such a wonderful meal chitra.Happy onam

Chitra said...

Thanks dear.😀 wish u too a very happy onam.

Unknown said...

omg awesome spread...wonderful job chitra...